Contraceptive sponge

The contraceptive sponge is a soft sponge that contains spermicide and covers the cervix. It kills sperm in the vagina and blocks the cervix to hinder the progress of sperm into the uterus that helps to prevent pregnancy. This preparation may be an ideal choice for those women who prefer a form of contraception that is not permanent, does not contain hormones and requires no prescription. However, the contraceptive sponge lacks the effectiveness of other forms of birth control . So if pregnancy would be a major problem for women it’s not the best choice for her to use this contraception.

How to use vaginal contraceptive sponge?

You could compare the learning to use a contraceptive sponge with learning to use contacts. With patience and a bit of practice the use of a contraceptive sponge is an easy and comfortable procedure. These easy steps will help you to understand how to properly insert and remove this particular contraceptive device.



  • Clean your hands first and open the package to remove a sponge from it.
  • Hold a sponge with one hand and soak it with tap water until it gets foamy. This way spermicides activate and the sponge is ready for insertion.
  • Insert it deeply into the vagina so that the sponge covers the cervix. The circle of the sponge should face away from the cervix whereas the concave side should face the cervix.


You can insert this barrier method up to 24 hours before sexual intercourse. Unlike a diaphragm, a sponge provides protection for 24 hours, no matter how many sexual intercourses you have during that period. Remember to leave the sponge for six hours after the last sexual act. You should not leave the device in the vagina longer than for 30 hours.



  • After six hours after your last sexual intercourse it is safe to remove the sponge. Relax and put your finger into the vagina to reach the string circle.
  • With your thumb and forefinger placed on the string circle, pull the sponge and remove it from the vagina slowly and gently.
  • If you have any troubles removing the sponge try to wait and relax for a few seconds and then retry. If it is still impossible, do not hesitate to call your doctor or a health service.
  • Wash your hands after the removal of the device.
  • Do not take showers with the sponge inside the vagina.


Always remember to read the consumer information leaflet before use. And if you still have further questions, please consult your doctor or health advisor.

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