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  1. [B]I was wondering if you can take the pills without waiting for the 7th day after the period..as in just take it?can anyone answer me?[/B] You can take a pill without waiting for 7 days, but you won’t have periods..

    [B]I was wondering if there is any contraceptive methods that don’t decrease your sex drive, and wont make you gain weight?[/B] IUD won’t decrease your sex drive. Talking about weight – new BCPs that contain both estrogen and progesterone (combined pills) don’t have any influence on weight

    [B]I was wondering if you dont take the pill for 2 days and a guy cums in you can you get pregnant faster[/B] If it wasn’t your ovulation days, you won’t get pregnant.

  2. Ok, me and my girlfriend had sex the other day, she hadnt taken the pill the day before we had sex and I released inside of her, nd she just got off her period like a week before we had sex, and this was the first time we had sex, and I had already cam eonce that day.She shouldnt get pregnant right? Some help please?

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