Advantages and disadvantages of vaginal sponge

Using the contraceptive sponge correctly guarantees about 84 to 87% effective at preventing pregnancy. As it was mentioned, this contraception does not prevent the transmission of many sexually diseases, including herpes, HPV or HIV.
NOTICED: the contraceptive sponges can only be used once. After you use it, throw it away! Also, be attentive: the package has an expiration date. Do not use a sponge past its expiration date or you will risk pregnancy or infection!



  • easy to use;
  • does not perceptibly hinder sexual experience;
  • effective immediately if used correctly;
  • small and inexpensive;
  • can be obtained at most drugstores;
  • there is no big need to see a doctor before using the sponge;
  • can be inserted up to an hour before sex, effective for 24 hours;
  • with each wearing wearer can have intercourse an unlimited number of times.




  • no protection against sexually transmitted diseases;
  • purely effective;
  • side effects may be dangerous;
  • limited availability;
  • some women cannot easily reach their cervix and must choose a different form of contraception; can be difficult to insert properly and remove;
  • may increase the risk for urinary tract infection, toxic shock syndrome, vaginal infection or inflammation of the cervix;
  • the spermicides in the contraceptive sponge can make performing oral sex on the wearer unsavory;
  • many people have complained about the "numbing" effect of the sponge.


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