The most reliable condoms

Condoms are barrier birth control method that block the sperm going into vaginal canal if used properly and avoid pregnancy. However, pregnancy is not the only reason to use it. Condoms also prevent from exchanging blood or vaginal fluids. Therefore, it protects from HIV or STD. These are most popular brands of condoms.

Trojan – “A smart choice”

Condoms of this brand are extremely popular and commonly used in The United States of America. Trojan brand condoms are made from latex which indicates high effectiveness and reliability in pregnancy prevention, HIV and STD. They are also easy to use and everyone can get a free sample from the website to make sure that all these facts are true. However, if we take a look to the product line, we will not find a condom under the name of “extra safe”, “ultra safe” or something similar as all the condoms are manufactured from latex combined with spermicidal lubricant. The latter diminishes the number of active sperm so the chance to get pregnant is extremely low even if sperm goes out of the condom. The most popular type is “Trojan Her Pleasure”.

LifeStyles – “Proven Protection That Feels Really Good”

Water-based condoms of this brand are manufactured from latex that is stretched. All the condoms undergo scrupulous quality control, strenuous water, air inflation, automatic electronic testing and other tests to provide worldwide quality and requirements. LifeStyles are also using new formula that enhances sexual function of men ad includes significant minerals and vitamins. Therefore, you get perfect combination of reliability, sensitivity and comfort at the same time.

Durex – “75 years of great sex”

Durex is acknowledged as one of best condom brands in the world and it is the most popular condom brand in UK. These condoms are manufactured from highest quality of natural latex. But before that it undergoes the highest quality of tests. Different preservatives and stabilizers are added after that so it could serve reliability. Moreover, they are tested electronically and in the case of even a smallest breakage that your eye could hardly notice the condom is immediately illuminated. To move on, Durex condoms are tested with air inflation and quality test. Finally the thickness and size tests are taken. Probably this is the reason why this brand has a pretty wide product line – you can choose from ‘extra safe’, ‘pleasuremax’, ‘comfort xl’ and far more. It is important to note that bestseller is considered to “Durex Fetherlite”.

Condoms reliability

In general condoms gives percentage as high as 98% of effectiveness in assuring that after proper its usage women will not get pregnant. Failure of the condom usually results in improper using. To move on, in avoiding HIV there are latex condoms that are extremely effective. If you use a condom, the possibility to be protected from this disease is 10 000 higher than without it. For the protection from some STDs latex condoms are also a wise thing to choose. If we consider breakage and slippage, so you have to admit that this phenomenon is practically impossible to happen in the case you use condoms properly. According to consumer report, the most assured condoms against breakage are ‘Excita Extra Ultra-Ribbed, Spermicide’. Then comes ‘Ramses Extra Rubbed, Spermicide’, ‘Sheik Elite’ and ‘LifeStyles Vibra-Ribbed’. It was estimated that not a single condom broke out of 353 condoms which were used by workers in ‘intimate sphere’. It was only two (which gives only 0,4%) that slipped off.

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  1. i have the marina coil fitted i have had it for a year now i also have endomitrosis i am wanting to have it removed i want to know is it easy to conceive thanx x liverbirdx83 🙂

  2. I have had my coil removed on 18th July – mid cycle, and I am trying for a baby. I just wandered if anyone has been successfully in concieving straight away? H

  3. I have the copper IUD inserted now for about 2months. I want to know if the Paraguard will affect the results on my pregnancy tests?

  4. I had The marina I.U.D. inserted five years ago and I just got it out in Feb 2006. Ever since than My husband and I have been tring for a baby and Still no luck. Has anyone else been through this or is it just me. Please if you can help let me know any info about how long it took if you were able to have kids afterwards or if not thank you. 🙁 :cry 😕 :sigh

  5. I got pregnant after 3mths but i am spotting all the times while i am pregnant. I not sure if it is the effects of the recent iud that i had removed but i am scared. i have two other kids and i did not spot with them. This is a first has anyone experience this.

  6. I also have the Marina IUD and wanted to find out what the expected time was to get pregnant… I guess I am not the only one. I am getting it out Jan 10th and will keep you posted. If you are having trouble getting pregnant (I know it sounds strange), but after sex do not go to the restroom and stand on your head for 10 min. I know many women who have tried and become pregnant. I don’t have and scientific backing, but it works! I know I will do it in Jan! :grin

  7. I had my Merina IUD removed the 8th of Dec and prior to that i had my last menstrual 11/24/06 and Since the Iud removal I have had no period.. Took 3 pregnancy test… All Negative…
    Does this IUD removal effect your cycle…..

  8. I had my Merina IUD removed on Dec 4th after having it in for 2 1/2 years. First of all, the removal was a piece of cake! I spotted for three days the same week I had it taken out and now nothing, other than lots of breast tendersness. My midwife told me it takes about three months for all the hormones to even out and that your body needs to have a good periods to “clean” it’s self out. Don’t be discouraged if it hasnt’ happened right away, I think the three month rule is pretty consistant for anyone coming off any type of birth control. I’ll update when I get pregnant!

  9. I had my copper t removed and have had no luck getting pregnant for 5 months now. I’m not getting any younger and want to get preg. asap. :sigh

  10. I just had my IUD removed after 4 years, I have started spotting but n period yet. Is i possible to get a period right away?

  11. If you are still trying to get pregnant try having your doctor do an HSG. It is a procedure when they insert dye into your flopepan tobs and they run right out after they go from one side to the other. Procedure takes 5 minutes and determines if their is any blockage. I go pregant the next month it make you more furtile. Good luck.

  12. I also had The marina I.U.D. inserted in 2000, and removed in Feb 2006. Ever since than My husband and I have been tring for a baby and Still no luck. Many of negitive tests later still no baby!!! Please HELP. So confused 😕 :cry

  13. I’v had my iud for 3 years and 4 months and i went to have it taken out the docter told me she can’t find the strings. has this happened to anyone else? 😕 :upset 🙁

  14. I had the Copper IUD, I was just Wondering how lond does it take befor I’m able to get pregnant??? I had my IUD removed Feb.25th and Had my first cycle on the 1st of January, It’s now the 12th and I’m going to try.. Can anyone tell my their experiecnc.. thanks

  15. I have had my Copper T in since 2002, It’s about that time to have it taken out. Recently I have had a nose bleed, just one! It freaked me out because I have never had a nose bleed not even when fighting as a youngster. Yesterday I found a hair growing under my chin. Once again, this has never happen to me. Is it the hormones? I am only 26!! Someone help me befor I turn my back on this device forever!

  16. i had the marina coil removed on the 20th of november 2006, i spotted for a few days then got my period on the 25th of nov 2006. i have had three menstral cycles since then and still not pregnant. really would like to know if anyone has getting pregnant after the marina. im fairly sure the coil must have somthing to do with not conceving, sounds quite sick but when me and my husband have intercorse the sperm kind of comes back out like it did when i had the marina does anyone else experiance this?

  17. hi after having my merina coil for 5 years i started getting awful pelvic pains even got admitted to hostpital. i was eventually told to have my coil changed.i did so and was fine for about a year, i then started to get severe migrains, aches in my joints, those same pains as before, mood swings, crying a lot for no reason, temperatures all the time, urine infections, and to top it all off we recently have been discusing having another baby and on searching the web for advice i find heavy weight gain a symptom. i have put 5 stone on since having the coil and unbeknown to me due to the coil. i pla to have it out asap ad just pray i ad everyoe else in the same boat can concieve. it souded great at the time but the merina coil comes at a price.

  18. Hello Everyone, My name is Wendy and I have had my Copper IUD out for about 1 month and I wanted to see hoew long it took any of you to get pregnant??? I have been trying HARD to get pregnant with my husband, but no luck yet. Question: What were some of you signs of being pregnant after your removal????? I seem to be eating alot more is this normal? I’m so hungry during the day, I grave food all the time. If you could help me out that would be wonderful.. Thanks Wendy :grin :grin :grin

  19. i am scheduled to have my Marina iud out on march 9th but i am really nervous that i wont concieve soon enough. after reading all these stories about “no success” after a Marina i am beginnning to think that it is going to take longer than i thought…..any words of encouragement?????? :sigh 🙂 😕

  20. I had a my IUD in for about 3 months, took it out due to complication. It took me 6 months to get pregnant. I’m due Nov 4th! Ladies don’t give up, I didn’t. I just figured that it probably could just take awhile to get our bodies back. Good Luck to all of you.! 🙂

  21. I had my ParaGard IUD removed in Nov. 2006, after having it in for a year. I couldn’t take the cramps anymore. So now it has been 4 months and my husband and I are trying to conceive. I figured if I gave my body time to adjust back that I would skip all of the frustration. But I don’t think the frustration of waiting and seeing is over yet, it has just begun. It’s hard to track my ovulation cycle because my period has not returned to normal. It has ranged anywhere from 31 to 45 days. Now I am regretting ever getting the IUD. Could stress be playing a factor with me not being able to conceive right away?

  22. Reposting with my information: I had my ParaGard IUD removed in Nov. 2006, after having it in for a year. I couldn’t take the cramps anymore. So now it has been 4 months and my husband and I are trying to conceive. I figured if I gave my body time to adjust back that I would skip all of the frustration. But I don’t think the frustration of waiting and seeing is over yet, it has just begun. It’s hard to track my ovulation cycle because my period has not returned to normal. It has ranged anywhere from 31 to 45 days. Now I am regretting ever getting the IUD. Could stress be playing a factor with me not being able to conceive right away?

  23. I can’t believe that some of you are complaining of not getting pregnant after one month. You need to let you bodies hormones get back to normal before you start feeling like its not working. And if you relax about the whole thing it may help. You will stress out your body.

  24. I recently posted a bulletin about a week ago about trying to get pregnant after my IUD removal. Well I am happy to say that after my one month of trying, I am 5 1/2 weeks pregnant. YEAH!!!! So females out there it can happen so don’t give up.

  25. HI
    I recently had my ParaGard removed on March 12. The Doctor told me to go home and try right away as it looked like I was ovulating. I had the IUD put in in 2003. My periods are very sporatic, anywhere from 28-36 days. I never know! We really want another baby, has anyone gotten lucky getting pregnant right away? Are we all instant gratifiers or what?

  26. I had the copper IUD for 4 years it was very painful and the bleeding very heavy. I finally decided to take it out September 2006. it has been 6 months and nothing yet. after seeing all these comments I guess it isnt that hard to get pregnant after the removal but I am starting to wonder if my case is like the one of my friend who after having it on for 5 years could not get pregnant for another 4 years this after a doctor did something to her (some type of cleaning of the tubes)—– any words of encouragement?? :roll :sigh

  27. I had marina removed after 11/months boy friend and I decided we wanted another baby. Still no luck, I get depressed everytime my cycle appears. If anyone recommend anything besides standing on your head inquiring minds want to know.

  28. I had my iud mirena for 18mths and then had it removed on 2-01-07, had a period on 2-03-07 and 2-22-07. both lasted 3 days each. I am now 4 weeks pregnant. 🙂

  29. hi i had mine taken out on the 16.2.07 and had a 3 day period on the 18.2.07 hadnt had one since and came on today guted 🙁

  30. Paragard put in Oct. 2002 after the birth of our 3rd child, just taken out Jan. 2007. I have since had irregular periods, from 24 days to 28 days. I think that Paragard/Mirena IUD’s should really update their advertised information about regaining fertility. It should more accurately describe a realistic timeline for hormones to return to normal and thus allowing for pregnancy to occur. It does seem odd that we have all only recieved information from these companies stating that the ability to become pregnant will “return rapidly” when obviously this may not be the case for a substantial amount of users. I used the Norplant between my 1st child and 2nd, and with that I was able to become pregnant within 3 WEEKS of removal, now that’s rapid. So this “rapid return of fertility” advertised by IUD’s I believe may be inacurate. Hang in there, relax, and take good care of yourself. I guess that’s what we can all do. :roll 😉

  31. My wife had her copper IUD removed on the 8th Mar 2007. She had the IUD for about two years. Although we are not quite ready to have children, we decided to remove it because, for the two years that my wife had it, her periods were very bad with a lot of cramps and bleeding. (Compared to the periods, she had before the IUD, her periods with the IUD were severe.) We also assumed that it would take a while to recoperate from having the IUD for two years and we hope to have children in a year. According to her regular cycle, she should be well into her period now, but she has not started. Although we immediately started using condoms, we were worried that she might be pregnant. But, after reading all these great comments, I think we are safe to assume that it just takes a while to get the period back on track after removing the IUD. 😉 That is a releif. She plans on taking a pregnancy test tomorrow morning and then another one in a week just in case. If she is pregnant I will post the news. We definitely want kids, just not quite yet. After reading all these comments, I am pretty sure that it was wise to get it removed when we did, so that my wife can get pregnant when the time is right (which for us, will likely be within a year).

  32. I have had the Merina IUD in for almost five years. I haven’t seen many people on here that have had it in that long. If anyone out there has had it that long and is trying to get pregnant still please let me know. I am begining to get worried that I might have made the wrong choice. My husband is ready to have more children now and I am afraid I might not be able to. :sigh

  33. i had my iud removed in december 2006. we have been trying to get pregnant, i even took an ovulation perdictor test., which didn’t work because i must have miscalculated. my periods are irregular going from 28 days to 35. i guess im just anxious to get pregnant, but i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with the copper iud and how long did it take for periods to resume to normal?

  34. i have had my iud in for 9years and 2months im having it taken out today. i never had any problems with it!! i just hope i can still get pregant. :grin

  35. I got the IUD in JAN of 60′, and had it removed JAN of 07′ And I found out I was pregnant in March of 07′. So it is possible to have children soon after removel. Hope I can give you all some hope.

  36. i had the marina coil for 5 years and had it taken out in sep 06 had no luck getting pregnant have been to see consulant in the hospital who has told me im not ovulating and i have the hormonal levels of a menopausal women i am only 33 so i have either had a very earlymenopause or the marina coil has messed up my hormonesi hope its the later. i certinatly wont have another one i was told your hormones went back to normal after 1 month :cry

  37. I had mu IUD removed in 02/04 Iwsnt on any contraceptive for almost a year and didnt get pregnant right away then in 12/05 i did i have it again now but will have it removed in july because my now husband and i decided we wanted another baby since i had my own from my previous marriage

  38. Just three weeks ago I hade my Mirena IUD removed after having it in for 4 1/2 years. I am hoping to become pregnant as soon as possible. The entire time having the iud I never once had a period, not even any spotting. I have not started one yet, I know it has only been three weeks since it has been removed but now I am just really worried. Has anyone had any luck at becoming pregnant soon after removal???

  39. I got my cooper IUD after the birth of my child. I asked my doctor if I would be able to have children after having the IUD. I was told that their would be problems. I now have come to find that, it is not true. Since the removal of my IUD i have had sevire pelvic pains. I have been and forth to my doctors office because of this. My doctor keeps telling me they dont know why this is happening to me.
    I find my self wanting to cry I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 months now. I fear I will never be pregnant agian. If I would of know that this was one of the posible side effect. I would of never of got it. :cry

  40. My IUD has been removed for 11 months… my husband and I have been ready for some time now to have a second child…. no luck yet… during the time when i did have my IUD in place i did not have a period… and now 11 months later, i still have not had a period… but i have heard that it could take up to a year to become pregnant after taking out the MIRENA IUD…. i am pretty much tired of no luck getting pregnant… and ready to test my husbands semen 🙁 😡

  41. :cry I was informed a month ago that I had some abnormal cell changes on my cervix, and was scheduled to come in for a colposcopy. I had the colpo 2 days ago and during the procedure my gyn decided to do a biopsy on a small portion of my cervix. While performing the biopsy she accidently grabbed my iud string and pulled it out. It was very painful and I’ve been in pain for the last two days. I was considering having it removed anyway, because I was wanting to have more kids, but now I’m afraid that they may have done some damage, and I don’t know what to do.

  42. I’m 34 years old. I had my copper IUD removed October 1. On October 22 I was a day or two late for my period so I took a test and found out I’m pregnant already. I too had read that the longer you have an IUD the longer it might take to get knocked up. (I had mine for 4 years.) I was expecting it to take at least a year, not less than two weeks! Anyway, I wanted to add my two cents because I’m proof that it can, indeed, happen right away after removal.

  43. im 16 years old and am spose to be getting an copper iud inserted on the 3rd dec, i have never being pregnat before, i live with my partner, i have tried several pills and depo a resint vist to fpc has now got me all booked in but im freaking out, i love the idea of not worrying about getting pregnant for 5+ years but still has anyone and an iud inserted and not being pregnant? if so can you email me and tell me what it’s like, thank you

  44. I got my mirena iud taken out Oct. 23rd o7′ and tried to concieve for a month.. and took preg. tests.. all came out negative,,, took blood test,, negative… a week later took a preg test at home,,, thinking i wasnt pregnant, but what the heck,, why not use my last one up. and as soon as i peed on it.. it was positive! Went to doctor to confim.. and YES!!!!! I’m 5 weeks prego! So yes ladies there is hope of concieving right after iud is taken out! Baby dust to you all!

  45. I had my merina taken out on the 29th of oct and iam almost 5 weeks pregnant with number 5 🙂
    so yes pregancy is possible i had the merina in for 7 months and worked out i wouls have fallen pregnant within 2 weeks of getting it removed..

  46. I had my copper iud removed at the begining of december 2007 after having it in for 5 years.I have now had 3 periods since could there be a problem me getting pregnant or am i just trying to hard, just my other two pregnancies happened straight away. I would be gratefull of any advice thanx :cry

  47. Hi,

    Same issue had IUD (Merina) removed Jan 3 2008. As of today I have not yet had a period, I have taken a dozen preg test all neg. Does anyone know how long it will take for my periods to come back? I have also been taking Lovenox shots for a blood clotting disorder and will have to take then until after delivery. The shots are def not fun and would like to get things rolling. Any advise would be great. 😕

  48. Hi everyone, this is my first time on this site. I am 25 and am wanting another child. The problem is, my spouse doesn’t. I have an 8 yr old and 5 yr old. He says the timing isn’t right, but I can’t do anything but think about it. I want to have my children raised so we can have our time later. I have had the Mirena IUD since late August of 07. I wanna get it removed and start trying, but as stated above, he doesn’t. Any advice?????????? :cry

  49. I am 30 and my hubby is 48. He didn’t want anymore kids cos he thought he was too old and also has 3 kids from a previous marriage. So with my second son this gives him four kids. As I’m much younger than him I always knew I would want to try for a girl as I have 2 boys. It took alot of convincing for me to do. After months of talking about it and asking him to take me seriously, I explained my feelings to him. He was most put off by the idea not only because of his age, but also because I suffered from severe Hyper-emesis with both my previous pregnacies too! With my last pregnancy I considered termination because I was just so ill. I couldn’t get out of bed for 4 months literally! In and out of hospital every two minutes. My hubby was left to look after my son from my previous marriage who had just start his first year of school, as welll as having to go to work everyday he also had to pick Jordan up from school, then come home and do the cooking, cleaning, ironing etc….. I was lucky to get through the first stage of pregnancy. When I got to 4 months the sickness wore off enough for me to start a semi-normal like again. The birth of our son was awful. I was massive and am only 5’4″. My midwife and GP were really concerned of the size of me and referred me to my consultant to request early C-Sec, also cos of 2nd degree tears from my first preg. They refused and said there would be no tearing this time. What a LIE! After a really complicated labour I evetually gave birth to an 11 lbs boy (Oliver) naturally with NO pain relief and sufffered 4th degree tearing (From the front to the back!) I was so angry with the consultant even tried to sue them unsuccessfully! After the birth I was immediately rushed in for surgery where they gave me an epidural too damn late! I then had major suregery to try to salvage whatever they could down below. After months of treatment and so on I am now semi recovered from my horrific experiences! I had the Mirena fitted soon after the birth of Oliver in Sept 2003. Had it removed on the 12 March 2008 to try for my 3rd child. I bought ovulation test sticks from ASDA which indicated that I was ovulating on the 26th March 2008. I read the stick wrong cos I lost the instruction sheet and thought it wasn’t time yet then the following day (27th March) I decided to do another test only to discover that the test was actually showing positive not negative. That was it! I had my hubby on the bed instantly. I had heard of many women unable to conceive for so long after removal of Mirena coil so I was less than hopeful about myself coveiving anytime soon. I have found out on Monday 14th April 2008 that I was pregnant, not by doing a prenancy test initally, but because my breasts were aching when I removed my bra the night before. Then on Monday I had to be sure and YES the test showed positive!!!!!!!! How quick was that??? My advice to you all is get the ovulation test sticks and do it when they say. I actually haven’t had a period for 4 years now and still have managed to fall preg. When the doctor removed my coil on 12th March 2008 she said she could see that I was about to have my period. Well I certainly didn’t know about it at all and just went by the ovulation test sticks to guide me! Actually, it seems I just fall preg by a man touching me LOL!!!!!!

  50. I have a hard time believing the Copper Coil leads to infertility UNLESS it’s not inserted properly. I had mine in for 5+ years (right after my 1st child was born) because I didn’t want the hormones from the Mirena. Worked like a charm. Crampier, but I’d been on the pill before my child, so my cramps were muted before. We decided we wanted another baby, to space at the least 6 years apart. I was at my doctor to have it removed, coincidentally the 1st day of my period. I waited 1 cycle to “cleanse” (that period, + 1 more). Even with my IUD, my cycles are textbook 28-29 days, never fail. Since I knew when I would ovulate, we knew when to try, and were very busy that month :grin … 9 dpo I had a positive on the 50 mlu test. 7 weeks now. I highly believe to really “knowing” how to conceive helps… the time window before ovulation to start trying, up until ovulation. I wasn’t aware until I did my research how misinformed I was, since my first was an “oops” (e.g. sex BEFORE ovulation can get me pregnant??). Also, the more sex the better. There’s no such thing as too many sperm!!! One more thing– if it’s been a while since the previous child, MEN’S hardware can change, too. Perhaps a semen analysis would be good? That way the focus can definately be on the woman if it checks out ok. Good luck to everyone.

  51. I will be having my Paragard IUD removed in the near future so I can start trying to conceive again. I’m very fertile (had twins naturally) so I’m hopeful there won’t be any issues and I’m as lucky as some of you on here!!

  52. I wish I had all the answers for you guys…. all I can do is share my personal experience. I’m 37 and had Mirena for the full 5 years. The Mirena was removed in mid May of 08′ and about 2 1/2 weeks later, I got pregnant! Sadly, I lost the pregnancy at 13 weeks. We have absolutely no idea as to why I had a miscarriage – my 2 previous pregnancies were successful although I was much younger at those times. I have been told by a family member that when you have your IUD removed, you should go through a couple of menstrual cycles prior to trying to become pregnant, especially when you are in your late 30’s. Since the IUD didn’t allow me to have periods for 5 years, I guess my body needed to get back to normal so to speak prior to becoming pregnant. Another idea is that maybe my uterus didn’t adjust well to immediate pregnancy and recovering from IUD removal all at the same time. Almost from the time that we conceived to the time I found out we lost the baby, I had a lot of uterine cramping. My advice is to wait a couple of months before TTC. I did not ask my doctor about this so I don’t know how much truth there is to that however, it makes sense to me. We are TTC again and hoping/praying that all works out this time. Best of luck to all of you and yes, you can get pregnant after an IUD removal!

  53. I had my Mirena IUD taken out Sept.29th, 2008 after having it for 5 1/2 years. I never had one period in those 5 years. After removal I spotted for about a week. I was waiting to get my period for the first time after removal and it never came. On 11/7/08 I took a pregnancy test and found out I am 4 weeks pregnant. I didnt think it could possibbly happen this soon but definetly HAPPY to be having my second child. There is hope for pregnancy after IUD Removal!!!!! Good Luck!!!! :grin

  54. I had my IUD in for 4 years and ocassionally had spotting as monthly periods. The IUD was removed October 23rd and I started light bleeding on the 25th which continued until November 9th between heavy bleeding with clots to light bleeding. The removal was a breeze and in my opinion comparable to a PAP Smear. I had a light egg white consistancy discharge November 10th & 11th. My husband and I have been working overtime since the 9th :roll to conceive our 3rd and last baby with God’s will. I will continue to post and I hope I have good news soon.

  55. i had my mirena iud removed yesterday. i had gotten my period for the first time on thursday since having my iud inserted in 1/27/08. sine having it, i’ve only spotted here and there. thursday, i had a actual period. since i had my peiod when removing it, does that mean i should be ovulation in about 14 days? my period was like clockwork before having the iud and the dr said i should go back to the way i was before. i’m really nervous cause i wanna get pregnant and i’m terrified cause i hear so many people saying they had to wait months for it to happen.

  56. Here we are November 22nd and my breast have been really tender and achy for a couple of day now. I did take a pregnancy test this morning but, it was negative. I think I am just going to wait until the end of the month and see if I get a period. Maybe it’s too soon but, we are so eager for the good news and it just seems like every day is in slow motion. My husband says “let it be and relax” but, it’s easier said than done. :sigh I was suppose to get my period today. However, I did bleed for 15 days after my IUD was removed so, i’m not sure anymore when i’m suppose to get my period.

  57. I wanted to take a pregnancy test on Wednesday so, I could hopefully know if I was pregnant or not and if so, I could give the news to our family on Thanksgiving but, my husband is afraid I will not get the result that I want and asked me not to take it. He says we should just be patient and find out “natually” … what ever that means. I did, I waited the weekend and with my breast being so tender and now I have gotten these cramps along my lower ab I was not sure if it was my period or a growing baby. Okay let me get to the point. I took 2 pregnancy test last night. I purchased First Respose and one line was really dark and the other was really light almost invisible. So, of course I couldn’t sleep last night wondering if it was a positive or a negative :zzz so, today after work I stopped by and purchased and E.P.T the type that spell out “Not Pregnant” or “Pregnant” that way I wouldn’t have to guess at the little lines and…… I’m Pregnant!! I haven’t even told my husband I am trying to think of a way to break the happy news to him so we can then tell my boys. The reason I’m sitting here typing away my good news is because I surfed the internet and visited lots of websites trying to find answers or blog about the IUD when I had it inserted 4 years ago then, the removal and now trying to concieve and this was the best blog ever. I will continue to post and keep you guys updated. Please keep me in your prayers :p

  58. I had a copper iud for 5 years after the birth of my 3 children and my husband and i decide to have another baby before i actually tie, clip and burn my tubes… or perhaps donate them if at all possible :). My Dr. removed my IUD on 11/28/08 on the day i began my ovulation. The Dr. advised me i can began concieving when i stop the light bleeding from the IUD removal for which that was the same day so I waited until 11/29/08 and knew I may have gotten pregnant then but when I took a home pregnancy test on 12/07/08 it was neg…my menstrual was not due again until 12/17/08. I took another test on 12/15/08 and it’s positive. my appointment for the ultrasound is 12/29/08..I can’t wait. I said all this to say I am 32 years old now but back when I got the IUD i did my research throughly because i knew we may want another baby someday. I chose the COOPER IUD because it was for 10years and no hormones, so my menstrual was still normal ontime but I bleed heavier and i still ovulated but didn’t worry of conceieving because the IUD blocked the sperm from reaching the eggs. I believe with the Mirena(5years w/hormones) you mind as well take birth control pills because its the same after effect of hormones. ANY IUD can be removed before its actually time allocated so Altering your hormones in any way will affect conceiving alot worst than normal. I was informed by 3 different specialist before my first birth that i was infertile and i did not stop with different infertility specialist until i got the answer i was looking for. All my children are well and healthy and my pregnancies were too. For those of you having second thoughts because of trying don’t give up go get more dr. opinions until you get to one that is willing to step up and help more so than making the money. I am blessed for Dr. Suresh Thani. I couldn’t have asked for a better OB/GYN. Also so one stated after there menstrual they will wait 14 days to ovulate and that is incorrect… they whole idea of this is when you menstrual come that is the 1st day and keep counting until the 14th and 15th day whether you are still on you menstrual or not. It’s not the 14th day after your menstrual stop.

  59. I just had my IUD removed after 2 years. I hated it the whole time. I was bleeding for over 7 days. Was very heavy and crampy the whole time. But couldnt really switch BC because I was breastfeeding my first son. He is now 2! I have been begging my husband for a second child all of the last year. After I had my iud removed I was just going to switch BC. But my husband finally said yes to another baby! So we are going to start trying for a baby girl. Sadly my period started this morning. (heavy, crampy, :upset ) I am encouraged about conceiving by listening to all of your sucess stories. My little boy was deffinity an OOPS! Although I was on birth control at the time, Depo shot…. 😡 My pregnancy was wonderful. I loved being pregnant. And after 44 hours of labor :eek out popped my beautiful wonderful little baby. I cant wait to go through all of that again! 🙂 Thanks to everyone here for posting all your wonderful stories. Hopefully I will have something to post soon!

  60. Hi im a first timmer :grin i have had the Merina in for about 3 yrs :sigh i already have 2 girls Paola 7yrs old and Noemi 3yrs old. my fiance really wants us to have another baby but he already has 4 from a previous relationship. he beggs me every day for us to get pregnant but im not 100% sure yet my kids love the idea of having another sibiling :grin
    does anyone have anu suggestions 😕
    what should i do?

  61. Hi Girls,
    It’s January 7th and I am now 8 weeks pregnant. I had my share of scares because my doctor thought the fetus was growing in a tube because of sharp lower ab pain on my left side but, Dec. 10th I had an ultrasound and my baby is in the uterus however, my progesterone levels were extremely low and it appeared my body was trying to miscarry the fetus so, I was put on 200mg of progesterone per day. On Dec. 29th I followed up with the doctor to once again check the baby via ultrasound depending on the outcome there was a possibility we would have to terminate the pregnancy. The ultrasound showed a growing baby with a strong heart beat! So, my next appt is Jan. 15th. I absolutely love my doctor and his midwife team in Hinsdale, IL. His name is Dr. Daube and the midwives are Beth and Penny. I live about 1 hours away from the office office and take the drive because they are worth every minute and more of my drive. Beth delivered both of my boys and I will follow her where ever she goes. I am really excited and we expect our bundle of joy Aug 12th. As for my boys they are estatic. I was afraid of starting all over again because my oldest will be 10 and my baby will be 8 by the time this one is born. Both of my boys are being very supportive and understanding. oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have morning, afternoon and evening sickness that started about a week ago and it’s driving up the wall. I didn’t feel “morning sickness” with either of my boys so it’s new for me. I will continue to keep you posted.
    Ale try to sit and really think of the life style you have and if your heart is really not 100% sure then, maybe you should wait until YOU know it’s time. I had the IUD in for 4 years because I wanted to accomplish things in life I didn’t get to accomplish because I had both of my children at a young age. About a year ago I had been talking to my husband and telling him I was ready for another baby but, he insisted we wait. Then, in October 08 he decided he was ready if I still was… in a heart beat I scheduled the appt to have the IUD removed. Like I said before right now I am grateful my kids are older because it’s the best thing ever to really see them happy and enjoying the pregnancy too. After all, the pregnancy will effect everyone not just you. I wish you the best of luck and keep me posted.


  63. Hi everyone,
    I am 26 and have a 21 month old and my husband and I just decided to take out my uid and try again for another one and I am sooooo excited!!!!!! I have been reading the stories on here and though there are some that dont have happy endings yet ( and to those I wish the best), but there are so many messages on here that make me so hopeful. We onluy had to try for 3 weeks last time so wish us luck. I have yet to make the appointment, but hopefully next week we can start trying. Can’t wait for another little one!!

  64. As of 11am today 1/29/09 I had my Paragard Copper IUD removed, I can’t say it was the most pleasant experience with it in but, I don’t have anymore children except my one beautiful 4 year old girl. Her father and I actually seperated, I got into a serious relationship shortly after that, I almost got it removed but I was unsure, later on that relationship flopped, I’m now married to a wonderful man in our united states military. Family means everything to him and since we got married we’ve been discussing children, before we got married we were but I made it loud and clear the IUD has worked so far, it’s not being removed until we are 100 percent certain we want more children.
    Today was the soonest we could get the appointment and we scheduled it a few weeks ago, we are both extremely excited and eager to see how long it will take me to get pregnant so we both have our fingers crossed.
    As for when I had the IUD in, I never had a problem with any type of possible pregnancies I did however have it almost fall out in the beginning they also had to trim the string a little, I wound up having horrible cramps for the first couple years of it being in, when I told my doctor she told me to take tylenol and drink lots of water it would subside after a little bit…
    I did have longer heavier periods which can get annoying and sometimes I just got pain for no reason, the doctor told me it was ok… I had my copper IUD in since November of 04 and it like I said up top is 1/29/09 so we will see how long it takes me to get pregnant.

  65. It’s been over a monthing now since my IUD has been removed. Not pregnant yet. :sigh My husband actually went back on his wanting another baby. I told me that I needed to go back on birth control. I refused. Needless to say it has been very stressfull on our marriage. We really had it out one night. The only reason he didnt want another child is because of the work that goes along with it… less money, no sleep for a year, baby food, diapers…. I was really upset about this. My reason for wanting another baby was in no way selfish. I want to have another baby for my first son. I believe that we are here to be his parents and give him everything we possible can for life expirences. To take away the opportunity to have that sibling relationship, just because we are lazy is not right. At all. I want my son to have some one to play with, someone to share expirences and memories with, and especially someone to get into trouble with.
    I told my husband this repeatedly. First he said I wanted to get pregnant for “instant gratification”… :upset And after he slept on the couch a couple of nights, I tried again. Finally! After 2 weeks of this, he agreed to have another baby. “not for you but for josh”. If that helps him agree to it then thats fine. It’s about that time to start trying again. 🙂 Wish me luck girls!

  66. I had my iud takin out in oct 08,since then i have had my period regularlyevery month for about 3 days a month and we have been trying to get pregnant,still no baby is something wrong?

  67. i had my iuc (marina) removed december 11th. dr. put me on folic acid and told me and the mr. to use a condom for at least a month. it is now feb 5th, and on feb 3rd i had a + hpt! we are 4wks 4 days… and i couldn’t be more excited.

    we just let the good times roll… i took the folic acid and forgot about wanting another baby and it happened…

    i had a horrible experience with marina, and i would not wish it on anyone… from day one i had problems that i could never see as “normal”. i was bleeding regularly until 7 months after placement (which the dr. told me was normal)followed by horrible cramps and back pains followed by 3 more weeks of bleeding…. glad i got that removed!

    just relax and have fun with the baby makin! it will happen.

  68. Hello.. I am new here… ok.. I have my copper IUD in on dec 19 2004, never had kids before, but the hormones did some bad damagge to my health… we got married on nov 8 2008 and want a baby… tomorrow I am scheduling app. with ginecologist to get IUD remove… I hope to get pregnant soon!!! My husband and I are dying for a baby… I am 30 years old… Hope that IUD did not make any damage on me.. I dont Think so… pretty nice ride with it… heavy bleading.. but nothing horrible… I will keep posted…

  69. Hi everyone,
    I first got my IUC (Mirena) March 2006 after my second child I am 23 years old. Growing up my periods were always light and unpredictable never regular not even on the pill or shot. With in the first month of getting the Mirena I had some spotting but soon after it cleared and I never had it again I never spotted or had any bleeding from then on. I got it taken out on Dec 25 2008, and I am around 6 weeks Pregnant with our 3rd YEAH! I think the Mirena is great it worked for me, I think just like with most things it just depends on your body and how it deals with change and so on. I have 2 friends who recently got the Mirena place in the 6 or 7 months and one loves it she had a little cramping the first month or two but now doesn’t have any cramping and her periods have subsided completely, my other friend bless her heart is miserable she hates it, she spots continuously, gets cramps all the time has had several infections just from her body rejecting it. So my advice would be if it doesn’t work get it out try something else, everyone is different. Well best of luck to everyone TTC.

  70. Well IM PREGNANT!! YAY! We only tried for 2 months after I got my IUD out so it is possible! I had the copper IUD insterted after the birth of my first son (who will now be a big brother!) 2 years ago. I hated it the whole time. Crampy bleeding ect… When I got it taken out I was just going to switch birth control but my husband finally agreed to have another baby. So I called my OB/GYN and she said it was fine to start trying right away. And 2 months later I am 4 weeks pregnant. Just keep trying girls, relax and it will happen for you too. :grin

  71. Hi everyone!
    Well it’s been sometime I didn’t check in but, the first 3 months were terrible between scares, morning sickness, aches and pains. However, the last few weeks have been much better. I’ve felt the baby move here and there but, GREAT NEW on Monday I had my ultrasound and It’s a Girl! Plus, yesterday I had a follow-up visit with my doctor and she stated my baby is growing healthy and there is no need to worry anymore. I am very happy to visually see and hear my baby is doing good. The due date still stands, Aug 12th. I pray everything continues well with God will. I’ll continue to keep everyone posted. Hang in there ladies and have fait… your bundle of joy will be “cooking in the oven” soon. :grin

  72. hi i am 20 years old and have had my iud for about a year and a half.. i am reading alot of stories about women not being able to have kids after removal of their iud and i am now having panic attacks about it.. are there any women who have been able to get pregnant after removal so my mind can be put at ease atleast alittle bit 😕

  73. Miss Rosie I am pregnant. I had the copper IUD for almost two years. It took my husband and I about two months to get pregnant. And now I am 9 weeks and 3 days. I havent had any trouble other then morning sickness and tiredness, which most women would get with a normal pregnancy anyway. But one thing you must remember is that every woman is different. Many women have trouble getting prego that havent had the IUD. You will be different then me, then any women on here. Take it day by day and enjoy life. 🙂

  74. I had the marina for 2 yrs and had it removed on 1/20/09 and have had a normal period every 28 days and still no baby. We already have one child and we didn’t have any issues getting prego the first time but now I am starting to worry. :sigh

  75. I am soooooooooooo glad I found this site. I too had a paraguard IUD removed but after being in for 10 years. It was a wonderful form a birth control. My husband and I have decided to expand our family and I am wondering how long it will take to conceive. I had it removed on February 25, 2009, the third day of my cycle. I have noticed that I have been having very strong ovulation signs since having my iud removed. I never had sore breast, sensitivity to smell or cramping when I ovulated before or had any pms symptons. I have also been feeling sick to my stomach since having it removed. I had a two day period in March on the 25, and 26 and it was dark dark red. I took a preganancy test at my doctor
    ‘s office and it was negative so I do not know what is going on with my body. I believe I just ovulated last week, my breast are STILL very very sore so I have my fingers crossed. Has anyone else noticed stronger ovulation signs after having IUD removed?

  76. I had a copper IUD for 3 years and had it removed a few days after ovulating because we want to get pregnant.What are the chances of getting pregnant? My period is due in five days and I already have the usual PMS symptoms. 😕

  77. Hello everyone just checking in… So today I official enter my last trimester. Wow, 6 months flew by pretty fast! Overall, I am feeling well and my baby girl is moving around….alot! There has been some tough times but, I believe we are going to be okay with God’s will. :grin

  78. hi, i’m new to this site and need advice.
    i have 3 sons and had my iud out about a month ago so that we could start trying again, i had the hormone free iud with no bleeding after it was removed, i was due to ovulate about a week after removal ,since then i have had signs that have made me think i could be pregnant but i have done a few tests which all say negative, i am now at least 4 days late with big heavy , tender breasts but no sign of a period ! i had period pain type cramps around the time an egg would have implanted had i concieved . i’m frustrated at waiting for something to happen even if it is a period at least we could start round 2 then ! my 3 boys were all concieved within 2 weeks of stopping the contraceptive pill. my friend says both her girls didn’t show up on pregnancy tests , has anyone heard of that before , surely there would be enough hormones to sustain the pregnancies to show on a test ? help !!!!! advice please !

  79. I have had the Paragaurd 2x…the first time was for about 2 years and it only took 4 months to get pregnant after removal…I have now had another one in for almost 2 and a half years and love it. I have never had any complications with it and my periods are normal to light. We are planning on getting the 2nd one removed at the end of July to start trying again so we are hoping it will take about the same amount of time to get pregnant. I have recommended IUDs to all my friends/family members who are interested in birth control. My sister-in-law and two friends have received one in the past year and like them but I believe my sister-in-law said the only thing about hers is that her periods seem a little more heavy and she cramps more. Other than that I personally have not heard any complaints and do not have any of my own. I am planning on getting a Paragaurd in every 10 years instead of tying my tubes. We are only planning on two but I want to have the option to have more and after hearing from older family members I feel that getting an IUD every 10 years is the option for me. With insurance or without they are worth it. LOVE THEM!!!

  80. Hi Webbie.emma,
    Reading your comment made me think of myself! I had my IUD removed the end of October. However, I did have a long and heavy period afterwards. I wasn’t even sure when I ovulated but, I still kept counting down the days for my next period. My breast were so heavy and achy but, I was cramping especially on my left side. I thought my ovary was going to burst. But, my breast were extremely sore and I was really tired (I could fall asleep anywhere!) but, the pregnancy test kept coming up negative or the line was tooooo light so, finally 5 days after I was late I decided to buy a pregnancy test that was “dummy” proof… it read “pregnant” or “not pregnant” and sure enough …. I was pregnant. My body was not producing enough estrogen and that’s why the other test were hard to read in addition, my body was not responding well to the pregnancy so I was on estrogen pills for the first 2 months of my pregnancy. I had 3 ultrasound before I was even 18 weeks to monitor the baby’s growth and development. During the last ultrasound at 18 weeks we were told it is a Girl! You figure she’s already being a pain in the butt… LOL. I have an 8yr. and 9yr. boys at home. I have a feeling it will be ackward to have a girl in the house since I am so used to being the bossy wife/mom. Good luck and please keep me posted. I am due August 12th.

  81. thank god for findin this website i had my mirena coil remove in april after havin it in for five years, my partner and i decided to give it a try for another child so am hopin all fertility will return to normal soon, i had bleeding after i got it removed for 5 days but since then 5 weeks later thought i mite of had a period by now tho nothing yet wud be greatful to know if anyone else has had problems lyk this, many thank

  82. Hello Everyone, I just got my iud removed a week ago and we are hoping to get pregnant (hopefully soon). My experience with the iud was very unpleasant. The doctor was not able to remove it on the first try. He told me from the begimming that the strings had moved up making the removal complicated. I went through horrible pain when he was attempting to remove it. The doctor decided to stop trying and scheduled me to have it removed with general anesthesia. Personally the iud for me was not fun from the start. I always had cramping even when I wasn’t menstruating. My period did remain normal month to month. I am now wondering if I made the right choice when I chose the iud. Definetly I wont use it again. Hopefully we conceive soon and y worries will turn into happiness and excitment.

  83. hi belle was just readin your story mine went the same , went to family planning clinic to get mine remove tho went threw pain they couldnt find the strings so they referred me to hospital , when i went to see doc he couldnt remove it either so had to go under an anaesthetic to get it removed, had bleeding for a bit after tho havent had nothin since , i am tryin for anotha child just hopin fertility goes back to normal , hope all works out for u

  84. Lisa09 it is nice to know I’m not the only one that had the iud removed with anesthesia. Since I was feeling as if something was wrong and maybe the doctor wasnt clear with me. I think it will be alright since I have many friends that had theirs moved and needed to have it removed and they were able to conceive soon after. I’m still just waiting to either get my first real period and track ovulation, or to feel pregnancy symptoms. Whatever the case is we are just going to be patient and not just focuse on trying to conceive but on enjoying the moment. Good luck to all of you who are ttc and to those that are pregnant I hope to join the club soon.

  85. hi belle hope all goes well with ttc nice to find a site that women r able to come onto to talk about there experiences and give advice so far its been 7 1/2 weeks since my mirena coil came out , and last week thought great am taking bad back pains so hopefully periods will be returning to normal tho turnd out just to be light spottin for a couple of days and then went away, has anyone else has this happening to them

  86. Hi everyone im new and ineed of advice. I didnt have a period for 4 yrs due to adhesions (scar tissue) on my uterus after an abortion, they placed a copper iud in my uterus nov 17 07 ( surgicaly) to build back my uterine lining. While i had the iud i experienced some of the worst pains imaginable to man, first off i’ve never had children and im 25yrs old. i didnt know what contractions and/or dilation felt like, now i know & i wish it on noone (not every month anyhow). My fertility doctor explained that i felt this because i was on an extremely high dose of premarin (estrogen steroids) and i was taking pro-vera (opposite to depro-pro-vera) to enforce my period. I never bled heavy always light and short, but i was happy to see a period PERIOD! I kept the iud in for a yr as my fertility doctor recommended, had it removed May 29 09. Now i know its only been a short period of time, but my breasts are so tender. For my t-shirt to touch my nipple its tender. I feel like i got implants except nothing grew. Is this normal? its only been 2 weeks.. I was on my last day of pro-vera the day my iud was extracted, so my period was to come in a few days time….It never came, i bled lightly after the iud was removed for 3 days. Had the worst cramps for about 4 days after taking the iud out…. All the messages i read on here were extremely helpful except i dont know if any of it applies to me cause my case is sooo different. I never installed the iud to prevent pregnancy, i actually got it so i could get pregnant, seperate my walls with the copper T and take estrogen to build back my walls. Now i dont know if i can get pregnant at all.. I haven’t even had a period since the removal of my iud. So all these feelings are like new to me again, i don’t know whats what. My stomach feels swollen, and my breast are extremely tender….is it to soon to be pregnant? or is this just my hormones leveling out? Is there anyone out there with a unique/similar story like mines that can give me some helpful advice??? 😕

  87. Hello Ladies,
    I wanted to update you all on my progress. Its now been a month since i had my mirena removed. I did not get my period on the 28th 30th or 32nd day. The point is I have not had my period since I removed my iud and I also feel no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever. Therefor i have not done a pregnancy test as I dont want to get discouraged. I am planning to wait at least one more month to see if i get a period if not then i will try a pregnancy test or give the doctor a call. As this is not normal for me since my periods have always been very regular and predictable. I believe the iud has altered my periods.

  88. Hello ladies,
    I just wanted to share some information I was reading which is supposed to help in conceiving. First of all research suggests that taking two teaspoons of Robutussin 3 times a day starting 5 days before ovulation and then 2 days after improves cervical mucus which helps the sperm reach the egg. Another interesting info that I read was that sexual intercourse in the rear entry position is also helpful since it deposits the sperm closer to its target. Also one that you all may know is to lay on your back with a pillow under the top part of your leg for about 15 minutes after intercourse is also helpful to the sperm. I read this information on the book written by Dr. Shettles. Anyways good luck to you all. Hope this helps!

  89. Hello all, I am hear seeking some advise, it’s been 7 months since I had my mirena removed and still no baby, I’m starting to get concerned but the question is, Should I be ? My doctor said it’s safer to wait 2 to 3 months after having the iud removed before trying to concieve, but it’s now 7 months later, any suggestions anyone… :sigh

  90. I can’t believe that everyone had so many side effects with Merina. I just removed mine last night. Yes, I removed it. I was checking for the strings and pulled slightly to make sure the were still there and it just came out. No pain, no bleeding and best of all no cramping. I had it in for 3 years, my daughter is 3 1/2 and it was great. No pain, no periods and no cramping. Within the last year or so some spotting, but not even enough to use more than a couple of panty liners. I did have an appointment to get it removed next month, due to my husband hinting away at wanting another child. But think I will go to dr anyway, just to check things out. I loved merina and will use it again. :grin

  91. I was wondering how long it will take for my period to return after having my IUD removed? I had the Mirena IUD for 4 years and the entire time never once had a period. I had it removed on May 14, 2009, I had a little spotting for 3 days after but nothing since. We are ttc and so far nothing has happened, Im starting to get worried. Any and all thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated 😉

  92. I just had my Mirena IUD removed on August 5th after having it for 3 years. Have 2 daughters ages 7 and 3- both conceived on the pill :-). Never had periods the whole time I had the IUD. I had spotting and then bleeding that lasted from the 6th til about the 13th after removal. I haven’t had a period since, but feel crampy on my left side for the last week, also feel bloated all the time! I had unprotected sex several times with my husband from the 13th til now, and took 2 pregnancy tests in the last week, and both came back negative. I was supposed to get my next period Sept 4th, going by a 28 day cycle- that would make me about 4 days late. That’s IF that is when I was supposed to get my period! Not sure if it will take a while to get my body back in cycle for regular periods or if I really am pregnant! I just wish I would either get a period or a positive pregnancy test so at least I can either try round 2 or be on my way!! Anyone else have this similar experience after IUD removal?

  93. I am getting married soon and have had my iud for 4 years. Just wondering how much in advance I should have it taken out to get pregnant on my honeymoon. Any ideas???

  94. I had my Mirena IUD removed on August 13th 2009, I had it in for 5 yrs. I never had a cycle while it was in place.Ever since I had it out, I haven’t been feeling the greatest, and have been having pregnancy like symptoms, but been getting negative pg tests. As of yesterday and today (9-12&9-13) I”ve gotten 2 positive pregnancy tests!!! I will be calling my dr tomorrow to see if it’s for real!! We’re excited!!!!!!!!! :grin

  95. Hello my name is Elizabeth, I am a mother of 2 children, 7 and 5 years of age. I had Mirena in for 5 years and had it taken out on the 17th of August, On Sept. 10, 11, and 13th, I took pregnancy tests and they all came back positive!! I have to contact my doctor to see if it’s for real, but it sure feels it because my breasts are sore, and I’m very tired! I’ll keep you updated!

  96. Well, Not good news, I had a miscarriage! I honestly think that I should’ve waited at least a month before I tried to conceive, because my uterine lining would’ve been thicker. My doc thinks that implantation was an issue, and he also said that this happens to about 25% of women after IUD removal!! Hello?! These facts would’ve been helpful before going through all of this!! Anyway, he said I can try again after my next cycle comes, which is around 4 weeks….. So we’ll see!

  97. I am so sorry to hear that. I just got my merina removed last Wednesday. my husband and i are trying to have another baby. We started the night i got it removed. my doctor said we could concive right away. i wish they would have said to wait so the uterine lining could thicken. well we will see. i had spotting a couple days afterward. now i have tender breast and pee all the time. i can’t take a home test untill next week. i want to pregnant but might be hoping to soon. i just want everything to be alright! we already have a 7 year old daughter and a 5 year old son. i will keep you posted!

  98. I also had the IUD and I got it taken out in June, It’s now Sept 25th and I been trying to get preggo ever since. I have a 6yr old boy and would love for him to have a brother or sister. So will keep trying for a little one.

  99. I finally had my period around the 16th of sept. although it wasnt very heavy, it was more like spotting but it lasted for 5 days. As I posted before I had my mirena IUD taken out May 14th. Ive had several negative pregnancy test and have felt horrible. Im finally feeling normal again lol. Me and the hubby have been ttc from day 1 of the removal, hopefully it will happen soon! I have a 11 year old daughter from my first marriage and I my 32nd Bday is just around the corner, I need and want this to happen ASAP! 😉 My wonderful hubby deserves to have a child of his own, eventhough he does consider my daughter his. Thanks for listening 😉

  100. I had my IUD removed August 24. It is September 5th and I have been nautious for 3 days and am sensitive to smells. My husband thinks I might be pregnant but isn’t it too soon. All I know is nothing worse then being sick to your stomach and not know why?

  101. I had my copper iud removd on sept.7 and i had my last period on sept.1. I have not had my period since, I’m wondering if this is normal. I took a preg test on oct.7 it was negative. My breasts are sore and i feel nausiated but no signs of period coming. Some please give me some input thank you

  102. Hi just two weeks ago I had my IUD removed because it was out of place, I have been haveing problems for the past two months but the doctors didnt ever check to see if that could be the problem. After the doctor removed it he said he was surprised that I wasn’t pregnant, we took a test but it came out negative I have alot of the same symptoms that I had with my daughter but not sure whats going on. Since haveing it removed my husband and I have decided to have another child wether I am pregnant or not. Is it true that the Mirena can cause a negative pregnancy test if you are pregnant. I’m haveing definate symptoms. siactic nerve pain, cramping,hunger, tired.
    ‘ 😕 😕

  103. Just thought I’d write and tell the other ladies that are having symptoms of being pregnant and not feeling well that its probably just your body trying to go back to normal. I was told that it takes a few months for the hormones from the IUD to completely get out of your body. I know what you are going through, Ive been through it lol. Its been 5 months since Ive had my mirena IUD removed and Im just now feeling normal. Ive finally had a regular period although its a very very heavy flow. Hopefully after this one I will get prego 😉 I was also told that it takes a few periods for your uterus lining to build back up from the IUD being there. Hope this helps ladies. Wish you all the best in ttc! 😉 I still have my fingers crossed that I will be prego soon too!

  104. So hey everyone it’s me again I just wanted to let everyone know that all the syptoms I was haveing were pregnancy signs, so I did get pregnant because my IUD was out of place. I am just hopeing now for a happy healthy pregnancy and baby. They said everything should go well because I had a period each month so my uterus lining should be A ok . 🙂

  105. This is my first time here…..I had my mirena IUD removed on 6th October. Had my mirena in for 2 1/2 years. Loved it …never had a period the whole time i had it. But now that is a concern or so i’m guessing as my husband and I are trying for Baby number 4.
    (obviously a glutton for punishment. LOL). So now still no period and a -ve pregnacy test result. I wish the periods would just come now so i can try again….or maybe the tests just wrong…I’m not sure. Keep you all updated. Has anyone else had this issue.

  106. Hello everyone. I just wanted y’all to know that I the Mirena for almost 3 yrs and I finially had it removed on OCT 5th. I am already pregnant 1 month later. Dont give up hope. What worked for me with this pregnancy and my last one was counting 14 days from the 1st day of my period. That was my fertility date. It worked twice now so good luck to you all trying and congrats to those who are expecting. 🙂

  107. Hi everyone just an update….Well i wasnt pregnant. But my period did finally arrive on Friday so at least i can try and accurately assess when i should be ovulating. Hopefully this’ll work in the next month or so….fingers crossed.

  108. Hello,
    I had my IUD for 5 years, had it taken out 2 cycles ago and am now 4 wks 1 day pregnant!
    So far so good. I’ve been charting and my temps look good, no cramping or spotting, and HPT that are getting darker lines. I am scared because I’ve heard of some women having mc after but I pray that I’m not one of those.

  109. I have had 4 children 1 that I got pregnant on birth control, I had the Mirena IUD for 3 years and it’s been out for the last past 2 years and I have not got pregnant!!!!! Almost the whole time on the Mirena I had spotting and periods. the very first period I had once getting off of the IUD was very heavy :sigh , Right now me and my husband is very sad because the only reason I got the IUD placed was to keep us from having kids until I finished college. Im on my last semester of college and still no baby!! I’ve been to the doctor they said no PIDs and I should have gotten pregnant right away however that is not true, I don’t know what to do 😕 :upset

  110. I had my Mirena removed five weeks ago today and still no positive pregnancy test. I have taken several and my hubby and I have been actively trying…. at least every two days. I am hoping to get a positive soon! My sister-in-law had a positive 37 days from the time she had hers removed. We are hoping for the same luck.
    I didn’t have a period the entire time I had the IUD… in fact, I had two. It has been six years since my last cycle. Hopefully that doesn’t affect our chances.

  111. I had my iud put in feb this year since i had it ive had only about one period and spotted a few times, im wanting to have it removed and have another baby but im worried it will take forever, especially since it took along time to get pregnant with my first two, any thoughts?

  112. My Iud actually fell out last night. I have had it for 2 yrs in Feb.I have had quite a few of the side effects as well…1st, i have never reeally had a “period” on it. it has just been 0o surprise ur period is here, 2 days later it was over…than about a day or two it would be back. Very wierd. And usually everytime after intercourse i would get some kind of period. Hair loss, depression, and moodiness, you name it i prob had it. So for about a week i have felt it slowly coming down and down and then last night it just kind of came out. I called the Dr. and they said no emergency, just make an appt. It didnt even hurt coming out. Me and my husband are thinking about another baby, wondering how fast can i become pregnant. Since my cycle has been out of wack from day one..i really dont know when i am ovulating so is it more likely to get pregnant right away or what is the best advice? Not sure. Thanks!

  113. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well you may notice I’m pretty happy today……I’ve had 2 postive pregnancy test in the last 2 days( I did a second one cause I wasn’t sure I Believed the first one)…Still have to see DR to confirm but I’m happy….just hoping that the pregnancy is healthly after reading about a few people having early miscarriages due to not enough lining….anyway just wanted you all to know that it can Happen……so keep trying. 😉

  114. Brace yourselves everyone. I am a 45 year old woman wanting to conceive one more time. I have a 7 year old son. I had the Mirena in for 6 years and I just had it removed last Thursday, December 10th, 2009. 2 days later I have been doing some light bleeding, at times heavy, then back to light. I don’t know what is in store for me but, I will let nature take its course. I just recently got remarried to my soul mate, we were childhood sweethearts. We came to together again at 24 years old, lost touch, and found each other once again after 20+ years, this time we vowed to be together til death do us part. I feel for the first time in my life, I have found the love I only dreamt about, so it is only natural to want to pro-create with such a one. I have also wanted a sibling for my son, something that was taboo in my previous marriage. I want to see my children grow up with one another, have each other to love, and lean on when I’m long gone. I Thank God for giving me that opportunity to find love and hopefully be able to conceive one made from love. Keep me in your prayers and I’ll keep you posted. Thx

  115. I got my IUD removed early November… Had a normal period just after Thanksgiving…
    started monitoring my basal body temp…ovulated as expected on day 15…I have not had another period yet.
    Wondering if maybe I might be pregnant…We wanted to monitor my temp for a few months before really trying.
    So we were ‘careful’ during December…but 2 days before I ovulated we weren’t as ‘careful’ as we should have been!
    Anyway…don’t know if maybe that ONE time made me pregnant…I should have had a period (if I am back to normal)
    right around Christmas…
    Time will tell…I’m kinda nervous to go buy a test and take it…gonna give it another week.
    Anyone have this same circumstance???

  116. hi there all
    hope someone can help with my question :grin
    im 26 yr old. who had the mirena coil in for three 3yrs. ive had it taken out on the 4th of dec and started trying straight away for a baby as my doctor said i would be fertile. i had regular periods with the coil (spotting). and was not due my period till the 27th of dec but i had 2 days of spotting on the 15th..wondering if i could be pregnant or is it normal to bleed after the coil is taken out
    many thanks 🙂

  117. hi all im 31 (just) lol i had the mirena in for 5 yrs the again for 2 yrs before getting it removed on 1st dec 09 i didnt have any periods at all whilst the coil was in place and have had no sign of a period since removal other than a slight pinkish stain on my pad about 2 weeks after removal im trying for another baby i have 3 children 12 11 and 9 i was wondering if anyone knew if i should be expecting a period anytime soon lol or is it even possible to be pregnant without a full blown period? ive done test after test but all negative! am i just being to impaitent? lol x thanks lesley

  118. hey willow. hows things? reckon were being quite impatient lol.. id say give it a couple of months and c how things go! i was wondering the same question as you.
    good look :grin

  119. Hi Willow and Aimee Joy
    I not sure if it the same for everyone but i got my first period 37 days after the removal of my IUD…..And never got a second. No spotting after the removal at all…although i was told you could have some.
    It was definaletly a normal period heavy at first the lighter over the next few days but it was the first period i had had in about 2 1/2 years. Am now about 8 weeks pregnant…all going well so far.
    I just dated ovulation from that period about 14 days later….and it worked.
    Keep Trying and be patient. GOOD LUCK!!! 🙂

  120. Well…I posted yesterday about my situation…and my curiousity got the best of me.
    Bought a test today and took it…and it is POSITIVE.
    My first and only cycle after my IUD removal was almost 4 weeks after removal…had a light but
    normal for me cycle…
    I obviously got pregnant very easily after removal.
    I have to wonder though…what are the odds of twins after IUD?
    Anyone know?

  121. Just an update from my last posting. After the removal of my IUD Dec 11, I had bleeding a couple days later, lasting about 4 days. Everything seemed normal until Friday, Jan 1st, I started bleeding again. I thought the first week of bleeding was a regular period, but I guess I was wrong. So I will starting my ovulation counting when this bleeding completely stops. Oh what we women have to go thru. 😡

  122. Hi everyone – I’m 38, have a 2 1/2 year old son and have had Mirena for slightly longer than 2 years. I’m going to remove it this Thursday so we can try again for another baby. My question is for anyone who has suffered from ovarian cysts since having the Mirena inserted. I never had a problem with those before and then I had one rupture on Fourth of July this past year. That’s when I found out I have another cyst that my OB-GYN has been monitoring. She advised me it wouldn’t hinder getting pregnant? Has anyone out there had similar problems and successfully gotten pregnant?

  123. HI everyone!! 🙂 I LOVE this site..its awesome! Just wondering if anyone can relate to this..I had my IUD in for 13 months (which that whole time I had a normal somewhat lighter regular period every month.) I had it removed Dec. 2nd (no bleeding that day) but 2 days later on the 4th I had a normal period that lasted 4 days but then on the 12th I started bleeding again and that lasted for only a day and a half!! So I guess I’m not sure what to think about that. We’re trying for a baby and its hard if you dont know when to chart your days for ovulating if your not sure which was the normal period. So any other month I should of started on again on Jan. 1st..which I havent yet..but just wonderin if this all sounds normal?

  124. Hi everyone, just wanted to share my story I got my IUD removed on 12/7/09, started a very heavy period on 12/10/09 that lasted for 10 days. Had sex on the 21st and the 24th. Found out on Sunday 1/3/10 that I am pregnant. I took 4 different kinds of HPT’s. Now I’m worried that I didn’t give my body a chance to “recover” before getting pregnant.

  125. thanks eveyone for your advice.
    i can kinda relax now knowing it takes a couple of months for my body to adjust. im jus gona enjoy all the fun that goes with trying..
    good luck ladies :p

  126. Well I have great news!! Like I said a few days ago when I first wrote on here..I got my IUD taken out Dec 2nd..started my period 2 days later on the 4th and just found out today with a blood test that Im pregnant!! I can’t believe that happened SOOO fast!! Good Luck to everyone trying and I hope it happens soon! 🙂 🙂

  127. Julieah79,
    I can’t believe how closely related our stories are in regards to the time I had my Mirena taken out, and the period 2 days later, lasting 4 days and then another. My second period came on Jan. 1st for 2 and half not quite 3 days, however I don’t know if I’m pregnant yet. I did have my IUD in for 6 years, I’ll just wait and see. Congratulations to you! 🙂

  128. Hello everyone. I have had my iud for 4 years i am going in today to have it removed. I have not had a cycle in three years. My husband and I have a different plan of when we want to get pregnant so we will see how this all works. (he thinks tomorrow would be good im thinking in a couple of months.) This site has been helpful to me because some of you have gotten pregnant rite away and others it has taken some time. Fyi the marina site says 80% get pregnant in 12 months after removal. I will keep you posted.

  129. Hello everyone, I just had my mirena removed this morning and am hoping to concieve very soon! I am 27 with a 2, and a 3 year old and I would love to continue to expand my family. I had my IUD inserted Sept of 07, and had no complications with it. I continued to get my period, although it did get lighter and lighter as time went on. My last period just ended 2 days ago, but I’m not sure how long it will take me to become pregnant again.I can’t wait to take that pregnancy test and read POSITIVE as the result, I will be sure to inform you all when that day comes…hopefully sooner then later!! 😉 :grin

  130. hello ya’ll.. i’m scared but excited at the same time..been trying to get pregnant for some time now but times never seemed right..been on the mirena for about a year now..just had it removed yesterday the 6th of Jan..i want to get pregnant so boyfriend and i have been trying so i guess we’ll see..before the IUD was taken out we’ve had sex and most definitely right after the removal..since i don’t really know the exact date of my last period this waiting thing kinda sucks..i hope to GOD i get pregnant..we would be soo happy..i know that most people get pregnant right away or they wait for a long time, so i ‘m just hoping that i can be one of those happy people that get preggy right away..this baby will be the one to save my life..i’m trying to keep my fingers crossed..i hope that by some chance or miracle that i get pregnant before the month is over..i’ll keep you guys posted to let ya’ll know when my miracle happens..thanx

  131. I am not alone…. nice to find others going through the same thing. I had the Mirena in for 5 years and just had it removed on the 6th of january. Prior to having the IUD I had heavy periods, after I no longer had a period. Its the 7th and I started bleeding heavy and clotting. I don’t know to consider this a period or not. I am currently trying to get pregnant and hate this waiting game…. period no period? pergnant not pregnant ? UGH! I wish you all ladies luck and know u are not alone.

  132. Bella,
    I started with the heavy bleeding and clotting 2 days after my removal (which was 2 weeks before I should of gotten it) and I also wondered the same..period or just norml bleeding after. So I called and asked..and you definately consider the heavy bleeding a period. Good Luck!! =) so make sure sex is in the plan the 20th and 21st!! haha 🙂

  133. hello, hubby changed his mind on the 8th after i have mine removed on the 7th. He said i think we should wait till you have a good period so we can count the days sure enough i state bleeding on the 9th. So now im wondering did we time it that good or is it from the removal. Thanks for the tip to count it as one.

  134. Hey ladies, a question for all of you that are pregnant and know what the sex of your babies are. How many are having girls? I ask this because after a lot of research I found out that a lot more girls are conceived than boys to women who get pregnant right after getting an IUD removed. I am so hoping for a little girl and since I got pregnant 3 weeks after getting my mirena iud out I am praying that my chances have been increased. Thanks!


  136. Julieah79,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your support. Thank God! The good news is after 7 days the bleeding and clotting stopped. How do you know when you “O”?

  137. Hey Ladies, just curious if anyone that has conceived experienced this, it is now time for my period to come(week of the 12th), and I am feeling bloated and all that, however no blood, I get that hunger feeling like I’m pregnant so I did a pregnancy test but it came back negative. Did I do the test too soon? will it not show this early if I am pregnant? I have a dr.’s appointment on the 8th, I’m thinking of not doing another test until then so I can save myself the disappointment if I’m not. Has anyone experienced this? 😕

  138. Bella, I figured out I was ovulating the 15, 16, 17 & 18th.. (18th best the most fertile day..and the day we conceived on).. but you go 14 days from the first day of your last period..then back track 4 days.and those are the ovulating make sure your ready for sex on that 14th day!! haha 🙂 GOODLUCK!!!

  139. adab1…. I would definately either wait til your appointment or just go in for a blood test. Ususally you can get your doctors to write you a lab slip without the appointment. That way you will know for sure. I took 3 at home tests that all came u negative when I am actually pregnant. One I took 2 early..and the other 2 I took a few days after missing my period..but it came up negative because that hormone just wasn’t strong enough to be detected in a HPT. So the blood one came back positive last week and I’m only 4 1/2 weeks.. I sure hope you get some good news!!! =)

  140. shellybelly
    that is interesting about the number of girls as opposed to boys..did you find that online? if so..what were the sites? I would be interested in reading them. I am SOOO hoping for a boy. So for we have 3 girls in the family and 2 the boys of the house say we need to even it out..haha so I guess we’ll see when we reach 20 weeks or our ultrasound.

  141. Julieah, I actually got this info on It’s a site devoted to information on gender swaying. I was going to try and sway for girl but got pregnant by accident 3 weeks after getting the mirena iud out.

  142. help i cant figure this one out. I had no period for three years while the marina was in. It was removed on the 7th I had bleeding the 9th -12th only heavy one day. Now i am spotting the 17th and 18th. Does anybody have any idea whats gong on? 😕

  143. Julieah79,
    I started the ovulation tests on the 15th and have done one everyday since and all have been negitive. hopefully it will happen soon. I have 3 boys and really wanna get pregnant soon with a girl. Hopefull Thinking, I know. I am happy it all happened so fast for you, your story gives others hope 🙂

  144. Bella…
    I looked back to when u said ur period started the 7th..soo the best day is today and tomorrow for you..make sure u do it tomorrow!! haha thats exactly how it worked for us..GOODLUCK!! =)

  145. I just had to share something that happened to me yesterday. I called my doctor to tell her about my situation of my bleeding and possible pregnancy so I could go in to confirm either way. The nurse I spoke to was so discouraging. She made me feel as if there was no hope for me at all, due to my age and all, she had zero compassion. I was almost in tears after speaking with her. But I also remembered that my Mom was 46 when she had me, and I had no issues when I had my son, so I holding on those positive things and hope for the best. I have a dr’s appt. on the 8th, so I’ll wait until then to find out if I have conceived for certain. I’ll keep you posted. :sigh

  146. Julieah
    Yeah, I had a positive ovulation test on the 20th and did it alot!!!! 🙂 crossing my fingers and am now playing the waiting game… many of us our. Anxious

  147. hi all,
    i am new to this site and would really like your advice. i had my coil removed end of oct 2009. hd light bleed the following day. got periods on 12th dec, 4 days of heavy bleeding and went on the pill. got a tummy bug 25th that lasted til 30th dec and couldnt keep any food down. got my period again on 5th jan, light bleed for 2 days. heres my dilemma. i have been getting sick on and off since, usually in morning and evening. have done couple of hpt and all are negative. please help. could i be pregnant?

  148. julieah79,
    No I still haven’t had a period yet, although this week I felt like was going to have one, but as of today nothing yet. One thing that nurse did tell me is to take another hpt test on this past Sunday, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to get disappointed again. My breast aren’t really sore, but I am feeling something, every once in a while throughout the day, I’ll get a ping in them and they feel weird but not really sore. My second period came Jan 1st and lasted approx. 2 days, so the 1st is coming again, so I figured I would wait till after then and let the dr test me on the 8th. Would you do another before then, if you hadn’t had your period this week? 😕

  149. adab1
    well Im glad to hear you havent gotten it yet. I would take another one but only if you dont let the diappointmet of a negative get to you to much. I took 4 at home and all were negative..and I even went til I missed it so they definately don’t always work. But like I said before, our stories are so alike. Those 2 days of bleeding Jan. 1st may not of even been a period (mine wasn’t.) So whether you do another home one or wait til the 8th..GOODLUCK!! 🙂 (btw..Im way to impatient of a person to wait..haha so I would probably go with another home one). I hate the feeling of thinking your periods coming..I still get the cramping like its coming today even though Im 8 weeks along.

  150. julieah79
    Well it happened. I started bleeding Tuesday afternoon, so I guess its back to square one. Maybe all those feelings I had was my body getting adjusted to no longer having the IUD in it. My period is light, which is pretty normal for me. Now I just have to know my ovulation time again. Here we go again. :roll

  151. abad1
    I’m sorry to hear that..but I guess keep in mind it sure is fun trying! so in that case I guess that means have fun on the 6th-9th. 🙂 GOODLUCK!

  152. Hello everyone! I am brand new to this site so please forgive me if I mess anything up while posting on here. I would like to ask anyone for some advice. Here is my current situation:

    I had a Paragard Copper IUD placed in January 2005 and had it removed December 16, 2009 in order to try to have another child. I had HEAVY periods the entire time but never had one single cramp (during placement nor afterward) and had a very pleasant experience having it removed as well. My periods have always been extremely regular (every 29 days on the dot) and last not more than 5 days but usually 4 days. I had a period on November 27, 2009 and then had another period on December 24, 2009 (8 days after removal). The Dec. period was lighter flow than usual but that was expected after removal. It lasted 4 days and was fine, slightly crampier than usual but not too bad. My ovulation was expected around 5th or 6th of January 2010 and CM and BBT showed definitive signs of “O”. My husband and I had unprotected sex both on that 5th and then again on 6th. I began having symptoms of pregnancy similar to those with my first pregnancy shortly after Ovulation. I did not want to take HPT’s because I had HCG issues with my first. My body apparently does not produce high enough HCG levels to show on HPT’s and I have to basically have Quantitative Blood Tests for determination of Pregnancy. I decided to do HPT and it came back negative. Went in to Dr. (01/18/2010) and had QBT – level 2 HCG – negative. The symptoms continued and still do to this day. My period was due on January 21, 2009 and did not come until two days later. At around 7am on 23rd my period started and was extremely uncomfortable and crampy. The very next morning, I removed tampon and noticed very minimal blood so I put a panty liner on. Nothing since then…no blood, blood-tinged discharge…NOTHING. I am wondering if it is still possible to be pregnant but that my blood test was taken way too early to determine? I refuse to take more HPT’s because all that happens is I am left feeling down and out afterward. I have an appointment for tomorrow morning at 11:15am to have another blood test taken but I am wondering if anyone else has had a similar situation? Has anyone noticed that their bodies seem to “hide” pregnancy after IUD’s? I have read that some women’s bodies do this, specifically if you had the IUD in for a long period of time. I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions from anyone! Thanks in advance and to those of you whom are TTC – I wish you nothing but the best of luck!

  153. BTW: sorry…my symptoms have been very tender and sore breasts/nipples, slight dull cramping in lower abdomen, nausea throughout the day but no vomiting yet, fatigue and absolute emotional breakdowns (lol) over the most ridiculous things! I have also had a slight feeling of cravings for specific food items but not too strong. Some of these I had with my last Pregnancy but some are new to me. My biggest dilemma is that some believe that a woman CANNOT show signs and symptoms of pregnancy right after conception but I believe that if a woman is really in tune with her body, she can. For most women that are trying to conceive, we are usually paying real close attention to what is going on inside of our bodies in hopes of a baby! Any thoughts on symptoms and how early they are possible? Could they be Psychosomatic for some women??

  154. JulieMitchell09
    HI!!! isn’t this site awesome? I love it 🙂 Anyways.I was reading your situation and isn’t it fun to try and figure all this out? haha I absolutely agree with your body trying to hide the pregnancy symptoms. I didnt notice it anmore with or without the IUD removed..but I agree it does. I was looking up blood pregnancy tests and it says they tell immediately if you are..within 7-12 days of if you ovulated the 5th& should of tested positive on the 18th if you were.
    Its weird but with this pregnancy (my 3rd and the only one I got pregnant off after having an IUD removed) for some reason the 4 HPT’s I took all said negative..and I had even missed my period at the I had to go for the blood test. But with my first 2 it would detect it at the earliest possible time it could. Kinda weird. I also had that one day of bleeding in there that lasted no first I thought it was a normal period til I realized it wasn’t normal to only last half a day. I wish our bodie were easier to understand 🙂 but goodluck at your doctors appointment tomorrow. I will be looking forward to hearing what happens.

  155. All,
    I wish there was a way we could magically see what is going on inside of our bodies!!!!! I am 9 dpo, I am afraid to take a test. I am sure its too early. This is my first month trying, I will be disappointed but not discouraged.

    I just wanna wish you luck!!!!
    :grin :grin :grin

  156. bella,
    I couldnt agree with you more! 🙂 you could probably try one of those HPT that you can do 5 days before yous period is expected (but in your you dont get..haha) If you do’ll have to let us know how it turns out..gooduck! :grin

  157. I have never been on here before but I have some questions. I got the mirena (IUD) in 2006 after the birth of my daughter. I didnt have a menstral any during the time I had the Mirena. I recently had it removed October 2009. I have only had 1 cycle and it lasted 5 days. It wasnt very heavy. I havent had one since and it has been almost 2 months. I have took Pt test but they all were negative and even went to the doctor. Has anyone else experienced this. Please reply. 😕

  158. I had my iud removed november 16 after two years. I just took a test today and it came out positive. Best of Luck to everyone and dont give up 🙂

  159. I read all these posts and decided not to insert IUD – I’m afraid to lose my fertility..
    Girls, this time I’d like to ask you one question (sorry for the off topic) – maybe somebody has purchased this cellulite massager? (see the advertisement above). I’m thinking to buy it, but firstly want to get some opinions 🙂

  160. UPDATE: Thanks Julieah79 for your post! I went back to Dr. on Friday (01/29/2010) and had more blood drawn. She had it rushed and it said Negative for HCG. I am actually kind of glad that it did though because I am ready to start over and see what happens this month or over the next few months! My ovulation should occur on or about 3rd or 4th of February so we’ll see! I am hoping it will happen this time but if not I am gonna keep my head up! After all…we just started trying last month so we are at the very beginning of this journey! Thanks everyone for your tips and suggestions, they really help to ease my mind when I read them all! I will make sure that I update this thing when ever something new happens.

  161. All,

    I am 11dpo I took a pt ( first response ) this morning and it came out negitive. My period is due on the 7th if I don’t get it I will retest. I have admitt I am disappointed. :sigh

  162. Hello everyone!!! I had my IUD put in 3 1/2 years ago. I had my IUD removed on December 9,2009 and am trying to get pregnant. I took the ovulation test and I had sex the day before ovulation and the day of ovulation. Now I am going on 6 days late on my period and they are always right on time? I took 2 pregnancy tests and they are negative. This is so frustrating. Glad I found this site. It is really helpful. I am gonna wait a few more day and will post a update. :sigh

  163. Hi ladies, my name is Bryony, i have just joined this site. I am slightly nervous, i have had 2 mirena coils in for the last 7 years and i am having it removed on Wednesday to start trying for my first baby with my partner of five years!! i am keen to get pregnant but unsure how quickly it will happen as i was not particularly fertile before i had the coil put in. Fingers crossed and good luck to all of you 🙂

  164. I had the Muriena IUD for almost three years and never had a period the entire time I had it. I currently have a daughter who will be 5 this year. Me and my boyfriend discussed having a baby once the new year started. So on December 16th I had my IUD removed. It was much eaiser then getting it put in, I didn’t feel anything. The only thing was it took the docotor forever to find the strings. I thought this was what I wanted, but I didn’t think it would happen for a while. I had a period for nine days, and three weeks later had a povtive pregancy test. I went online and did a due date calcuator off the first day I had a period, which put me about 5 weeks when I went to the hospital. I had some other isseus which was why I went but when they did the blood test the docotor said I was only two weeks? I don’t understand if this was becuase of the long period but as of now I still dont’ know how far along I am. The docotor wanted me to come back because she wanted to see if the pregancy took. But I did not go back figured I would talk with my OB which I haven’t yet seen. I keep looking at early preg signs and I have them all, constipation, nausea, I am not really that tired but I di have a serious lack of energy, and tender breasts. Still no period, I am almost scared to go but I am sure if something was wrong I would of had a period by now. I am really unsure how normal this is becuase I didn’t have a period for three years and it was a very long period? Can someone please tell me if they have ever been through anything like this? Or what should i do?

  165. Unsure,
    I kinda have the same thing. I didnt have the long period but I only had 1 since my IUD came out (dec. 2nd)..and first period was dec 4th that lasted 4 days (I know the date for sure..and I know for sure we convieved on the 18th) so that would make me 9 weeks tomorrow..but they are saying I’m only thats also 3 weeks off like they are saying for you. I can’t figure it out..but whatever I guess. atleast I know Im pregnant and thats all that matters but cant figure out why or how the date got so messed up especially when I know the date for sure. They told me that alot of times when you get your IUD taken out the first period messes with your ovulation days..and thats why sometimes its hard to plan right away when to get pregnant..and for us that do sometimes thats why we dont get the day right..we got pregnant later than what we thought. I would go ahead and make your appointment with your OB. Im sure everything is fine..but your just not as far along as you thought. The best thing is to wait til the 8 week mark and have the ultrasound to determine exactly how far along you are. GOODLUCK!!! 🙂

  166. All,
    Well I got my period on the 2nd as well, which came 5 days early then the first one I had last month since having the IUD out. BTW

  167. oops….continued
    I had the IUD in place for 5yrs no period taken out Jan 6th…AF Jan 7th for ( 8 days). We are going on our 2nd month TTC and have decided to just ” let it happen”, can’t wait for my bump…Good luck ladies!!!

  168. I have had my IUD in place for about 2 1/2 years when we decided to conceive again. I had the IUD removed on Jan 6, 2010 right as my menstrual cycle was ending. Normally I am on a regular 4 week cycle. I should of started my period again on the 31st of Jan. but did not. I was excited to take a pregnancy test but it came out negative :sigh I waited two days and took another one, again, negative. I am now 5 days late and just cannot figure out what is going on with my body! I had the copper IUD in place (no hormones) so I cant imagine having it taken out could have messed with my cycle. Any suggestions?

  169. jesspald
    My cycle has been all messed up since having my iud removed Dec 2. They are usually like clock work. I was over 6 days late and when I took the pregnacy test it said neg. So good luck to you!
    Good luck! I pray you conceive a girl. I am praying for a boy:)

  170. Good afternoon all. I am new to the site. I had my cooper IUD removed on Jan 14th 2010 (after 10 yrs of having it), which is less then a month ago, and we have been trying to get prego ever since. I was a little disappointed when I got my cycle this morning. I just knew it would happen right away. I am a mother of 2,11 and 10, and want just 1 more. Does anyone know about getting pregnate after having the cooper IUD so long??? :cry

  171. update……i am now 11 days late and keeping my fingers crossed!!! I took a second HPT during the first week and that too came out negative :sigh Im thinking its about time I take another but am a little hesitant….i dont want to see another negative result!! lol

  172. It looks like my last posting didn’t show up. Well i will try again. The short version im 32 and have 2 children 9 and 10. I had my iud for 4 years no period the last three. Iud was removed jan 7th 2010, AF 9th-12th, spotting the 18th &19th. I took 2 test the 4th and 6th of feb ya it was the 5 day sooner one but both neg. on the 10th i took another and got a faint positive so off to the Dr i went and the blood test said yes. so those of you TTC it can happen very fast. 🙂

  173. hi all,
    Congratulations Dmarie and anyone else expecting. Good luck Jesspald. I posted a while ago wondering if i could be pregnant. It turns out i wasnt and the pill was making me ill. i came off it 22nd feb and had light period for 2 days on the 27th. We have been TTC since. I think I may have ovulated on the 6th but i am so unsure. is that too early? I really want it to happen soon but these have been the longest 2 weeks and still 2 more weeks til next period. Im driving myself crazy thinking about it. I would so love a little girl. I have 2 boys already 12 and 9. I miss having a baby around.

    Anyways i loved reading all ur stories and baby dust to all of us. I’ll keep you all posted

  174. Okay so just a little short update and a question…

    I had a Chem. Preg. in early January and my AF started 23Jan2010 which was two days late (I am VERY regular) but it only lasted literally 24 hours and was REAL crampy. I have not taken a HPT since the Chem. Preg. for fear of disappointment. I was “due” to ovulate on 05-06Feb. and am pretty sure I did due to CM and BBT and husband and I did the deed twice on both days (TMI I know…sorry!). Since then (which would only be about 9dpo) I have had EXTREME fatigue and it seems that no matter how much sleep I get, I am falling asleep in the middle of the day, nearly falling asleep on my computer desk and heading to bed earlier than my three kids do! I do not have any other issues besides headaches but that happens during the cold/flu season anyway for me due to allergies.

    My question is: is it possible that I really did not have a Chem Preg. at all and that I am still preggo from January?? The CP was only diagnosed via Quantitative Blood Test…no ultrasound and I have not been back to have blood work done nor have I taken HPT since then. That was on January 13, 2010. I had some issues with my first pregnancy where I was around 7.5 wks along before it would come positive on HPT’s. I did not have Blood Tests done during that pregnancy to determine pregnancy so who knows if it would have shown up that way sooner. I am just kind of curious if this sounds possible to anyone on here? I am lost…lol

  175. Hi all im new to this site, but i thought id might give you some hope. I had my non hormaonal coil taken out on the 26th jan after 2 years, and have just found out that im pregnant. Its happened all so quick my last period was 13th jan, had my coil taken out wen i was ovulating on the 26th jan, 3 weeks later im pregnant. I wish loads of luck to you all.x

  176. Hello everyone…I just wanted to post that I got THE BEST news tonight…I am pregnant with my second baby!

  177. Thank you ladies sooo much! I am not real sure how far along I am at this point because I am not even 100% convinced that I actually and legitimately had a Chemical Pregnancy in January either but I will update on here as soon as I know! I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and wishing you all nothing but THE BEST of luck in your baby adventures! Hope to hear more good news from all of you soon!!!

  178. Update:
    I had my first Prenatal Appointment today and was told according to my HCG levels at this point, I am actually 8 weeks and 6 days pregnant!! WOW so that means that I did not in fact experience a Chemical Pregnancy but my Dr. believes that I just had blood drawn too early to detect a high enough level of HCG to register as Pregnant. I am still sort of in shock over all of this but I am happy that I began taking Prenatal vitamins as soon as I had my IUD removed because apparently shortly thereafter I conceived. There is hope out there ladies and from what I was told…if the Dr. does not do “serial blood tests” and an ultrasound BEFORE he/she diagnoses a Chemical Pregnancy…seek an answer from a second opinion or demand those things!

    I do not drink, smoke anymore or do drugs but some women of child bearing age do and if Dr.’s continue to “diagnose” chemical pregnancies without thoroughly investigating it, some women who do partake in these activities may do these things while completely unaware that they are pregnant. I intend to take my Ultrasound pics of our baby up to my former Dr.’s office to show him our “chemical baby” to show him how crappy of Dr. he really is!

  179. Thanks for the info Julieh79. I am glad to hear that everything is going well for you juliemitchell09, I completely agree with you about doctors not knowing everything and I am glad you are going to show tha doctor up! I had a really hard experience when I was pregnant with my first birthchild (she is my 3rd child because I have 2 adopted children that are 1 year older than her). All my life I had wanted to be a mother, in I actually got married very young (2 months before my 18th birthday) because I was very excited to get on with life and start my family (now that I am older I know that yes I was crazy to try to skip those single years that are very needed to have other life experiences). Anyway, I tryed for about 3 years to get pregnant with my first husband but – nothing. Finally the doctor said that I had severe PCOS and could not get pregnant. Well life happened and I got divorced and remarried and decided to do foster care with my new husband for “drug-exposed” infants while we decided what direction we wanted to go in our journy to have a family. Needless to say not 1 but 2 of our little foster babbies stole our hearts and when they both came up for adoption at the same time there of corse was no way we could choose between our children so we signed up to adopt both. At this time we (of corse) found out that I was pregnant as well! So now we would go from a newly wed couple to the parents of 3 in less than 1 year! We were very suprised but there would be exactly 1 year between the 2 we had nd the one on the way, or so we thought, unfortuntly my daughter was born at 23 weeks gestation, she was lucky to be as big as she was but that was only 1 pound 7 ounces. What had happened was that my doctor did not diagnose that I had bacterial vaginosis and when I went into urgent care at my hospital complaining of unusual amount of discharge they dismissed me as first time pregnant over worrier – my daughter was born one week and 2 days later. Also the doctor that delivered my daughter (a doctor I had never met before the week I spent under her care in the hospital trying to keep my daughter from being born) told me the whole time I was in labor with her that babbies aren’t viable until 24-26 weeks gestation. She even said right after I delivered my daughter patting my knee “we’ll do better next time”, while my tiny “micro-premie” was born breathing trying to cry and definitly ready to fight!!! Well it did take 3 months in one of the best NICUs in the country (Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women) and a top Children’s Hospital surgical team to put a clip on an under developed valve in her heart (PDA ligation) but now my little girl is pretty near perfect! She is 8 years old and top of her class in reading, plays on a softball team in spring and is still just as onry as ever! I know that we got extremly lucky with her and her health, she not even on any medications, but she will always be a very thin get tired easily and be prone to catching colds and such from a lower immune system. Well, I really didn’t intend to write abook on here so sorry about that, my point was just that doctors are definitly just people and they don’t know everything so trust yourself first – if you feel something about yourself you know best, get second opions if you don’t agree – you are in the driver’s seat. So thanks for letting me share my story, I hope somebody gets something out of it but if not, I did – THANKS.

  180. I had my last period on jan 27th and have yet to have another period or a positive pregnancy test. My husband is in the army and is getting deployed in may. We are ttc before he leaves and and wondering if anyone else had similar problems after having their iud removed. I got pregnant with my first two kids while on the pill and now I want to be pregnant it isn’t happening. Isn’t that how life goes!

  181. Still no bun in the oven :sigh Am now ovulating for the second time since having my IUD removed. TRYING HARD!! Hopefully I will be able to come back with some great news!!!

  182. So I took a pregnancy test this morning and it came up positive. So yeah! Hope everyone else has good luck too.

  183. Very frustrated, my period is 5 days late but I have took a tests 4 days before period expected, 1 day after, 3 days after, and now 5 days after – but all negitive. I know it is eairly still and this is my first month after removing iud but I just really want to know for sure yes or no so I can plan. If it is going to be try again next month thats ok I just want to know, it’s just so frusterating! Any suggestions???

  184. 5or6..

    sounds frustrations..I would either get a blood test to know for sure or just wait it out to see if your period comes..because it is really common to go a few months without a period after getting it removed..
    good luck though

  185. Dear 5or6? My first month after removal was odd too. I had a period on jan 2 had the iud remover jan 12 bled jan 15-18 the on jan 27 started bleeding again. Doctor blevieve I actually miscarried because my uterus just wasn’t ready. I thought I would ovulate around feb 11th and we were def trying hard. I took tests on the 21st 28th and march 3rd all negative although I felt pregnant. I took one on march 7th because hubby insisted that I smelled different (weird I know) and that he knew I was pregnant. I took the test expecting a negative and was really surprised to see positive. So don’t give up. It does happen. Try not to get frustrated I was starting to get that way and it was depressing me a bit. Just eat healthy take lots of folic acid and let it happen. Good luck!

  186. On my fourth month of ttc :sigh . I had severe cramps on March 8 and started bleeding right after. Felt like contractions. My mother think I had a miscarriage? Has anyone experienced. Doctor thinks my uterus is contracting back from having my iud removed in Dec. Going to get checked out on March 29. Praying to get pregnant soon. Good luck to everyone.

  187. Hi all this is a great website.
    I had my copper coil removed on 9th March after my ovulation and want to have one clear period before trying. was due yesterday but nothing is this normal?

  188. Hey Everyone,
    I am new. I had the Mirena IUD. I didn’t have it very long. I only had it for a little over a year. i already have two small children. i am planning to get married on May 15th. We have been trying eve since i had it taken out. Which was the beginning of Feb. I think something may be wrong. After i had it taken out i didn’t bleed very much at all. The day after i bled moderately. It stopped and then I very lightly spotted for about three days. It was barely noticeable. i have gained wait and feel tired all the time. i took a test yesterday and it was neg. :sigh

  189. Hi every1 im also new 2 this site, i had my coil removed on the 5th of march and realy want to start trying 4 my 2nd child, does any1 no when it would be safe to try???

  190. So just an update. I went to the doctor yesterday and confirmed that I am & weeks pregnant. Accutally further along than I thought. I had my Mirena removed Jan. 12th and had bleeding Jan 15-18. I started cramping and bleeding heavily with large clots on Jan 27th and learned that I had concieved immediatly after having my iud removed and that I was having a miscarriage. Now the doctor says that i concieved around the 10th. I didn’t get a positive pregnancy test until March 7th and I took them on feb 21st and 28th and on mar 4th. I was even taking ovulation test durning O and did not get a positive result on those either. So I was getting very frustrated and upset that i wasn’t getting pregnant. So try not to get frustrated and do not rely on ovulation tests or get frustrated by a negative pregnancy test. My husband and I just continue to “practice” and we got lucky. Congrats to those that have gotten pregnant and good luck to those trying. Just keep trying.

  191. hello im new on this site.. well i have the paraguard for six years now. i have been feeeling sick and i get my cycles every two weeks for the past two months, has anyone here had this before. i’m confused i don’t know whats going on with my body. does anyone know if this is normal.. thank you :eek

  192. i just finished reading a few of the post. im freaked out now my husband and i want to get preagnant as soon as i get the cooper iud out, im afraid of the posibility of miscarrige is this normal or it just happens to a few.

  193. UPDATE: I am one day late for my menstrual cycle so I took a hpt this morning and learned that i am pregnant!!! We are very excited! It only took two months 🙂

  194. Hi just wondering has any one that has had a iud removed lately had any good new’s? 🙂 im desprate to say i have but no luck yet :sigh

  195. baby2??
    I did have mine recently removed. I would suggest waiting one period before getting pregnant though. I also have a friend that had her’s removed shortly after i did. She waited one period and she is now pregnant. The cool thing is that our babies will be born really close together. So don’t be discouraged.

  196. Kennedy 1
    Hi thats brillant hopefully then ill be saying the same soon! 🙂 im due a period this week so sooner then the better lol 🙂 so glad you told me your’s and your friends good news! its now less worrying lol ! 🙂 when are you due?

  197. I am due Nov 3rd and my friend is due on Nov 12th. Wish you the best! I had a friend last year that had a copper iud and it took her two months to concieve her second. She had a difficult time getting pregnant the first time so they were surprised it happened so quickly.

  198. kenndey1
    awk that’s lovely that u’s will be due so close together! hopefully i shall not take long either i didnt with my frist so hopefuly wont with the 2nd lol 🙂

  199. I am new to this site and just have a few questions and need some advice. I started prenatal vitamins and had my copper iud removed on march 2nd after 4 years of having it. I had my period as usual on march 8th and it lasted till the 13th. We have been trying ever since. on the 16th i started having a lot of cramping, bloating, nausea, headaches, breast tenderness and back pain that I am continuing to experience. I know it is to early to tell if I am pregnant but was wondering if it is normal to have these symptoms post removal. And also would like to know how long it usually takes to concieve after.

  200. hello again,, i wanted to know if anyone here had to wait to get preagnant after removing cooper iud or it’s it ok to start right away. lo l thank you

  201. Javashae
    I am not medical in any way but the chances of ovulating and becoming pregnant 3 days after your period are very slim so the cramps could hae been due to something else. It is usual that you will Ovulate about 14 days before your next period so that is about a week after you finish give or take. so keep trying and I am sure it will happen soon xxxxxx

  202. Thank you for the information. I thought it was too soon, but I cant explain these odd symptoms. I will definitely keep u posted as to what happens. 😉

  203. javashae,
    Hi! =) As far as how long it takes to conceive is so different. For me, Im 3 1/2 months pregnant and conceived approximately 27 days after removal…others on here it happened sooner and some a few months after. I was actually just at the obgyn that removed my IUD and he said a woman came in last week and found out she got pregnant only 7 days after it was taken out. So I would say have fun trying and hopefully it happens soon 🙂

  204. Thank you for the information. I thought it was too soon, but I cant explain these odd symptoms. I will definitely keep u posted as to what happens. 😉

  205. Hi,
    Does any1 know how soon you can do a pregnancy test if period late? im a few days late now and im always on time ? now im wondering? 😕 could i be?? and if i am when will i no 4 sure??

  206. baby2??
    a blood test can show a positive 7 days after conceiving..and a HPT you should be good to take now especially if you are already late. I say go for it! =) with my 2nd baby I was only 2 days late and the HPT showed positive. This pregnancy I messed up on my period date so all my HPT were taken to early and were negative..but then when I figured it out I went in for a blood test 1 day late for my period and got a positive! =) GOOD LUCK!!

  207. Hi everyone! I just wanted to share that got my IUD removed after almost 4 years on dec 17 09 we conceived the first of Jan and we are expecting a baby on October 1st 2010! We had so many misconceptions with the drs because I never got a real period but i stillovulated and my horomone levels kept going up but they couldnt find a baby! so they told me I wa miscarrying most likely, my husband didnt want to believe it and decided that it was best if we went home and just waited it out, when i became so sick and miserable and couldnt bare living like that any longer we went in for a dnc and they found the baby right away! (heartbeat and all) I ended up getting pills to help my nausea and my dr told me that the other drs were treating me as if i ovulated like anybody else and didnt counter in the fact that I got pregnant so quick after my IUD! Im thankful to say so far baby looks good and im sticking with that one doctor! 🙂 I wish you all good luck! and remember everything happens for a reason and it will happen when its supposed to! dont stress about it and exercise to get healthy, i was exercising for about a month and half before we started trying to have a baby ! it really helps to get healthy!

  208. julieah79. Hi,
    thank you for the info but no luck this time, it came 4/5 days late, so ragen! but fingures crossed after this will just have to try more lol 🙂 cant understand it tho? :sigh

  209. baby2???
    I cant understand much of anything either when it comes to this! haha when I got mine removed I had a very normal 4 day long period after..and thats what I thought my LMP was for figuring out a due date..but I was wrong. 2 weeks after that I bled for half a day..and thats what my due date is based around.. doesnt make sense but whatever! LOL!!! Have fun trying..hope to hear good news SOON!! 🙂

  210. :grin I just got my IUD removed about a week ago. And me and my husband been trying to get pregnant. I hear about woman getting pregnant just a couple of days after there removal. I know its only been a week. Is there anything that I can do to high the chances of getting pregnant.

  211. I was wondering if anyone else has shared my experience and has any thoughts.

    I am 32 years old. I had my copper IUD removed in September 2009 after having it for 8 years. We started TTC November 2009 after our doctor recommended we wait a couple of cycles. In Mid-January 2010, my period was late and we got a positive pregnancy test at home. About 1.5 weeks later, before going to the doctor, I started to bleed. I went to the doctor the same day I started to bleed. Urine and blood tests at the office showed I was NOT pregnant. The doctor said I probably had a “spontaneous abortion” (i.e. early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy), but I would never know for sure. We started TTC again and in Mid-March, I was late again and again got a positive home pregnancy test (different brand this time). I took three home tests in a span of five days to be safe. In each, I showed I was pregnant. I scheduled an appt to go to my doctor 8 days after my first positive home pregnancy test, but three days after having taken the last positive test. At the doctor’s office, I took a urine test and had an ultrasound. Both came out negative. I was again baffled. I reassured my doctor that I had taken 3! tests at home and that all were positive. Doctor again said couldn’t know for certain, but likely that I again had a “spontaneous abortion.” After two, I’m getting a little nervous, but want to stay positive and hope that this is not unusual. We will keep TTC, but would love to know if anyone else out there has shared this experience and what your ultimate result was.

    Thanks in advance.

  212. hello everyone!!! well i had mu para guard removed yesturday after 6 years. im excited but also freaked.. doctors gave me birth control pills to regulate my cycle before i start trying to conceive..

  213. Mrs. Freeman Dont worry I had my IUD about three weeks ago my doctor gave me pre-natal pillss to take I been taking a pregency test every week but nothing yet. Im nervous and excited at the same time. I have to the conclusion that it will happen when it happens.

  214. hi every one
    i just had my iud removed on march 28 right 2 days after i started bleeding for 7 day wich i thought was my period but now i am not sure for about 3 days now i am very sick (nausea) i wonder!!!!! 😕

  215. How long after sex can you tell if your prego???I did the ovulation calender and it said it this weekend was my fertle soon can will i be able to tell if im prego or not???

  216. hi texasgirl
    what i can tell u is that i remember with my second one i ovulated between march 28th of 2007 and april 1st i took a pregnancy test on the 12th of april if i remember i know it was a week before my period due i took one of those home pregnancy (clear blue)and it was + so i know i was 3 weeks pregnant i hope it makes sence to u so i’ll say to try next week or let 8 days pass after ur ovulation week and take it
    good luck

  217. texasgirl..
    Hey..blood tests are awesome..they can tell you 7 days after conveiving..thats how I found out with this pregnancy 🙂

  218. Hello I am fairly new to this site… I have a question as well I had my Paragard IUD removed due to an uterine infection and I had a profuse amount of blood that started on the 22nd that which I also had pain. Now I have been feeling tired and sore my limbs hurt I had that issue with a prior pregnancy. Now the confusing part is my LMP was on March 3rd that rule that the heavy bleeding was due to the infection now I am late since its the 14th I am usually 24 day cycle I am confused can I get some answers back and do you think its too early to go get a pregnancy test?

  219. Thanks sissinana….Ill wait a week or so to take a test. ever since I got my uid out i been taking a test every week to check. And each time I get my hopes up and everytime its been a negative test.

  220. Hi Everyone,
    I had my Mirena IUD removed in May 2009. It took me a few months to finally get my period, I had none the entire 4 1/2 years I had it. My period has been very irregular for the past couple of months, so I went to my doctor to try and find out why. I ended up having an ultrasound done and the results showed I had endomertioma ( I was told it is cysts on my ovaries and blood that flowed backwards and is covering my ovaries ) the doctor wanted me to wait 6 weeks and then have another ultrasound. He is hoping that the endometrioma will resolve itself. I’ve never had any issues at all before, I got pregnant very easily with my daughter who is now 11. Me and my husband have been actively ttc since day 1 of the IUD removal. I was wondering if anyone has had any similar issues? Any comments would be greatly appreciated 😉

  221. Had my IUD removed March 23 and been trying since and nothing. has anymone had theres removed recently with any luck???

  222. texasgirl..
    I had mine removed after having it a year on dec. 2nd..and conceived on dec. 15th!! i had NO idea it could happen that fast..haha.. sooo keep trying 🙂

  223. Hello ladys,
    I just hade my Paragurard removed monday April 12. Me and my husband are ready to concieve. I’m a little scared with all the stories I’m reading here. the first day of my last menstraul (FDLMP) was 4/9/2010. Is it too early for me to worry about being pregnant? I know that I would ovulate unitl the 23, but I scared that I would be able to have a child for awhile. What do you think?

  224. mspalady4, I mine removed march 23 and me and my hubby and been trying since. My ovulation was two weekends ago. I been taking test every week just to check and nothing yet. with some woman it happens real fast and others it takes time.

  225. I am new to this site. But from what I gather from everyone’s post is that the iud causes delayed cycles when they are removed. It seems as if they also alter the reults of pregnancy tests…so many people said they had negative tests just to find out they were ideed pregnant…even some women got blood tests done that were negative and they were pregnant as well. I think maybe the iud lowers a womans hormone levels making pregnancy detection difficult.

    I got my copper iud removed mar 24 in the middle of my cycle. I had it in for three years. I ovulated on apr 5th (I can always feel my ovulation) My cycle was due this past saturday on apr 17 but it didnt come. Of course i was excited because i am very regular and have never been late on a cycle except for when I got preg with my daughter. I took a HPT it was negative. I was very confused so I started doing research and thats when I came across this site and lots of you guys saying that you’ve had delayed periods after the iud. I am extremely annoyed because they tell you the copper iud is not supposed to alter your cycles. Now I have no idea if im preg or not or when my cycle is coming or even if it’ll be regular again :upset

  226. Hi
    I removed my IUD on 17 / 02 I got bleeding or a period after 2 days for 5 days, then a bleeding for 3 days on 14/03 and I got pregnancy signs but all the tests was negative. yesterday 19/03 I got a period but still feel tingling in my breasts and before yesterday I got tingling in lower abdomen many times for few seconds. can any one explain what happened and why I didnot get pregnant?

  227. Hi, my name is karen and i had my mirena taken out on march 23 2010. AND I HAVE NEVER STARTED.I have to a hpt test but it says negative some one please help i have no clue whats goin on

  228. Karen, usually after you IUD is taking out it takes awhile for your cycle to go back to normal. But just give it time. Have you done a ovualtion calender. That helps out a lot. good luck…

  229. Thanks, i woke up this mornin to my mc so hopefully it will happen soon and yes i did the ovalution calender but thanks for the advice we will try again next month

  230. Oh well…got my mc last night after three days late….now im just hoping it doesnt throw off my ovulation…thinkin i may get a kit this month until my body is back to normal….good luck everyone…I hope may is my month!

  231. I hope May is the month…Almost everyone I know is prego I just found out yesterday that my sis is prego. I was happy for her but sad to becuase I been trying for the last couple of months.

  232. texasgirl24
    are you trying for your first? I can relate with close relatives being prego while youre still trying…my sis in law was prego while i was trying ….i finally got pregnant with my daughter and we were pregnant together and our girls are one month apart! So keep trying you may get to share a pregnancy with your sis which would be really special

  233. no i have two boys 5 and 9 me amd my bf have been together for 4 years and he dont have any kids of his own so we are tryin to have one i would love to have a little girl but either would be great i just wish it would happen already

  234. No this isnt my first kid I have a 2yr old son. But this will be my first to with my hubby he doesnt have a kid of his own. We recently found out through DNA testing that the son who we thought was his son wasnt after all. So we been trying for the last couple of months. I hope this month is the month.

  235. I Had My IUD Removed On Mar 23rd. I Was Actually On My Period When I Got It Removed. The Doctor Said I Got It Removed At The Best Time And Would Prob Be Preg In 2 Weeks. It Is Now April 25th I Have Still Not Started My Period And I Took A HPT This Morning And Neg. So Im About 6 Days Late With Breast Tenderness And Im Not Preg. Im So Confused & I Don’t Understand. 😕

  236. kngrove
    same happened with me….seems like youre just gonna have to wait it out
    you may still be preg but the iud seems to make pregnancy detection difficult even if you get a blood test done….other women have had to wait at least six weeks before they got a positive preg result…i would say track ovulation to see if youre still ovulating….and then play the waiting game…others have had to wait a month or more before they got their cycles again after iud removal….good luck

  237. Thanks Momofone.
    This Waiting Game Sucks Though, Im Doing My Best To Stay Positive I Know It Will Happen When Its Meant To. If Anyone Else Has Any Stories Or Advice That May Make Me Feel Better Please Feel Free To Share.

  238. Kngrove, I had my IUD removed march23 and still havent gotten a positive test yet. I did a ovualtion calender to see when I ovualted. My ovulation was april 9 to the 12. And still nothing. The waiting game is the hardest thing to do. I hope may is the month, my hubby leaves for deployment soon so i hope he leaves me a lil gift before he leaves. Just hang in there it will happen when it happens.

  239. So I finally started my mc on april 28th as of today it has stopped. So hopefully we can try again!

  240. I had started mine on the 26 of April and stopped so hopefully this month will work. I also got one of those ovulation test where you test every morning to see if your ovulating so hopefully this works..wish me luck

  241. on 3/24/2010 i had my mirena iud removed on the 27th i had a full 5 day period now being the 3rd of may hav not gotten my period since i have taking home pregnancy test and was negitive now can i just an irregular period “which i never did before thr iud” or could i be pregnant and the home pregnancy test just not show yet? and comments or helpful answers will be appreciated

  242. So I got this ovulation kit that tells you when you are ovulating..I didnt think it would work but its working..Hopefully this is the month..

  243. I’m new to this site. I have 2 young boys and really want a girl to complete my family. My 2 boys are almost 1 and 2 this June. I’ve have the 10yr IUD in for almost 10 month niow. Scheduled to have IUD removed at the end of this week. I’ve had NON Stop bleeding since the it was inserted. My dr checked and everything looked fine. She told me to give it some time for my body to get used to it. I think 9 mo’s is long enough time to have a lengthy mentrasl cycle. I wonder how long it will or could take for my to see if that girl will finally come along?? Will I lose my 1st preg on IUD is out?? Will it taske a while or happen right away?? Does it depend on my body, considering I’ve been bleeding for 9 mo’s straight.

  244. I’m new to this site. I have 2 young boys and really want a girl to complete my family. My 2 boys are almost 1 and 2 this June. I’ve have the 10yr IUD in for almost 10 month niow. Scheduled to have IUD removed at the end of this week. I’ve had NON Stop bleeding since the it was inserted. My dr checked and everything looked fine. She told me to give it some time for my body to get used to it. I think 9 mo’s is long enough time to have a lengthy mentrasl cycle. I wonder how long it will or could take for my to see if that girl will finally come along?? Will I lose my 1st preg on IUD is out?? Will it taske a while or happen right away?? Does it depend on my body, considering I’ve been bleeding for 9 mo’s straight.

  245. Hello ladies I’m new to this site. I have been married 3 years and i have a 3 year old little girl. i had my paraguard removed on the 7th of may, which is 7 days from my actual menstrual cycle( which hasn’t started yet). it’s been two weeks now and i’ve had heartburn really bad, a little bit a nausea, a little bit of bloating, and when i stand up i get it me or does it sound like i might be pregnant?..i keep telling myself its too soon to get pregnant. 😕

  246. Also new to this site and relieve to know that I am not alone waiting for the “waiting game”! I am 36 now and have an 11 yr old daughter, never thought that I would want another one after such a long time. I have had a Mirena IUD 2X (each 5 years)…that means, I had it for a total of 10 yrs. I had it removed Aug 2, 2009 and since then, trying to get pregnant! Unfortunately after that till this moment (9 months now), still no baby! After reading all your comments, probably it’s true that the longer you have it, the longer you’ll conceive! I’m still keeping my fingers crossed and have in mind what my OB-GYNE in Germany has told me…between 3 months to 1 year to get pregnant! Congrats to all of you expecting and goodluck to us women still trying!!! :roll

  247. Hi, Im new to this site as well…I had a paraguard iud removed on 2/4/10…I had it in for 4yrs…i am tryin to get pregnant obviously…lol I have never had an irregular cycle until i got it removed…It now comes newhere between 3 days late and 3 days early…i have a 4yr old daughter and me and my bestie/bf=) been together for 2yrs…he has no children and i want another child so we decide we will try=)…im not pregnant yet …I was told when i got the iud put in that most women are fertile soon after…but i didnt know that my cycle will become irregular and idk about ovulation test…we do”it” every other day sometimes everyday and im still not pregnant =/ i feel like its taking forever…and idk how long it really takes woman to get pregnant after having this type of iud removed…people tell me to not think about it but its kind of hard being that most of my friends are now pregnant “unexpectedly” and with people asking me “r u pregnant yet?” it gets a little frustrating(meanin people askin me about being pregnant yet)…i know it will happen in due time….but i guess u can say im anxious about it…Congrats to those of u who are pregnant and god bless…to us who are trying GOOD LUCK may or june could be our month…=)

  248. Still trying to get pregnant. Got my monthly bill this month and it seems like ever since I got my iud removed that my bill comes about two days early. But it seems like im not the only one that has this problem..

  249. I know how u feel and i had gotten the digital ovulation kit last month and i never ovulated so thus month i got the one u got answer so we will see wat happens this month

  250. Karen, I hope it works out for you. I havent taken a prego test yet, but I started my period. So I dont even know if I even want to take a prego test now. My hubby is about to leave on deployment and I ovulate before he leaves so hopefully it works.

  251. I got my IUD Mirena out April 22 had bleeding right after for a day then again on the April 27-May 1. Had alot of pregnacy signs but all prego test said negitive. still no period and it the May 25.. I am wondering whats going on with this 6 weeks to tell your pregnate? whats the deal with that?

  252. Well i got my iud removed on mar 23rd still no baby. i should’ve started my mc yesterday tho but i didnt! im going to wait a week or so to take a test if i dont start. don’t want another round of disappointment…good luck to eveyone else on here.!

  253. Well, I just had my IUD removed after having it in since Feb ’02. I believe it was the old fashion copper type. I had a little bleeding that day, but then started my MC today. I’m hoping that it won’t take too long, but I’ve heard rumors that there are higher risks if you get pregnant within the first month of having a misscariage.
    I’m also a nurse, so I thought I’d make a few suggetions for you ladies who are trying to conceive but not having much luck. I’ve done some studying in some of my medical jernals and found some vitamins that seem to show that they can really help. Plus it’s proven that taking 200mg of gaufinesin a day (the plain Robittusin) 3 x a day helps the cervix to be ready for pregnancy. Also, Vit C (1000mg a day), B12 up to 50 mcg a day, Folic Acid 400 mg a day, B6 up to 50 mg a day, Zinc up to 30 mg a day, Selenium 100mcg a day, and Vit E can also greatly increase your chances. Check the prenatal vitamins at most stores….a lot of them already have most of this stuff in them and will save you some money. My doctor suggested a prenatal vitamin anyway. The studies also show that smoking and caffiene (including chocholate and dark teas) decrease your odds. And if you really want to try really hard there are some vitamins you can give to your man to increase his sperm count and mobility…..B12 50mcg/day, Zinc 30mg day, Selenium 100mg/day, L-Arginine 300mg/day (you can get it at walmart), Folic Acid 400mg/day, B6 50mg/day, and Vit C 1000mg/day. Well, I hope that helps yall out. You can find most of that info on the computer too if you look for it just incase you want to check it out for yourself. Let me know if any of it seems to help. Good luck to everyone. I’ll let you know how my situation goes as well. God Bless!!

  254. Just found out that my bestfriend is prego with baby #2. So that makes my sis, my cousin and bf that are prego three people.Im so happy for them but I been trying for months and nothing :cry. My hubby is about to leave on a deployment soon and im suppose too ovulate before he leaves so we will see

  255. hello ladys, congrats to the monnys that have conceived and keep up hope for those that havent..and good luck, well i had the paraguard removed on april 7th after having it in for 6 years. i have all of the prego symptoms nassuas, light headed, moody and crave weird things i have taken so many prega, test and nothing. im so confused can anyone give me any clue as to what is happening. thank you :sigh

  256. Mrs. Freeman, some of the ladies here experienced the same…had symptoms of pregnancy but negative on test. I think, it has something to do with the IUD long time in a woman’s body. Some suggests to take blood test and if you are really pregnant, it will show! Goodluck! 😉

  257. ok so no luck yet… 😡 but I should start on the 7th this month. my mom has been having dreams of me having a girl, and she doesnt even know that we are trying again! Im crossing my fingers and praying that she is right! please pray for us!!

  258. I don’t know about you ladies, but after having my IUD removed after having it since ’02 I’ve had some hormone problems. I’ve had bad mood swings, headaches, stomach upset, tired, and several other things….some that might make you believe you were pregnant if you are trying. So maybe this is what’s going on with some of you other ladies. I don’t know, but my doc told me that it’s really common to have hormone imbalances for a couple months after getting the IUD out. It’s just your body’s way of trying to even things back out. Hope that helps. Good luck yall.

  259. Hi i am new to this site. My name is Katie i am 26 and my BoyFriend of over a year has told me he is ready to have a baby with me which i am Extremely excited about. I have a few questions tho .. I had the Mirena IUD in for a very short time due to the fact it was placed a little to low and caused extreme cramping. I had the IUD put in on April 20th had my normal cycle the next day. On mothers day my boyfriend told me the great news and i already had an appointment to have the IUD removed on May 10th because of the issues i was having. We had intercourse the night it was removed and then i started a brown MC (Dr. said it was just oxidized blood because the IUD slowed down my MC) but it lasted 5 days, should i consider that my period it was pretty heavy the full 5 days. Once the “cycle” was over we have not used any ovulation kits or anything just trying the old fashion way of trying as much as possible and hope for the best. I have been feel bloated and my breasts are extremely tender and have been for over a week now and a little moody but that could all be PMS or wishful thinking.

    Since i have not had and spotting or bleeding of any kind and i am confused as to what to consider my cycle… if it reset my cycle having it removed i would be due to start anyday now as my normal cycle is 26 days… part of me is hoping i am pregnant already but a big part of me tells me it is just to soon… I did take a HPT this morning and it came back negative. :sigh but i figured it would say negative actually so it wasnt much of a dissappointment.

  260. KatieK.
    Good luck at figuring all this out…because its confusing. I had mine removed after 13 months and started my MC 2 days later that was a heavy one lasting 5 I had a feeling I was pregnant so I was taking HPT that all came up negative..but sure enough I found out 2 weeks later I was. it was just so soon for the HPT to show it. I assumed the 5 day bleeding was to be considered a period..but it wasn’t. i started bleeding again about a week after that for only half the day and that is what they said was my actual period (makes no sense) but thats how we figured my due date and its right on. But I read on here everyday and alot of girls say how it messes with their cycles. keep in mind some conceive fast (like me..I did in22 days after having it removed) and others take months..but if it does take a while it will be worth the wait. GOODLUCK!! =)

  261. Oh i know it will be worth the wait! trust me… I already have a 7 year old daughter who i love very much from my past marriage and i have always wanted 2-3 kids and i just had to wait for the right time and the right person but we are confident in our decision and I am just trying not to expect to much to soon really… Hope is a good thing but i dont want to set myself up for disappointment either. I am going to wait a week or maybe even two before i take another HPT.. it would be great to find out for fathers day though…hehehe :p

  262. katieK, I would have to agree with you..Its worth the wait O to have a child from a pervious marriage and recently got married and we want a child together this would be my second and this will be his first. It would be awesome to find out that Im pergo on Fathers day. Unfortually my hubby will be deploy but it would be exciting news for him to get.

  263. so for some reason everyone is asking me if I am pregnant!! I worked myself up to take a test this morning and negative…. so I am going to just wait and see if I miss next week, and if so I will take another, but I really hate waiting! I pray this is it!!!

  264. Just an update… i still haven’t started and i am starting to think i actually might be pregnant already! I am waiting until at least Wednesday though to take another HPT… but i really hope i am pregnant already! :p

  265. Well did the ovulation kit this month guess have to waiy and see if i get pregnant i hope it happened this month i am tired of waiting for it to happen

  266. Here’s my story.. I had the copper iud removed on April 7th the last day of my menstrual cycle. May 7th came and no period. I took hpts from May 7 through May 29th all came back negative yet I had all the symptoms. I was in aww at the fact that I was tired all the time, had increased my trips to the restroom my boobs were hurting and yet test after test they were all negative. On May 30th I decided to go for a blood test, the following day I received the call…what do you know…positive, so I went to one of those pregnancy clinics and finally the stick had a faint line indicating I was pregnant, so they referred me to an gyn on June 1st. He had me at 8 wks calculating from my lmp, so when he did the transvaginal ultrasound nothing came up. I was disappointed, name a few of my feelings. He then sent me to get more blood drawn and it came back at hcg levels of 480, he said I am in a very early stage of the pregnancy so he re-scheduled me for June 21st. So we will see what happens at that visit, I am just frustrated at not knowing how far along I am… This whole thing has been stressful, after about 2 months w/o a period finally a positive test, then nothing on the sonogram…..AAAAAAYYYY :sigh

  267. I hade the Mirena inserted after my second son was born, weight gain , I did not have periods after 2 months of having. I was really worried because I get pregnat very easily so I will take a preganancy teste everymont, I was going insane , my husband was able to fill a poke during intercorse, so I decided to remove it after a year, that was april of 2008, I had 3 misscarriages since then after 2 healthy pregnancies and no miscarriages before, my dostos can’t explained was in going on, I’m goin to a fertility specialist next week, I think the mirena destryed my body, never taken pills or any type of hormones before the mirena I always use the days method, I’m extremely regular so always worked for me, base on my experience if you are planing to have more kids get something else not the mirena. :sigh

  268. I don’t know what to think right now. I’m having lots of signs of being pregnant, nausau, tired, that kinda stuff, but i took a test yesterday and it was negative. But it could’ve been too early…or at least that’s what i’m hoping. The waiting game sucks so bad!!! :cry

  269. Still no luck……!!! It’s been 10 months now since I removed the Mirena IUD last Aug 2009. As I’ve said before, I had it for 10 yrs (2x each 5yrs) … the waiting game really sucks! I have had a healthy pregnancy before (also easily get pregnant) but after 10 yrs IUD, looks like the hormones destroyed my body!!! That’s what I’m starting to think now! Anybody experienced the same this long??? 😕 :sigh

  270. Havent had any luck yet still the waiting game im suppose to start my cycle but lest hope that I dont :sigh

  271. had my iud out on mar 23rd after 4 yrs. still nothing. i should be ovulating this week so we will see. good luck to everyone else who is trying. it will happen for us eventually ladies.

  272. well, i’m still kinda confused and frustrated. Still haven’t started yet, though i probably should’ve by now. But my periods aren’t extremely regular, but i’m usually early if anything. i took a preg test today and got a funky answer. it was questionable. there’s just barely a line on one side where the positive line would be. it says if there’s anything there then you should consider it positive, but i don’t want to get my hopes up, so i’ll test again in a day or two if i haven’t started by then. but it does give me a little bit more hope that maybe i am preg. anyway, good luck ladies. i’ll be praying for yall, and hope you’ll do the same for me. 😕

  273. well no luck for me either i started today. this sucks really bad..I have to wait for the hubby to come home and hopefully we can get it before he leaves again. :upset

  274. i took another test, first thing this morning, hoping i’d get a different answer than yesterday (had got an unclear result), but it was negative. but i still haven’t started my mc. guess i’m still playing the waiting game. :sigh

  275. hello ladys good luck to all !! :grin . well here it is i have all of the prego symptoms and test after test and nothing im so confused i actually had my mc on may 26 and it lasted until june 9 can you believe it. i have always been irregular but that took the cake. we tryed again on our wedding night which was june 12 and im just hoping that this will be it.. have taken two test already im anxious was that too soon to test i really dont know?. what about the symptoms is it just in my head. any ideas will be help full thank you all and good luck.

  276. They say that the earliest a home preg test can pick up the hormone is 19 days after becomeing pregnant. So june 12 th would prob be too early for it to show up. Probably won’t show up till around the 1st of July.

  277. Positive Story: I had my ParaGuard IUD for a little over a year. Hubby and I decided to try for another child so I had it removed 4 Jun 2010. I was supposed to have ovulated already on the 2nd. I thought I’d have to wait until the end of the month to try again. Well, after some positive thinking I figured maybe I ovulated late due to a trip we had taken (I know that can delay ovulation). Turns out I got a positive test on Thursday 17 June. I was shocked and I just hope everything goes well. I know it’s early and you’re supposed to wait a cycle. But I didn’t even think it was possible. I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that there’s always the posibility of fast conception after an IUD. Good Luck to all! And congrats to those who have been successful!

  278. CHolley,
    Quite lucky that you conceived that fast…that’s around 2 weeks only! Wow, I never thought it could really happen that fast. Most of the ladies here still playing the “waiting game” like me…10 months now since I removed Mirena IUD but still no luck! Still wishing goodluck to all of us still trying…congrats to all who had been sucessfull! 🙂

  279. CHolly,
    Congrats on our good news. I wish it could be so easy for all of us. I’m still waiting. Haven’t had my MC yet, but test still say negative. Guess I’ll do some more “hurry up and wait”.

  280. sunnyd68: Yes, it was quite fast and very shocking to me! For you, what you need to do is go get a digital preg test. The first non digital one I took was the same as yours. Very faint and I had to go into the direct sunlight to really see it. So I went straight to the clinic and had blood drawn and then to the store for a digital test. Both came back pos. and I didn’t have to wait around any longer stressing out.

  281. Congratulations to those of you that have already conceived! I am ovulating these next few days so I hope I get my wish! Have been taking my prenatal vitamins and taking mucinex so hopefully it works! Wish me luck!! c(:

  282. Bad news for me this time. I started my MC yesterday!! :cry I thought i was especially after the results I got on the test and all the symptoms I’ve been having, but I guess it’s either hormones or just in my head. Hopefully better luck next month. I’m still taking the prenatals and mucinex. Just found out yesterday my little brother is expecting another baby, their 3rd. I’m happy for them, but wish it was me too.

  283. Hi everybody i’m new to this site had my coil removed today the mira coil (i think) and now trying for little one to join the family, fingers crossed, m/c due 29th this month, so missed ovulation, just going on trial and error for time being :p

  284. Hey everyone Ive wrote on here before about having issues getting pregnant after having my Mirena IUD removed. We’ve been trying for over a year now with no luck. Well Monday of the week I had to have surgery to remove a cyst on my left ovary that wouldnt go away for the past 3 months. This is the first time Ive ever had this problem. The doctors say that is why I havent been able to get pregnant. I dont know how long the cyst was there, I only found out about it because after talking to the doctor they decided to do utlrasounds. So it might be a good idea for those of you that are having issues to go get checked out, I know Im glad I did 😉 Now I just have to wait for the hubby to come home from iraq and hopefully we will concieve 😉 Goodluck to everyone!

  285. Did anyone else have significant changes in their MC after having your IUD removed? Mine normally lasts atleast 5 days, but this time it was only 2-3 days and was really light. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this.

  286. Sunnyd68,
    You’re not alone! I have also the same worries like you…after 10yrs Mirena IUD, my MC became irregular. Before IUD, had normal MC 5-6 days. But after IUD, only 2-3 days very light (just enough to use pantyliner). It’s been 10 months now since Mirena IUD was removed, still no luck!

    Good to know I am not alone waiting the “waiting game”. Good idea to have an appointment with my OB-Gyne and I’m scheduled to be there on 27th July as I am outside my home country. Will be there for summer holiday so it’s pretty good timing to have an ultrasound like what you’ve said!!! Goodluck to us! 8)

  287. yayayayayayayay :grin :grin . we got a postitive test result actually five cause i kept wanting to make sure. i dont have the slightest idea how far along because my mc started on may 26 and went away for half a day and returned june 5 . so confused,..yeahhhhhhh we are pregoossss.. love it,, cant wait to write more on hear

  288. Well hello everyone again, i have been busy with school but i finally found time to get back on here and post an update… I am hoping this month is the month i get pregnant! All of this has been so confusing because of having the Marina IUD removed but i’m patient and know it will happen when its finally time to happen.! Good luck to you all! Katie :grin

  289. Those of you who are having trouble trying to concieve try Robatussin. TRUST ME!!! it really works….my sis in law was trying for 3 months and then started taking Robatussin because she heard it helps and within 2 weeks she had concieved. TRUE STORY 🙂

  290. hey guys! I guess u can call me the newbie :grin! Im just happy I found somewhere were I can Hang out whle I too play the waiting game. I jus had my P/G IUD removed last month on te 8th I had my mc on the 22nd and now we are waiting to see if we r preggers wish us luck!! :p

  291. OK ladies question for you I got my IUD removal on 7/102010 and when I had it removed the OB ask if I had sex within the last 72 hours and I did. She said it is very likely that i could be preggos or could get preggos. Has anyone else heard this??? Also when I heard this I went home and took a O.H.T and it was pos. But I started bleeding like a period, (1st one is 3 years). Just wondering if you think I cold still be preggos?

  292. Momof3maybemore,
    Your OB-Gyne is right…it is possible that you could be pregnant after your IUD removal since the sperm can last within you around 5 days. That means about 120 hrs so if you had sex within the last 72 hrs, the sperm is still alive. No wonder they suggest (if you really dont want to get preggy) at least one week no sex before the IUD removal.
    I don’t know how long you got your IUD but each women is different. Some women easily got pregnant (as early as 2 weeks from IUD removal), some are even more than a year up to now, no luck. Even me, one year now since my Mirena IUD was removed, still waiting the waiting game! Still no luck! So to all the ladies still trying like me…goodluck to all of us 🙂

  293. hey guys!! just decided to come here for a lil tlc I took a hpt today & it came out neg :cry Im so sad and I cant even bring myself to tell my hubby I know I gotta but he is just as anxious as i am to see if we are hes gonna be crushed :sigh I know this is only our 2nd month ttc (and its not the end of the month yet cz i hvnt started mc) but it never took me this long to get preggers we usually couldnt use the same soap with out me gettn preg 😉 but its just annoying you know i mean the waiting part because we r definetly njoyn all the extra curricular activities we hv goin on around here :grin i guess we’ll keep tryn,anyone else hvn problems ttc after the paragard removal???

  294. Well no luck last month, had my mc last week 🙁 so I guess we are going too try again… doing the robitussin again since I hear it works. Maybe this is the month! Wish me luck, and good luck to the others trying! 🙂

  295. Well I had My IUD Removed on the 28th of June, My period is a day late. We took one of the early pregnancy test just 4days ago, you know one of the ones that is suppose to detect early pregnancy. It was negitive. My period never came and its very very very regular. Like 28 days to the T. But, its late, and I got a second negitive today. Now neither test I took in the morning, but I didnt with my other two children either. I felt so silly taking one early, now feel even sillier taking one now and it still being negitive. Did anyone have a late period after they had their IUD removed? It was the Copper IUD…

  296. Ali_Alley
    Its so frustrating but I’m pretty sure most of us on here would agree that your period is irregular after the IUD, especially right after getting it removed. I’ve read some on here that went months after removal without one. Mine wasnt on time either but they say thats normal after having it in. i had it for a few days..then it stopped just to start again for a day then stop and it did that for the month. hopefully it comes soon 🙂

  297. Wow, See that blows me away, being when I had it removed my doctor warned about pregnancy, and told me that My periods should be normal. But you know the tests only go so far. But oh well I will keep waiting. Hopefully it wont be too long. Im gonna go to my doctor in another month if it still hasnt happened and be like uh whats going on. But other than that I guess its all about waiting. Right? Life.. full of waiting….. I also decided to go back and read some of the older responses. Someone complaining about us wanting all to get pregnant right away. They must not understand. I thought about it and fully understand why all/if not most of us want to get pregnant away. I think we waited till we were 110% ready to have a baby. Now that we are at 110%, we are eager. Its like saying, okay dinners done, but how long is it gonna take to cool? You havent eaten all day and are starving, would you want it to hurry up and cool, or wait 45 minuets?… I think the situation is similar. We are eager, and yes we can wait, but we dont want to. But I guess there is always gonna be the few who just dont get it.

  298. Well I started my MC. So, Atleast now I know for sure. But there is always this month. So we are gonna try again, I hope we get lucky!! Best of luck to all of you guys also.

  299. hi guys im a newbee, just to shed sum lite on ur situation, i had the coil for 3 years,, had it out on 20th june 2010, had my period on the 24th ov june 2010 then yesterday 21st july was due my period,, did a home pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE :grin ,,,,,, im so happy coz i thort it wud take ages as i read loads of thing on how people struggle wen they have the idu out,,, i hope u all get ur positives soon,, loads ov luv baby bump 🙂 xxxx

  300. i also took 6 pregnancy test as the say it detected pregnancy 6 days b4 missed period,, did one everyday all negative.. then the day my period was due,, got a positve. so just dont test b4 ur period,, i no its the hardest thing 2 do,, but it is a waste ov money,, try and hold out good luck 2 u all xxxx baby bump xxxx

  301. Hi everyone, i’m new to the site. Ive been using the Copper IUD since january of this year. Last month i had my period on the 17th of june and the i spotted a few days later for like 3 days. now im late. I’ve taken 3 pregnancies test. n all have come out negative..but im having some symptoms…I have never missed a period in all these years that ive been on different methods of contraceptive.. I dont know how long to wait to get another test..

  302. I had my IUD in for about 2 and 1/2 yrs and had it removed on July 8, and my MC started on July 11th and was pretty normal (did not have one with my IUD in) I am not 2 days late. I am curious if I could possibly be expecting this soon??? Trying not to get my hopes up!! :roll

  303. Stephie,
    What kind of IUD you had before? Copper or Hormonal IUD (Mirena)? Each woman’s body is different…some expect soon after the removal, some waited much longer to conceive like me. It’s been one year now since I removed my Mirena and still no luck! Had appointment with my OB-Gyne and all ok. He said, maybe I am not ovulating so bought this ovulations test to see if I am ovulating or not. Will start the test on the 12th…hope + the result. Still wishing goodluck to all the women here still trying…. :roll

  304. Spatzi, did the obgyn do any test on u to determine u were not ovulating?(blood etc.) or was it a wild guess?

    My story is, I too just had my mirena taken out in April. A week later I had my MC (4/23-4/28) then in May I had no MC but June 5th-10th I had a normal mC. That was the last time I had my MC,it’s almost halfway in August and no MC. Is this normal?

  305. Thanks for the info!! I did have the Mirena in and still no MC, i did end up taking a test but it came back negative. I guess i’ll just have to be patient. :grin

  306. Mol10,
    My OB-Gyne did not do the ovulations test since I will fly already in the next 3 days. I was there in my home country only for summer holiday and they just opened the clinic (they also had holiday) on the day of my appoinment so there was no chance that he could do it. He said if he will check it (if I’m ovulating or not), I must stay there at least a month or two to follow up each step which I can’t do since I am working abroad. That’s why he suggested that I buy first this ovulations test to see if I’m ovulating or not then search a good OB-Gyne here where I worked!

    In your case, never heard a missed period after IUD. Most women like me had MC every month but very very light. 1-2 days (pantyliners are actually enough) very very light. I asked this to my OB if it’s normal and he said “yes” as long as it is coming every month. Better talk to your Dr too and let’s see what he will say. Goodluck!!! 8)

  307. I had the mirena IUD from June of 2007, and had it taken out March 2010. My period started the next day. It was normal. In April, no period. In May a period and also in June and July. My cycles I have noticed are about 30 days long, but normal. My last period started July 8th. I was due for one August 7th. I have taken 3 preg. test about 3 days before said period was suppose to come, and they all came out neg. I have some of the preg symptoms but not all. I’ve recently become tired more than usual, and a bit moody. I also have some headaches and I’ve been dizzy twice. My breasts have not become tender. I will be taking a preg test today. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that is confused. :sigh

  308. Hi,
    I am new to the site, I have been doing some research to see about how long most ppl wait after removing mirena iud to get pregnant. I am getting mine removed on the 25th so that we can ttc our second. I don’t know how long it will take this time but i hope not long. It took us 9 months to conceive our son after coming off bc pills. I enjoyed reading all the diff. posts hope everybody wanting to conceive gets there quickly….waiting is terrible.

  309. hi i am new to this i am getting my coil removed on monday had it fitted for 3years now i have a 3yr old daughter she 4 in feb and wanting to try for another baby now and i am worried i am going to be in pain ??? and just wanting to knw if it is easy to conceive after and dont really knw when i ovualate as my periods are only every 3months does this change quicker after i have had my coil removed????? ty xxxx

  310. Well I’m new to the site and I love hearing stories about this, I was so worried about how long it was gonna take to get a baby, so here is some hope for everyone. I got my mirena iud out July 2 2010 and had my mc July 20th well today is august 20 and I’ve took 4 positive pregnacy test, I can’t beleive it happen this fast and I’m so excited it didn’t even take 2 months, so hang in there and have faith.

  311. Well I’m new to the site and I love hearing stories about this, I was so worried about how long it was gonna take to get a baby, so here is some hope for everyone. I got my mirena iud out July 2 2010 and had my mc July 20th well today is august 20 and I’ve took 4 positive pregnacy test, I can’t beleive it happen this fast and I’m so excited it didn’t even take 2 months, so hang in there and have faith.

  312. Armorgan1986,
    Hey, congrats! Can’t believe you conceive that fast! This kind of story inspire us women who’s still waiting up to now….baby dust to all of us here still trying… :roll

  313. Okay Ya’ll as you know I was a negitive last month. But guess what. IM PREGNANT!!!.. I concieved this month, and had 2 positive tests. Exciting isnt it? So have faith. I didnt concieve the month I had mine out. but I did the next month so keep up hope!!

  314. Ali_alley,
    Wow, congrats! Nice to hear that you are pregnant already. No more waiting game, so lucky! Wish us luck too! 🙂

  315. hi can some1 help me i dont knw wot to do i have rung my clinic up today to get my coil removed but they sed if i av ad sex within the week i can get infection is this true xx

  316. Sineadjane,
    Maybe your clinic meant not an infection but it’s possible you could be pregnant as soon as the coil is removed. This is the reason why he said if you had sex within the week, the sperm is still alive inside of you and when the coil is removed, you could be pregnant. Better talk to your OB again… 🙂

  317. Thanks for the congrats, hang in there and baby dust to everyone. I’m so excited I go for an ultrasound in 2 weeks, don’t ask me why but I have been feeling and dreaming there’s 2, I hope not but if it happens I’ll will truly be blessed. My husband and I have a 3 year old little girl that is so excited, but still don’t understand lol she thinks we bought her a little bro or Sis. Just remember after your mc do it every other day for about two weeks and just relax and don’t stress about. It will happen when the time is right, and just to let u guys know the day my iud was removed my doc told me to start trying and that I didn’t have to wait a cycle or two. She’s been working with IUDs for over 20 years. So good luck and baby dust to all!!!! :grin

  318. Its been awhile since i updated! I have really enjoyed reading about all u guys that are pregnant! Congrats! Unfortunately thats not the case for me :cry I had my iud taken out on march 23rd and i have had a normal period every month since then, still no baby. Weve been having sex everynight and even went back to the dr to talk to her about any other things we should try. Her number one suggestion was not to stress about it and just let it happen. so ladies as hard as it is, don’t stress! I should start again on september 1st, but were really hoping this is our month and I don’t!! Good luck to everyone else out there trying! It will happen for us soon! 🙂

  319. Okay another update! When i went pee a few minutes ago and wiped i was spotting. but im a still a week away from my period. so i googled what the spotting could mean, and it says that it could be caused by implantation of the egg into my uterine lining. so now im really excited, but i don’t want to get to excited. has anyone else ever had implantation spotting? im going to take a hpt in the am! wish me luck! 🙂

  320. Hello all. I am new to this site.
    I would like to share my story. I am 38 and I have three children and one grandaughter. I have been married to my fourth husband for a year now. He is 30, never been married never had kids. We have decided to try to have a baby. I got my IUD 5 years ago and its time to come out. I have had complications with my IUD but was afraid of getting pregneant if I had it removed so I just learned to deal with. The IUD made me gain weight, become moody and all that stuff. But today at 2:45 I am ridding my body of this “thing”. I am nervous about becoming pregneant at my age, but I want so much to give my husband a child.

  321. Spatzi
    Thank you for the congrats. I am glad to have the waiting game over, I only did it for the month I had it taken out, but its hard on you mentally and emotionally. So I think you are a very strong woman to be holding faith still, because I was losing faith after just one try, and getting nothing. I admire you for that. I know Im not that strong.

    I was not told about infections when I had my IUD out, I was only warned about pregnancy. Which really wasnt a warning to me because I wanted to get pregnant. I dont know why sperm would cause an infection, its something natural and should be clean unless the person your with has a dirty penis (not saying thats the case, but using it as an example) , but even then the outside of the penis is dirty, not the sperm. But Im not a doctor so who knows.

    I never had spotting with any of my pregnancies, not from my two boys, or this one. But everyones body is different, so good luck!

    You are very brave. To be so terrified and be so selfless to be willing to give to your husband. We all know the risks go up when you have your babies a little bit older (Not that I think 38 is old, but according to most text books, or atleast the baby books Ive read, it raises the risk a little….), Im not saying that you shouldnt take the risks, because more often than not everything is fine. I know I wouldnt be one to try to take those risks, but then again Im not a risk taker. Your situation is a wonderful situation, and it shows how good of a person you are to give a baby to someone who hasnt had one. Most women I would think probably wouldnt. So thats amazing!

  322. hey ladies, Im bk! its been 2 months n still no baby yet! Im starting to think my IUD did something to me seeing as though before it my hubby n I couldnt even call each others name w/o me becoming pregnant 😉 which now has me worrying and I read somewhere that the P/G IUD can cause infertility hv u guys heard/read anything about this?

    mizzamberjoy how much and often do u supposed to take the Robitussin?

  323. Hi everyone. I just wanted to keep record of my journey. I had my IUD removed on the 8th of September 2010. My husband and I are wanting to have a third child. We have two beautiful little girls and we want to become pregnant with a third before our baby is three. She will be three in June, I hope this process goes quickly. Both of my first two pregnancies happened very quickly, even though my doctors told me it would be close to impossible to become pregnant due to a tipped uterus and poly cystic ovarian syndrome. Yet I become pregnant without real attempt with both of them. I hope it goes as quickly and smoothly with this attempt,….and we would like a boy.

  324. Hello everyone
    I am excited for those that are pregnant and wish all the best for those still trying. I had the Paraguard Iud removed on Sept 10th. I had it for 3 1/2 years. I had it removed to try again. Mine had to be removed by hysteroscopy because the strings were too short and coiled up. I had spotting the day of removal and the day after. I am just awaiting the positive test. I look forward to yours and my positive stories.

  325. gud day ppl! today I am due my MC and so far nothing yet :grin ! I hv been extremley tired, running to the bathroom and my breast are sore keep ya fingers crossed for me! I dnt wanna take a HPT jus yet Im tryna see just wats gonna happen just dont wanna jinx it ya know,but I will keep ya post it as of now we are on countdown t-minus 1 day late :grin

  326. ok ladies Im offically five days late decided to take a test and it said PREGNANT!! yayaya :grin :grin my husband and I are estatic my waiting game is finally over!!! babydust & best of luck to all the rest of u still trying n waiting.I will keep u updated on my journey thru pregnancy 🙂

  327. Hi I am new to this site. I had the Merena for 3 years and decided to remove it to try for a 3rd baby. I had it removed on January 13th of this year. I am 25 years old and my husband and I are very active in the sex area. My periods have been very normal they were about 27 to 28 days apart, but the last few months they have been 32 days apart. Well My last period was August 29th and the my period before that was July 28th. Well now its Sept 22 and I started bleeding and having period symptoms but Im a week and a half early. I dont know what to think. Im getting really worried because I feel that I should have been prego by now. I know that people talk about implantation bleeding but this seems like a real period to me. I think something may be wrong. Please give me some input. :cry

  328. Wow I am happy to hear of all the success stories, and wish baby dust on all that has not happened yet. I had my copper IUD taken out in February 2010 and now its Sept going on Oct and no luck I got pregnant with my first two children in no time. I don’t understand it, my husband and I want our last child. When i was getting it removed it was embedded into my uterus and they had to remove it another way because they could not find the string. I don’t know if that could have an effect the OB-GYN said everything is fine, I am so worried and confused anyone have advice. PLEASE HELP.

  329. Hotspot234,
    It could have some effect when the IUD is embedded into the uterus. Since the the string was not found, it should be removed another way so we don’t know if the IUD has slide thru your uterus and damaged it. On this case, getting pregnant is very very low or nearly impossible. Pls. check with your OB-Gyne again if there is any damage.

    Wow! Congrats, your waiting game is over. So lucky!
    Still playing my waiting game after 12 months…still no luck! I am not ovulating (according to the ovulations test) so will go to OB-Gyne to see how it goes……still wishing goodluck to all the women here still trying! :sigh

  330. Hello all! I’m new! I’m 26 and I’ve had my IUD for 2 1/2 yrs now. I’m scheduled to have it removed in mid December. Wish me luck on getting preggo! I’ll wish all of you the best also! :grin

  331. hi all
    well im 28 and already have 3 beautiful healthy children 10, 9 and 7. After the birth of my last child who is now 7 i got the iud fitted to avoid any more babies as i always used to get pregnant very easy, must have taken after my mother who has 9 children lool. After having the coil in for 5 years i decicded to have it removed, which was quite painless only a little cramp whilst it was coming out. i never bleed after but i think that was due to the fact that i just had period before i got it out, well i think thats why lol.

    it has now been 2 weeks since i had my coil out and me and my partner have been at it like rabbits lol, my period is due 2morrow 5/10/2010 and i dont want it to come. i have taken 2 test already the ones u dip into your urine but they were both negative to my disapointment. today 4/10/2010 i noticed some light bleeding but only when i wipe, im going to do another test 2morrow so wish me luck, im just hoping that this light bleeding is not my period. im so anxious as i really want another baby and was hoping it would not take me that long to concieve. i have been getting a little cramp today but nothing major like i usaully get when im coming on my period, but this could just be because i no longer have the coil who knows. wish me luck and i will keep u all updated 😕 😕

  332. Hi I’m a new addition to the club!
    So happy to have found this…I can vent now !(since we are not sharing our plans on expansion..just yet)We have two beatiful, happy, healthy girls Sarah(9) and Abigail(4). We always kind of knew we wanted 3 maybe 4 children, but dealing with life, a small 2 br apt in NYC, and rising careers we have push it further and further. When I see my girls so big and independent I regret waiting 4 1/2 years. After alot of thingking we have decided that now is the time…(like the Toyota But have to admit that having an IUD in place since 6 weeks after Abby’s birth…thinking about removal (this coming Wed @ 345)has shaken me up. I know I want another child but i’m nervous about making the right decision…one minute I’m super excited, the next I’m doubful…I want to be happy and excited 100% of the time, I feel so guilty about feeling unsure…my husband reassures me by telling me is normal to feel like that when taking an important decision …but can’t help to feel doubtful…is it norm to feel this way or should I wait?? 😕

  333. I’m new! So glad I found this site and see that i’m not the only one having worries here. I have the Paraguard. I have had it now for about 3 1/2 years. I have 2 children-Single mom. My IUD has worked great for me. It did make my periods a bit heavier and longer though but I didn’t want to have any more children until I got married so it’s been worth it. I can say I have been blessed with that person now. My worry is once I get it out that I’ll be able to get pregnant soon after. He wants a child. I always wonder if I should take it out like a year before we want to concieve and just use condoms? I don’t want any problems trying to get pregnant. but I don’t want to get pregnant too soon either lol. Ugh, I don’t know. Please give me your feedback.

  334. @QueenBee The paragard iud has no hormones so technically as soon as you take it out to can conceive. Now the question how [U]your[/U] will respond to it. We each have different things. I usually can get pregnant if I just say the word. Now I had my IUD removed on Sep 10th and I’m waiting. Some get pregnant right away and some don’t. It depends on the body. I would say take it out only when you are sure you are ready to start trying. If you have no other complications and it isn’t embedded you should be fine.

  335. Hi Guys ….
    Update ….I conquered my fears and went ahead and removed the ParaGuard on Wed …I felt so free, happy and super excited. Even though I felt doubtful I understood it was normal to feel this way! Now the “waiting game” starts , hoping and praying that it would be short, but if not it would be worth the wait….. ;)Wish all of you who have decided to go ahead and add a new member to you fam the best of luck and pray that it happens soon!! 🙂

  336. Well off to another month of trying for me since my period started today. @baby#3 Congrats on taking the leap to remove it. I wish everyone the best.

  337. ok, Im new to the site, and am anxiously waiting for a BFP!!!! I got my Mirena Iud removed on Sept 10, with my period due in two days on the 12th, feeling pregnant. Ive taken 4 hpt because my doctor told me to take one a week because of not having a regular period…I dont know what to do. Tender breasts, constant damp feeling “down there” and NO signs at all that my period will be here in two days….normally I have HORRIBLE pms the entire week before my period…..AM I PREGNANT? It’s only been a month so I hate to get so excited, but my husband and I just got married in May and I would love to give him one of his “own” (I have two boys from a previous relationship). HELP CALM MY NERVES PLEAAAASSSEEE!!!! 😕

  338. @mommy of 2 boys….It can happen that fast! It can also be your body trying to adapt to being without the iud. It took me 6 preagnancy tests and a long a 8 week wait to get a positive result. Wish you luck and please keep us posted!
    UPDATE…….So I removed My IUD 10/06 and now I’m experiencing discomfort almost pain while intercourse, wondering if anyone has experience this?? I’m considering to wait a month before trying since I’ve read about miscarriges due to irritated uterus! not sure what is going on? can anyone share if they’ve experienced this?? 😕 thanks

  339. Hi everyone i am new to the communty and i just want to see if i can get ay feedback to what seems to be a drawback lately. I had my iud put in in April of 07 and just this year my husbandand i decided that we were ready to try for a boy, we already have two girls 8 and 3, anyway i hadmy iud removed 8/27/10 and we have bn actively tying ever since. three hpt later and im still not getting a || or a +. Its starting to make me crazy. How long before i can be happy and pregnant again? :sigh

  340. Hello I am new to the site. I got my IUD out beg of this month. My last period was Sept 30th. I am always regular at 28 day cycles. I should of ovulated this week and we have been doing it all week! Wish me luck, and I will keep you all posted on how it goes. This would be number 4 for me. 2 girls, and a boy currently!

  341. Hi Ladies..
    Im new to this site. My husband and i decided we are ready to conceive so on the 13th went to my doctor and got my IUD removed. Got my period today which i thought would took longer to see. But happy to see her cause that means im going to ovulate soon!! Wanted to know if i still had to wait the three cycles like the Dr. said? And does it really take a year to get a positive test after an IUD?

  342. @tryin4#3…Welcome!! Could not help to notice that our Girls are have same age gap, 5 years…I removed the IUD this month and should be ovulating today…we’ll be trying! wish all the luck in TTC ur boy! keep us posted! 🙂

  343. Im new to this site but I just got married 10-10-10 and me and my husband are going to try for our 3rd child we had no problem the first two times but I have had the marina in for 4 years and get it removed nov 17 and im scared of how long it will take to get preg. im 30 years old and the longer it take the grater the risk could any one tell me how long it took you 😕

  344. Baby # 3 thanku for responding. I think that the 5 year age gap for my girls is perfect lol. Now on to other news,….. i started my perio today and that meand no baby yet :cry , but that does mean that i get to keep on tying and everymonth from here on out a hpt will be a surprise. BTW congrats to jwillis for hittin the trifecta (10/10/10) :grin

  345. I had my mirena iud taken out on Oct 4 and started my period on October 6 which lasted 7 days. I was supposed to ovulate today and have been having intercourse all week and got up this morning with my period again! Are we supposed to wait a certain amount of time to try??? :cry

  346. Hello ladies it’s been awhile since I gave an update, I am now 14 weeks pregnant and couldn’t be any happier and for those who don’t have faith I am one of the girls that got pregnant the first month I got my mirena iud out. So have hope and just enjoy yourself. I am so excite because in 4 weeks I get to found out if it’s a boy or girl!!! Anyway I will keep ya updated and baby dust to all!!!!!!

  347. Hey ladies! I’m new to this site. I’m 23 and I have a 3 year old son and he is amazing! But now I want to try for another one (a girl would be great!) Anyway, I’ve had the paragard (copper IUD) for a little over 2 years and have had many complications. Severe cramps, mood swings, heavy bleeding (especially in the beginning) but it served its purpose and for that I am grateful. I removed my IUD on Oct 22 and bled after for a day or so. I was supposed to come on my period yesterday. Have never missed a period EVER except when I became pregnant with my son. I know the exact day I’m supposed to come on because I get tender breast and minor cramping and I usually come on the next day after. I hear you can get pregnant almost immediately after removal so I’m not sure if that’s why no period or maybe it’s normal to not have one directly after removal, especially since it was so close by. I’m really excited about possible being pregnant though, but I am also a little scared because what if I am unable to conceive!!?? :eek
    I’ll keep you all posted. If I don’t come on my period today, I’m going to get a hpt. Wish me luck!

  348. I got my Mirena IUD removed today after having it for 4 years.(we had thought we were prego 1 + and 1- test) Was wondering how long does it normally take to have a period? I have a 6 year old and think its time for another…

  349. Hi ladies. I was captivated by the discussions on here and feel obligated to share my story. I believe I may have the record – check this out. I had a copper IUD inserted in 2000 (the 10-year one) and had it removed in January of 2010. THEN HAD ANOTHER ONE PUT IN. So, I’m closing in on 11 years total with an IUD because I never wanted to have a baby. I just turned 35 and I guess my biological clock is ticking because now my husband and I want a baby. The IUD is coming out Dec 6th and we plan to try right away. Now, if I can get pregnant I think I can help shed a lot of doubts and provide a lot of hope for the rest of you 🙂 wish me luck!!!!

  350. Love these stories, they are really inspiring!!! Just got my IUD taken out 10/14 at the end of my period, don’t know if I will get pregnant right away but I guess we will see won’t we? I don’t see any reason as to why I shouldn’t, it’s been about 2 1/2 weeks since it was taken out and we have been at it everyday, whether the ovulation test showed two lines or one. In a couple of days I’m due for my period and I’m excited to see the if I will get it or not…

  351. Also while I am thinking about it, what are some of you ladies’ experiences with early testing and blood testing? Have any of you tested negative on hpts and gone in and had your blood tested to find that you are indeed pregnant? From what I’ve been reading online they can detect pregnancy after 6-12 days from conception…

  352. Hi everyone, im new and just wondering if anyone else has had the same experince as me. I got my iud removed on Oct 6th in mid period, I still had a period every month on time with it in. My husband and I are ttc and did everything while I was ovulating. I was suppose to start on Nov 1st and still nothing but having neg hpt. Really wanting to have another baby, just not sure whats going on.

  353. so i dont know if im playing tricks on my own mind or what but im confused and excited all in one lol…I got my IUD removed Oct 14 and i never got any periods while on the mirena. I had lite spotting oct 15,16,17 only when i went to the bathroom. my breast are sore and my husband and i are ttc and having fun but i want to know whats going on inside me and today 11-3-10 am and lightly bleeding again but only small small amounts pretty much only when i go to the bathroom. should i count this as a period or what. prior to getting mirena my periods came the 1st week of every month then had disappeared after insertion but i did get pms signs but now im confused how early is early for a positive result and why havent i gotten a period or should i count this as a period, i just wanta be prego…and wanting something so bad seems like it takes forever lol thanks!! :grin

  354. Hi Ladies,
    I have an update…. so I removed my IUD removed 10/6/10 right after my period. I was ovulating 14-16, ttc on the 16th, only one day due to hectic and different schedules. on the 20th experienced strong cramping. Since then been feeling very tire, and experiencing imsomnia. Took a pregnancy test on 10/ 22
    but got a neg result :cry …I was shocked to see no period on 10/29, I was tempted to test again but managed to wait till yesterday, after work to test and get my POS !! 🙂 We had hoped for a quick journey but were shocked to see that postive the first month TTC!! Ladies this is a miracle since we only tried on that last day of ovulation, it can happen just have faith, baby dust to all!!

  355. hello ladies,
    first time i come into this site. I have had the marina for 6 months now and i have not liked it since the first day i got it inserted. I was bleeding non stop for the first 3 months. bleeding has now stopped just regular periods. problems dnt stop there tho, i have been having sharp overian pain and pain and bleeding after intercourse with my husband. We have been having many arguements about the iud removal. he does not want me to have it due to so much bleeding and pain. our sex life is bitter sweet 🙁 sad to say…so im am 26 and have a 6 yr old boy from my first marriage. and he has 3 children from his first marriage 14, 11 and 8…so we have decided to try and get pregnant so im scheduled to have the iud removed on nov. 12 at 8am. im nerviouse about this….. even tho im excited to get it removed and get pregnant im also scared…i also have pcos…polycystic overy syndrom so it makes it harder for me to get pregnant…i so want to get pregnant as i think im ready to be a mom again….there are so many things that run through my head i get excited nervouse scared i just dnt knw… so glad i found this site as i see there are many of us in the same situation…..

  356. I’ve had my IUD (ParaGard) for a total of about four years. I got mines in Oct 2006. My husband and I have two children (girls), my youngest being four. We decided that we wanted a boy and to try once more. I had my IUD removed August 27, 2010. Once I removed it, I didn’t see my cycle again… main reason… is b/c i was pregno again!!! So yes ladies you can get pregnant right after. I took some home test twice and both times it was positive. But then my cycle started like normal with very bad cramps to the point I couldn’t walk with out buckling over for about 2-3 days straight. I then went the Dr and tested negative. Turns out I was in the mist of having a miscarriage at almost eight weeks. I was told that my hormone numbers weren’t high enough. And not to try again until January of 2011. Well, here it is Nov 2010 and I am missing my cycle again. My husband I are a little worried. This wasn’t purposely done, but it wasn’t prevented either. So we pray that everything goes well this time IF I am pregnant. But I will keep you ladies posted on what else happens from here. I haven’t met/heard anyone with my story. My nurse actually told me that she was trying to get pregnant for the second time for the last 8-10 months, but I am unsure of what IUD she used… vs me, I got pregnant right away (maybe twice) but lost the first one. Pray for us…

  357. so i did start my period yesterday post IUD removal 10-14-10. I guess its for the best so my body can go through a regular cycle then try for our baby girl…but my doctor did give me a sex calendar for those who would like a girl i will share…to have a girl per my ob/gyn…you are suppose to count day 1 when you first start bleeding by day9 you are to douche with vinegar douche no sex day 10, day 11, then you are to have sex days 12,13,14,15,16 and he said by end of the month you can test for a positive test and you guys should have a girl….i actually researched the chinese lunar gender calendar also and i am suppose to concieve a girl also from that too plus my doctor is chinese so im hoping they are both right lol good luck everyone i will keep you updated!!!

  358. Hey Ladies, I had my IUD taking out on Nov1 and I already got my period on the 3rd :upset . I had the IUD for about 2 and a half years and my husband and I want to try to have another child. The doctor told me that I can get PG the same night that I had it taking out. 🙂 but I guess I had missed my ovulation day… My period had been very irregular for the past 3 months on the IUD, I Had been getting it 1-2 weeks early . I really want to get pg right away. so, now I am guessing i have to wait at least 14 days in tell i ovulate again. I will keep y’all posted…. 😕

  359. I just had my mirena iud removed October 19 and my period started on the 21…it was very heavy and lasted for 10 days. my husband and i started trying after the bleeding stopped. i’m really hoping to get pregnant this cycle. i’ll keep everyone updated. good luck to all :grin


  361. Hey everyone, remember me? well anyway i had my iud removed 8/27/10 and my husband and i have bn actively tying ever since. Ive bn doing the hpt and im still not getting a || or a +. I have had a normal period in Spet and then i had an extremely heavy one in october. It was bad i ended up taking that week off from wrk to stay home. So my husband and i ar back at it like 2 rabbits lol wish us luck. :grin (i must admit ttc is always fun)

  362. update…so this is day 6 for me i will be testing with an ovulation kit starting tomorrow to try to pin point my fertile times wish me luck!!!!

  363. update…so this is day 6 for me i will be testing with an ovulation kit starting tomorrow to try to pin point my fertile times wish me luck!!!!

  364. so i had my iud removed this morning. my doc. perscribed me folic acid to start taking so if or when i do get pregnant. so my husband and i will start trying in a few days. wish us best of luck….will keep all yall posted…… :grin

  365. Hello again everyone
    Just an update for you guys. I had the Paraguard Iud removed on Sept 10th. I had it for 3 1/2 years. It had to be removed by hysteroscopy because the strings were too short and coiled up. I took a test in October that was negative. Then she reared her ugly head. So my breasts have been sore lately. I was supposed to start my period today.(I’m pretty regular) It did not come. I decided to take a test and well… it the positive line popped up! I’m going to take a few more tests just to be sure. I will update you when I have my appointment on the 9th of December.(Prescheduled the day of my IUD removal. I guess my doctor believes in me. He so rocks!) Well I will update you again later. I wish all those still waiting the best.

  366. Oh I forgot that I don’t feel pregnant. Other than my sore breasts and a bit of frequent urination, nothing else is happening. Not a bad thing. I don’t miss the sickness at all. Just feels strange not to feel like I’m pregnant as crazy as that sounds. Makes me a bit nervous. Oh well I guess I better wait until my appointment.

  367. Thanks! No I didn’t use the ovulation kit. I never got a chance to order it because I got sick, my husband got sick, and my kids got sick. I didn’t think that it would happen since we were sick and not very active. I did use an ovulation calendar which can work for me because I am pretty regular. It has all of my cycle information inputed for six months to a year. It gave me a pretty good range to look at.

  368. **update**

    ok, so my last AF was 10-21-10, i had my iud removed 10-19-10. i tested BFN :sigh 11-11-10 and 11-14-10 (all FMU) i tested again this morning and i got a very faint line…could be positive or evap line, i’m not sure 😕 . i think it looks more like a positive. i used the same test all 3 times and todays test is the only one with a visible line, which came up in about 2 mins. my AF is due on the 17th. i have another test that i’ll take either tomorrow or Wednesday.

    i’ll repost with an update after i take the test.

  369. **update**

    ok, so my last AF was 10-21-10, i had my iud removed 10-19-10. i tested BFN :sigh 11-11-10 and 11-14-10 (all FMU) i tested again this morning and i got a very faint line…could be positive or evap line, i’m not sure 😕 . i think it looks more like a positive. i used the same test all 3 times and todays test is the only one with a visible line, which came up in about 2 mins. my AF is due on the 17th. i have another test that i’ll take either tomorrow or Wednesday.

    i’ll repost with an update after i take the test.

  370. well i had my iud removed 11/12/2010 started bleeding on 11/14/10 so i dont know if i should take that as my period. as i started my period on 10/28/10 and ended 11/03/2010. i dont know what to think im so confused 😕 😕 😕

  371. Hi everyone i just wanna give you guys an update on my situation. So as i sai before i had my iud removed the end of august and started ttc right away. Since then i have had a period every month without fail.One thng i have noticed is that i cant really depend on when its comin yet. Another thing that i did notice is that each time i have had a period it has gotten shorter. First priod was 9 days second one was 5 days and theis one was only 3 days and very light. Meanwhile i have taken 2 more hpt and they have both been -. So im am looking forward to this month and december to be the lucky for me. Wish me luck ladies. btw congrats dafodill make sure u keep us all posted

  372. ***update***

    ok, so i couldn’t wait and i took the other test today…it the same as yesterdays 😕 ….still an extremely faint line (popping up within the 2-3 min. window). shouldn’t it have been darker? does that mean it’s just a weird evap line? i think i’m going to try another brand of test and see if i get the same results. will update again soon.

  373. i think you should get a digital test!! but good luck or you can just wait a couple more days before testing again!! i used a digital ovulation kit cause i was tired of trying to read lines i wasnt too sure of!! 😡

  374. *Update* I took another test on Sunday and received the same positive results. I can’t wait until my appointment. The 9th is so far away.

    Thank you tryin4#3. I will definitely keep everyone posted. Your body is probably trying to regulate after having the IUD in. My body went through all kinds of pains leading up to the ovulation period the month after having my IUD removed. (Normally I have no pain at any time.) The next month my cycle was two days heavy and two very light days and I still became pregnant. I think that it takes time for your uterus to build its lining back up. I wish you the best for December.

    @babygirlhopeful Congrats on the positive ovulation test. I hope that it works out for you.

    @ttc#3 My test was similar to yours with the lighter positive line. I think that it has to do with testing sooner and the amount of hcg that you have. I would say wait a week(if you can) and test again. From your dates it looks like you tested early.

    I wish everyone the best in baby making 🙂

  375. Hi everyone. I’m 29, and I had the paragard iud removed in March (had it in for 2 1/2 years). My cycle has been regular ever since (about 31 days)…it basically just went back to how it was before the iud. We’ve tried EVERYTHING…mucinex, laying still for 30 mins after, using a pillow to tilt the pelvis, etc. I’ve taken ovulation tests, and it says I’m ovulating. But, still nothing after 9 months of trying. We’re not telling any of our friends or family that we’re trying, so there’s no one to really vent my frustrations to. It’s hard because we’re the last of our friends to have kids, and all of our friends got pregnant really quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  376. thanks!! so me and my husband suited up my uterus so now i have to wait for a period or wait for a positive test LMAO!!! good luck to everyone and cross your fingers for me!!!! :p

  377. Ok Ladies….I had my Mirena removed January 15th, and have been trying everscince. Was due for my period Nov/ 13 and still wasnt here, took a HPT and it was postitive !!!! :grin :grin . It finally happend. Good luck girls….it WILL happen

  378. So I had my IUD removed on October 18th 2010 and have yet to have a period. My husband and I are trying for baby number 2. I have heard it both ways that you can get pregnant right after IUD removal and you have to have a period first… Do I have to have a period first? I have very mild pregnancy symptoms but nothing super drastic. Just mildly tender breast with some veins showing, this may be TMI but I have more than usual discharge, some nauseia (SP). Im just wondering if its possible to get pregnant with out having a period right after an IUD removal?

  379. Well its been awhile since I posted and I just wanted to update. I am pregnant, alittle over 6 weeks. I had my IUD removed 10/6/10. So far everything is going good. Go to the doctor on Monday and will hopefully get a sonogram.

  380. ok will i had my maria removed on oct-15-2010 n i just had my 1st period so how long dose it take to get pergnant bc me n my hubby want 1 more kid n thats all but yea we want other 1 and we are trying to figer out if since i had my maria in only for 8months n had it removed n had my 1st period can i get pergant right away 😕

  381. ***UPDATE***

    So I had my IUD taken out on Oct 22. Had light bleeding for a day and a half. Got a regular period shortly after. Have been having sex like non stop since lol and last night my stomach started to feel weird. I know my body pretty well and I remember feeling like this when I was pregnant with my son. I think it might still be too early for a HPT but im gonna take one anyhow. Prolly tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!!

  382. Well quick question how long after conception do you get swelling of the breast (Areolas). Cause mine this morning are enlarge and feel actually swelled??? Havent been prego in 11yrs so i forget..Thanks!! :p

  383. 🙂 i took another test and it was a BFP!!!!!!!! So i am now 4 weeks 4 days pregnant!

    best of luck to all ***baby dust***

  384. Hi everyone.
    I am 25 years old and I had the Mirena IUD for 3 years. I had it removed on the 17th of October. I decided to wait a week before ttc (11-24). But the last two days I have been spotting. I heard you were suppose to wait till you have a monthly so i assume thats my bodies green light. Hoping for a summer girl. 8)

  385. hey summerbaby i had my iud removed oct14 and i actually didnt ovulation till nov 16-17 so my body skipped an ovulation after rmoval cause i didnt start my period till nov3. i am now waiting to see the results of ovulation here shortly will be able to test dec1 i think at the earliest… of luck to all!!!

  386. I am 6 weeks and 4 days and I am so freaking out. This is like my 5th pregnancy(I had one blighted ovum) so you would think I wouldn’t but I am. I have 16 days until I go to the doctor. Thought I would tell you guys a story that happened to me. This weekend I went to a close friends house (who didn’t know I was preggers). Their kids were sick and the husband(didn’t know until I got there). The next day my husband, my kids, and I woke up with scratchy throats. We felt sick all day. My husband was the worse with a fever working outside in the cold. I escaped the fever but had to monitor my temp every 30 minutes and drink tons of water(since the first trimester is the worst time to have a fever). My husband slept on the coach so I wouldn’t get sick although he felt terrible. We are all better now but I don’t want to go anywhere. I have a wedding to go to this weekend but I don’t want to go because I’m afraid of getting sick. I am really considering wearing a medical mask. Sad but true. What do you think?

  387. update…………….. ok so i had my iud removed nov 12 2010 and started bleeding on nov.14. it was a very heavy bleeding. i knw its tmi but i was changing a least a soaked pad every hour hour in a half. it was horrible so i finally went to go see my doctor on friday and states it is normal for the heavy bleeding due to my hormones going crazy. so i got perscribe birth control pills to help the bleeding. it has now stopped but i have to take the pills til the end. so i wont be ttc any time soon :cry :cry :cry …so i will keep all you updated

  388. Hey everyone!! New to the group!! I am getting my Mirena out on the 16th of December and I’m so excited!! This will be baby #4 for us if it happens. I’m a little worried it’s not going to happen, I have heard so many women say it’s taken 5months to 2 years to get pregnant after the removal!! Any insight would be appreciated!! I want another baby so bad, before my husband starts Med School and any tips or suggestions on how to speed up the process would be awesome!! 🙂

  389. so this morning i had a run of nausea but now has subsided thank god cant wait to test and last night my breast had big blue veins running thur them now….what you think????

  390. Don’t worry LMM2010 quite a few women on this site get pregnant within a couple months. A woman’s chances of getting pregnant within 12 months of having Mirena removed are approximately 80%. Just think Positive. :grin

  391. -back after quite sometime ladies-
    Well, still no luck after 15 months of Mirena IUD removal (had it 10yrs 2×5 yrs)…guess I am the longest one here who had it for such a long time! Hope that the hormones are all flushed out from my body and uterus lining back to normal. Happy to read all the ladies who conceived! Congrats! Still hoping for my 2nd baby…wish me luck too!

    Yeah, you’re right…if it’s meant to be, it will happen! Goodluck to you too!

  392. well im now getting too excited for the 3rd of dec because that was my last start date of my last period and hopefully it doesnt come!!! probably too early to test hoping to test the 1st of dec and hopeful i get a positive reading because that would be a great x-mas present for my hubby and son!!! :p

  393. Tomorrow will be 11DPO i think just for fun i will test with first morning urine cause im too excited even tho probably too early!! 😉



  396. I used clearblue easy ovulation kit and it pinpointed my ovulation….but i took a pregnancy test this morning 4 days before my missed period and if was negative now im bummed but does anyone think i took it too early???? :sigh

  397. Hi! Just wanted to ask if anyone else had a period after removal of their IUD and then was late(r) then normal to get their period? I got my IUD taken out 10/23 (they had to go in with a camera and numb my uterus because the strings were too short) Got my period (or maybe just bled) starting the 25-28. and still haven’t got another period…all tests say negative. I have heard of people not getting a period for a while or getting it 2 days after removal and then not having a period because they are preggo…but I seem to be in neither group. Any one else have this issue? Thanks!!

  398. Well i started my period this morning…how depressing :cry !! so this is my 2nd full cycle since my removal of my iud on oct14…going to start trying again as soon as aunt flo leaves and try not to think about it so hard even thought my mind is set on this!! Hopefully i will have good news around christmas time….!! :sigh

  399. #3 please i had my iud removed oct 14 had some spotting the next 2 days but didnt start my period until nov 3 to 6 then again today dec 1 and hopefully will not have another for a long time !!

  400. hello i had my iud removed nov12. started bleeding on the 14th and lasted for 7 days. then started bleeding again today dec1. so all this bleeding is really getting my frusterated and depressed. wish i could start ttc but all this bleeding is making it impossible. one more thing to add my husband is also getting frusterated due to all the bleeding and not injoying the pleasure of ttc. this is so gggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……….

  401. Hey Ladies! I’m new here and just have some questions if anyone could help me out. My fiance and I would like to try conceiving in 4 months, so in March 2010. I have had the Mirena in almost 4 years now, and i do not get my period with it. I do not have any children. Should I have the Mirena removed now so my period is regulated by the time we want to start trying? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks 🙂


  403. QUESTION PEOPLE……. If you have sex three days before your period is due and then have a 5 day normal period, could you have still gotten pregnant????

  404. I had my IUD removed Dec. 6th. I have not had a period yet, wonder why I haven’t? I have noticed everyone has gotten one a couple of days after. It’s driving me crazy because I want to have it so I can get my baby on the way! lol.

  405. Leslie,
    i got my iud removed 0ct 14 had some light bleeding only when i went to bathroom 2 days after then didnt start my period until nov 3. i actually didnt even ovulate in oct to my period. ovulated nov 17th and was unsuccessful and started my second cycle dec1 and now im awaiting my next ovulation…..kind of glad it didnt happen yet because i wanted my body to get back on track and hopefully this is my month!!! GOOD LUCK AND BABY DUST to everyone !! 😉 😉 😉

  406. So, how do you know you didn’t ovulate? Also, what do you think about the ovulation tests? Have you used them? I am thinking about getting a few lol. Not sure if they work or not though. 😕 🙂

  407. Good morning guys! This is the second month I gotten my period since i removed my IUD. Last month my cycle was at 26 days so I have been making sure me and my love been covering all the spaces! lol But this month my period was late and I was so happy because I thought that I might be pregnant, but I am not because I got it late last night :(. This is so depressing because I thought it took this time. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what I can do? Never used the ovulation kits because I was sure if they worked. I need a shoulder to cry on right now! :sigh

  408. Good morning Tasha, Of course I have no ideas to give because I just got mine removed, but have you asked your dr? Mine told me that if I’m not pregnant within 2 months after removal to come back and we would take a further step. I wish you all the luck in the world! I want to be prego with my 3rd soooo bad. :sigh

  409. ya i used ovulation kits and their good but i prefer the digital ones because easier to read…thats why i knew i didnt ovulate after removal..not using them this month tho just going to try to relax and do the BD alot from day 12 to 18th cause it seems if you try too hard it doesnt happen lol!! 😉

  410. UPDATE! I got my IUD removed Oct 22. Got my period Nov 10th and was supposed to get my period on Dec 8th but didn’t. Took a pregnancy yesterday and it came back inconclusive. 2 lines but one was really light. So I took another one today and it was definitely positive!! As clear as day! It is very possible to get pregnant immediately after IUD removal! I am so happy and I wish all you luck! Baby dust all around ♥



  412. ChristaBelle congrats on the news! @ babynumber5 thanks for the encouragement. Got my IUD removed Oct.19, period started the same day I got it removed. Dec 7 was my 3rd well actually 2nd period since my removal. From my ovulation calendar this month I should start ovulating on the 19th of this month.. so wish me luck and I am not giving up! Love this site, it’s making this alot easy to have woman to talk to that are going thru the same thing I am at the same time. You guys rock! :p

  413. Update: still no period. It’s been 45 days since I bled for a few days after my removal on the 23rd of October. All pregnancy tests have been negitive. I’m thinking that that wasn’t my period 2 days after removal and that I still just have to wait? I need my period or I can’t get preggo:( can anyone else relate?

  414. Today is my ovulation period 12th-16th hope my hubby aint too tired of doing the BD cause weve been BDing everyday for the pass 4 days lol…I really feel good about this time ive relaxed myself and tried to destress and not think too much into it! Good luck girls enjoy TCC…be back later to update…only thing im going to do tho is take a pregnancy test on christmas eve cause that will be 10DPO!!! Would be a nice x-mas present for my hubby to open on christmas day cause i work!!!

  415. Congrats christabelle! Hello ladies!!
    I’m katie! I’m new to this site and its such a blessing to have found it!(I love the *babydust* thing! Haha totally cute! I’m 27, I currently have a IUD (paragard). I’ve had it in for almost 5 years and I’m getting married in 4 weeks. Me and my fiance want to start trying to have our first baby as soon as we get married and from what I’m reading it takes a while After u get the IUD taken out. I’m wondering if anyone can throw me some info… Is the conception waiting period longer with mirena/paragard?

  416. MamaKatie, that was my plan as well and I still haven’t even had my period yet. I would actually remove it, lord knows I wish I would have. But that’s just my thoughts on it of course. 🙂 And Congrats christabelle!!!! Good luck Babygirlhopeful!!! Don’t let that hubby be too tired! hee hee 😉 I am still here waiting on my cycle to come. I am so impatient at this point. ugh…

  417. #3please… have you asked your dr about not having your period yet?? I sure hope something gives with mine as well. But I know my doc told me if I am not pregnant within 2 months to come back. Idk… good luck though! 🙂

  418. Thanks for your help Les! 🙂 so, how long have you had yours out if I might ask? I’m gettin a little freaked out that now I’m not going to be able to get pregnant Since I’ve had it in for so long. 5yrs out of the 12 year max..My fiance really wants a little one asap, everytime my monthly “friend” is a little late, he’s like high five! They got thru! So, I’m hoping we can concieve quickly. I’m actually calling to make an appt in the next few days..

  419. hi ladies i hope everyone is ok, im still here trying hehe, ovulation time is here lol, wish me luck. baby dust to all xx

  420. Yayy!! I made the appointment. I’m getting it taken out on the 10th of january! About a week after my wedding.. So, hopefully all goes well. ? the lady on the phone said that sometimes your body needs to “reboot” itself before your cycle becomes regular again. But, all the women in my family are fertile mertyls so hopefully *fingers-crossed* I’m the same way! Hope everyones doing great!!

  421. Hello everyone,
    There is so much going on that I can’t keep up with who had what. Congrats to the person that conceived. Good luck to those that are still trying and hoping for December to be their month. I have been absent for a bit due to extreme fatigue, morning sickness, final exams, and graduation. For the person that asked which IUD is easier to get pregnant after. I would say the paragard is easier but that is just my opinion. I say that because their is no hormones that your body has to get rid of. Everybody’s body is different so there is always different circumstances. I got pregnant the second month after removal even with having a hysteroscopy done to remove it (my strings couldn’t be found). I would get it removed the month before the wedding and hope for the best. My update is I went on the 9th and my doctor did a brief exam and all is well so far. I go back on the 23rd to find out all remaining details. I am really thankful to you guys for getting through my tough times. I am still rooting you all on to have your positive tests.

  422. Thanks daffodil! I really wanted to get the paragard out sooner but that was the earliest appt I could get. Hope all goes well with your appts and blessings to all the ladies in here hoping for positive results! *babydust* to all!! 🙂

  423. MamaKatie, I had mine for 5 years and got it removed Dec. 2nd. I am still waiting on a cycle, ugh. Good Luck and get excited girl!! 🙂 Hit it to the park babynumber5!! :grin That’s so good to know daffodil because I had to have the hysteroscopy done as well. Did you have your cycle right away???

  424. well hey girls still doing the BD either ovaluted yesterday or today so hoping for a positive but you know what decided to let god do my planning lol less stress on me no matter how bad i want it going to wait and not get upset if AF comes because i want a healthy baby good luck to everyone and glad were communicating more lmao!! :grin

  425. lol thanks lesile, im excited too cause i have a 11 yr old boy and im going to be 30 in july so i want to get this started hahaha!!

  426. hi everyone, i hope you all are ok, i feel terrible today, i have been feeling sick all day and my tummy is a little crampy and bloated, my boobs are aching, i think maybe its something i have eaten 🙁 so hows everyone doing ?? im still doing the BD and praying for a BFP this month :grin babydust to all xx

  427. hey #5 ive ovulated on the 14th so we’re in the same boat to race for that POSITIVE may the best girl win LMAO :p , but i ate something today also and it went real through me and now im sooooo nauseated and i was just thinking ohhhh shit wait till im pregnant and get sick it will be ten times worse!!!! oooooooooooooo well keep in touch lol always checking on the girls here a couple times a day to see who is happy or sad lol!!

  428. Hey girls!! I just got my IUD removed today!! I’m over the moon to try again, but the nurse has me so scared about it taking 2-3 years and possible miscarriages the first 3 or 4 times I could get pregnant. I guess I will just wait and see what happens, but I’m excited to see how quickly some of you got pregnant after your removals. For now, we will have fun trying I suppose, but I can’t wait to get a BFP!!!

  429. Hey ladies! Just wanted to say congrats to those who have been luck enough to get that positive result and tell all of the other future mommies to hang in there and keep trying!! I can’t wait for me and my honey to have a positive result!! Fingers crossed and babydust to u all!!

  430. UPDATE: I had my IUD removed on March 23 and we have been trying to conceive ever since. And here it is 9 months later and this morning I took a hpt and it was +!!!!!!! Even if its been awhile girls do not give up hope it will happen!!!!! :grin :grin :grin Baby dust to all!!!!

  431. hello ladies just stopping by to check on all the updates. and its so awsome to see that a lot of you ladies have had positives!!!!!! Thats so great!!! :grin :grin :grin Well i had my iud removed on nov.12 started bleeding on the 14 til 21 heavy tho i had to see my doc which she perscribed my birthcontrol pills to help control my hormones and stop the heavy bleeding. then started my period on dec.1 til 5th so we are trying i just hope i get a positive soon lol….. again congrats to all are mommies to be…..

  432. My husban and I are TTC our third child! i had my IUD(Mirena) removed Oct 21,2010, I had a period in Nov and I don’t know if I’m having on now is it implantation bleeding, because my period was so late. I am so confused and frustrated, we never had these problems before with our other two children. did i forget to mention I had Mirena for 5 yrs and my period came ev(28 days) every month right on time. Please help me I need support with this, my husban is looking to me for answer and I am as confused as he is. 😡 😡

  433. Congrats Everyone!!! This has been a great month for some! Yay! I am still here waiting to even get a cycle after having mine removed Dec. 2nd. Good luck to all still trying!!! :grin

  434. ladies i need advice asap im really confused, before i had the lud fitted my cycles were 33 days then i had mine removed on the 13th oct 2010 and had my first period on the 14th, my next cycle was a 40 day, so i based my next ovulation on a 33 day and 40 day, which meant i ovulated last weekend for the 33 day……………..but im now very confused as i have been spotting for the last 24hrs on and off, its def not a proper period, and if it is its a week to 2 weeks early !!!!!!!! whats going on why am i spotting and why is it not at the time my period is due, im so upset as i was gonna test xmas day, and if still no period new years day to cover both cycles now im just so confused, please if any one has any idea on what this spotting is please tell me, do you think its a period, i just wish i had never had this stupid iud fitted as i have never had these problems not even with my other 4 children pls help xxxxx good luck ladies and baby dust to all xxx

  435. well babynumber5 could be an implantation bleed (hopefully) i know when i was pregnant with my son i had a period my 1st month so dont be depressed or upset cause this very well can be that!! i know me and you were on the same track and per my ovulation i could possibility have implantation bleeding soon too

  436. well babynumber5 could be an implantation bleed (hopefully) i know when i was pregnant with my son i had a period my 1st month so dont be depressed or upset cause this very well can be that!! i know me and you were on the same track and per my ovulation i could possibility have implantation bleeding soon too

  437. thanks babygirlhopeful, i hope your right but im just fed up with getting my hopes up then them coming back down with a bump, when u was pregnant with your son how long did you bleed and was it light or heavy ?? ive never bleed with any of my pregnancy, i was really hoping i was this month, my boobs are really achy too but now im just wondering if its a period trying to start my periods are usually really heavy but this bleeding is so light and early which is a never for me, thats why im so confused, good luck to you hun i hope you get you BFP this month x

  438. IT was a 2 to 3 day bleed but light…this is why im trying not to be so obsessive with it cause i dont want to be disappointed and figured when its suppose to happen it will cause i ovulated on the 14th i had sex the 8,9,10,11,13,14 so if it happens then it happens right lol!!! so today is 5 DPO and i got sore boobies on day 3po so now im thinking may just be period coming cause they were sore earlier too last month but wishing that their sore from hormones of prenancy not hormones from the WITCH LMAO!! 😉


  440. @mamakatie blessings on your marriage and trying for your new one. @lesliekuck i had a period the week before my iud was removed. Then the next month I got my period about a week late. Then I conceived later that month. I am pretty regular and that never changed.

  441. 🙁 AF is definitely here, heres to the next month of trying, but now im not sure as this was a 25 day cycle and last month was a 40 day cycle what do i do ??????? any ideas

  442. so today i bought ANSWERS pregnancy testfor christmas eve testing….Has anyone ever heard or used it? How good do you think it is for testing 10 DPO?? im sorry about AF #5 i know the feeling when she arrives but put it this way at least you didnt have to wait 40 days!!! any comments would be great about my test!!!

  443. good luck babygirlhopeful, i hope you get a BFP ive never heard of answer is it an american test, im sure its a very good one. The popular ones here are clearblue and first response, i suppose i will have to do a 25 day cycle and 33 and 40 day this month, whys nothing easy lol, i done the ovulation calculator and it says for a 25 day cycle i will ovulate from the 26th dec to 30th wow thats not even a week away and AF is still here, maybe i should get some sticks what do you girls think ???? would you ???? good luck beautiful ladies babydust to all and merry christmas x

  444. i would not track it and just baby dance every other day and try not to think about it this month and see what happens…..could work in your favor …and i hope its a good test too lol!!! merry xmas to everyone and have a safe holiday!!! :grin

  445. @babynumber5 I use an app on my iPhone that charts every cycle and gives me and average. I think they have it online also. It should be an ovulation calendar. It takes a while though and won’t work very well unless you at least have six months of data. The more the better. It worked for me. If not that I would get ovulation tests or do like babygirlhopeful said and try every other day and just wait as patiently as you can. I think that working yourself up makes it worst. When I relaxed it happened.

    @babygirlhopeful I used Answers because that was all that they had at a reasonable price during my spur of the moment run. It had to in mine. It tested the same as my strips that the doctors used. I had to lines and the pregnancy line was lighter. I would say that it works just as well as any of the other ones. As far as how early I don’t know since I tested positive the day that AF was due.

  446. thanks girls its great to have people like this to share this with, i think im gonna take your advice and baby dance every other day, if it doesn’t work this month the sticks i shall buy lol, i must say it was xmas day 2 years ago i fell with my youngest maybe xmas will make me lucky, i not gonna worry to much this month i gonna enjoy xmas with my 4 beautiful children and be grateful to all i have……baby dust to all x

  447. hey girls i belong to a TTC forum its called the mommyplaybook look it up and come join lots to do there!!!! hope to see ya there!!

  448. Well, I have a 2 year old little boy and I am scheduled to have my iud taken out on jan 6th 2010, I am hoping to get pregnant quickly. Any suggestions. I’ve had my mirena for almost two years now and before that I was always regular.

  449. my doctor said it takes two to three cycles before your body returns to normal to hold a full term pregnancy but their are women take do get pregnant faster…..i had mine remove oct 14th and had two cycles already and now am 9dpo waiting for either a positive or the witch to come!!! going to start testing tomorrow morning at 10 dpo even tho it is alittle early!!! good luck….there is a ttc forum called the mommy playbook with lots of girls on there to talk with and its nice!!!!

  450. Ok, well I was waiting for my cycle, and ended up getting one for Christmas lol. So now I am waiting to get done and ovulate! :grin Babygirlhopeful, not up with the lingo here yet, lol. What is dpo???

  451. HEY LADIES! I am still waiting. removed IUD on oct. 19, got period actually started oct.17 but wasn’t heavy at all until I removed it. Period came on Nov.12 (26 day cycle). Period returned on Dec 7 (25 day cycle) and ended on Dec. 11th. Soo my next period should either come on Dec. 30 or Dec.31( I hope neither. I am so emotional right now because I really want to be pregnant. :roll If my period doesn’t come on I am going to wait until 1/2 to test because from my fertility chart, it’s saying I should have a positive test on that day. What a great way to start the New Year off. Keep me in you guys prayers and thanks for all your support. I am feeling like the IUD was the worst thing I could have done now :upset …Babydust all around. Peace and Blessings

  452. hey guys hows everyone, i hope you all had a fantastic christmas, well babygirlhopeful what was the outcome ??? i have decided as my periods have been all over the place since the removal on 13th oct, im just gonna take this month as it comes and see what happens, im sick of calculating, lets just chill abit. Hows everyone else getting on :grin

  453. i actually started my period this am and along with it was constant throwing up and constant diarrhea all day today…i feel like super shit today :cry and im at work!!!

  454. Hey ladies I am new here had my mirena removed 8-19-2010 and got a reg af days later I am getting antsy with the 2 wk wait I am due for my af Jan 4th n am praying it stays away n we get a bfp we started clomid 2 months ago due to ovulation issues n I ovulated no problem this month we bd every other day I am just hoping that after 4 yrs on the iud didn’t ruin my fertility I am iud free for 4 months now n am hoping this is the month dh really wants a baby n so do I best wishes to all *** baby dust ***

  455. o babygirlhopeful you poor thing 🙁 i know how you feel its so annoying i wish i had never had the iud, its just so upsetting, i thought you was gonna give us some good news 🙁 dont worry babe at least it didnt trick you for too long this month, maybe you have a bug too and thats why your being sick. keep that chin up we are all in this together, im sure it will be you trying to cheer me up in a couple of weeks, keep smiling x

  456. Hello ladies, its been awhile since Ive been on here….so to give an update I am still not prego :sigh I had my Mirena IUD removed May 2009 and my periods are still crazy…most of the time its very little (spotting) and only lasts for a couple days. I also had a cyst on one of my ovaries that had to be surgically removed. My husband deployed 6 months ago and when he came home for R&R we were hoping to get prego but that didnt happen…hopefully when he redeploys in June we are able to get prego or at least find out why its not happening.

  457. Thanks baby # 5 I am sure hoping it doesn’t arrive the countdown is on 5 days to go I had bloodwork done 6 dpo n it was neg but I am thinking it was just too early I am gonna start testing hpt new years day n am keeping my fingers crossed that we will get bfp good luck all baby dust

  458. Hey ladies I keep writing but my posts keep getting erased? I am 29 and my hubby and I have one daughter who will be ther on tuesday. Got my iud out around sep.10 2010.ben trying since. Took keep ovulation kit and o last tuesday. Supposed to start on our around the fourth off jan. Had cramping all week then just now took two tests in middle of day and had two faint lines! I think I’m pregnant! But going to test tom morning.

  459. Hey ladies I keep writing but my posts keep getting erased? I am 29 and my hubby and I have one daughter who will be ther on tuesday. Got my iud out around sep.10 2010.ben trying since. Took keep ovulation kit and o last tuesday. Supposed to start on our around the fourth off jan. Had cramping all week then just now took two tests in middle of day and had two faint lines! I think I’m pregnant! But going to test tom morning.


  461. welcome chris_1stbaby, good luck i hope you will keep us updated, well im sure i have ovulated this last couple of days as i have had all the signs, so we have been doing the BD, as my periods have been a little up in the air since removal im not exactly sure when AF (the witch) is due i think about the 11th if my cycle is the same as last month. come girls we all need some good news to keep us going, i just hope one of us gets it soon…………………… dust to you all xx :p

  462. hi everyone… wow this is a good information site and everyone seems lovely.
    well im new to all this and im trying for my 3rd child.
    ive had the nova t removed last month and ill be crossing my fingers and toes i get my baba soon….
    good luck ladies im crossing them for you too…. 🙂

  463. well ladies today is cd 5 for me hoping to ovulate in about a week :cry wish this cycle stuff wasnt so annoying congrats on the positive and good luck to all!!!

  464. yuck yuck yuck i feel terrible today so sick from the moment i got up, boobies are massive and sore, and i basically feel pregnant !!!!! i have really increased discharge (sorry for to much info ) so im def im not due on till 11th jan, if the period i had back in dec was really a period, still not a hundred percent it was, but i will carry on waiting untill 11th to do a test, i just hope its still not the after effect of this mirena playing tricks on me, surely it must be out my system by now removal was 13th oct x babydust to all xx 🙂

  465. HAPPY NEW YEAR’S LADIES! Hope all you guys had a great new years.. well here is an update.. All last we I had been getting dizzy and nausea, Wednesday I started to catch hot flash and then I really came down with something. I missed work on Thursday because I was so sick like I was coming down with the Flu. Went to work Friday for about 4 hours, came home and me and my hubby went to friends for the new years. Got back home today and started to feel very dizzy so… i took a test and guess what???? I am pregnant!!!! I am in shock and will test again on Tuesday to make sure before I make a doctor’s appointment. I removed my iud on Oct. 19 and I had it for 4 years 4 mos before removing it. So babynumber5 don’t give up hope yet because it’s been 3 months for me. Thank you guys for all the support and I will keep you informed in the coming days! Sorry for the longgggg drawn out story :grin

  466. yay tashamjohns well done, im so pleased for you this is wonderful news, take good care of yourself, well done it gives us all hope x

  467. hello ladies and happy new years to all. so its been awhile since ive been on here. CONGRADULATIONS TO TASHAMJOHNS!!!!!! Well i was due for my period on jan.1 but still no sign of it coming. Lately ive been waking up feeling nauseous and i just feel weird. I dont want to get my hopes up tho maybe my period is just late….I had my iud removed on nov.12. and we havent really been ttc since my relationship with my bf is kind of rocky right now. we were having intercourse without protection and we used the pull out method lol yea i know that doesnt work…lol… so now im too scared to test…i dont know wat to do im confused…any help….

  468. Thanks Avilar. Don’t be scare and test anyways. But I was feeling the same way you was feeling and I keep waiting because I didn’t want to be disappointed. But all and all everything happens for a reason and my prayers was answered.

  469. hi ladies i hope you are all well, my testing day is tues next week if my cycle is the same as last month which was a 25 day cycle, please keep your fingers crossed for me xxxxx 🙂 😉

  470. Hello all I new to this but have been reading all the posts. I had my marina out on the 10/28 and had bleeding two days later(30-31). We are trying to get pregnant and slept together and I started to bleed again on the 4th-6th of November with really bad cramps. I’m not sure if that is normal since my IUD was recently removed. I was feeling really bad like I was pregnant but got a period again in Dec. This month has been bad I have been feeling sick but Im going to wait to see if my January one comes on the 12th. I took 3 hpt and they all were neg 🙁 I hope I dont get it i want to have another baby soon. I have a friend who had her iud removed around the same time as me and is now 9 wks preg. Is there anyway I can be and the home test just keep coming back neg?

  471. Hey ladies and welcome mizz marshall. all my test was coming up negative to until like two days before my period was suppose to come on which was jan 4th. and I got a just wait and test a day before.

  472. All the luck Babynumber5! Mizz Marshall, I have been seeing that alot, not only on this site but others as well. I would just test when it gets close and/or when u miss. If no period then and still neg. test, go to the doc and they will do a blood test. 🙂 As for me… I am still waiting to see if I will have a cycle this month. If so, it will come around the 20th I am guessing. Had mine removed Dec. 2nd. I am sure the *junk* is still in my body, but who knows… it’s possible! :p Just trying to keep postive and not get my hopes up… but gosh that’s hard! LOL. BIGGEST CONGRATS tashamjohns!! That makes my hopes better 🙂

  473. hey girls and congrats on all positives!!!! i think today or tomorrow is my Ovualtion day so this will mark my 3rd month after iud also so hope its a positive cause third time is a charm

  474. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one having a hard time gettting pregnant after my IUD removal. I had it removed almost a year ago. I had the copper T in for 4 years and felt it was time to go. We had no intention on getting pregnant so we were using condoms. I have two girls a 8 and 5 year old. I really want a boy to make our family complete. We have only been trying to get pregnant for a month. But I was shocked with a period instead. I had gotten pregnant right away with my other children that I thought this would be a peice of cake. Little did I know I think the IUD might have cause some scaring. I am going to the OBGYN next monght and have her make sure everythings fine down there 🙂 :sigh

  475. Lacegirl,
    You are not alone! I’m not new on this site…back again though I am reading all the posts here in silence! You were only trying for a month…I’ve been trying for nearly 1 1/2 year now since my removal of Mirena IUD. I’ve had it for 10 yrs (2x5yrs) and no baby yet! Like you, no problem with my first child, a daughter who’s 11 now! I guess, I am the most one here who got the IUD the longest! Will go to OB-Gyne next few weeks to see what’s wrong but I hope the IUD doesn’t damaged my fertility! Oh boy…,can’t imagine!

    Congrats Tashmjohns and to all who got positives!!! Wish us luck and baby dust to all. Not giving up my hopes, though! :sigh

  476. Im ovulating today wahoooooo i BD sunday twice and last night once dont think ill be able to BD today but hopefully the two days i did will catch the eggie!!!!! :p

  477. good morning to all….so still no period i was to have it on jan 1 it is now 11 days late. I did a hpt and it was negative :sigh i dont know what to do now.. 😕 😕 😕 good luck to all…

  478. hi ladies, good luck babygirlhopeful and avilar, well still no period for me so who knows i done a test yesterday and it was neg so i think i will wait a few days, i just pray pray pray it doesnt come, i just so want my BFP its driving me insane, good luck to everyone trying i hope this is the month for us all xxxxx

  479. Hi, i have been looking at all these websites all morning, i need some advise, i had my coil (IUD) removed last Friday, me and my partner started that day trying to get pregnant. I am now starting to feel different, pains in my lower stomach, sick, high tempreture, headaches. I am wondering if it can work that quick?
    We are very fertile if thats the word because we have been pregnant before but i developed pre eclampsia and HELP and she didn’t make it. That was four years ago and now we are just ready to try again. We both want this more than anything and i am hoping that these symptoms are not just in my head? Maybe i want it to much and i am kidding myself into thinking that they are there, they feel real? Has anyone got pregnant stright away before. The day it was taken out was the first day of my ovulation so it was good timing 🙂


  481. Welcome Tania888!!! Let’s hope you could be one of the lucky few! 🙂 I had my mirena removed Dec 2nd and had a small period, dr. said i still ovulated (we tried right away as well). I am now having alomst all the pregnancy symptoms and hoping like CRAZY it’s not just my body playing games with me, so I know how you feel. Please keep us updated as well, bunches of luck!! :grin

  482. hey girls!!!!! hi to all new members and good luck to everyone this month!!!!!! today i am having some cramping on and off, i think i O’ed on the 11th but had ewcm on the 13th so i BD 1/9 1/10 1/11 and 1/13 so i hope i had everything covered, i actually feel good about this month because it seems like most of everyone gets pregnant their 3rd month after removal so keeping my fingers crossed!!!!! and dont forget for all the newbies you want to let your uterus go back to normal and that usally thats 2 to 3 cycles so dont get discouraged too fast because you want the pregnant to go full term not result in a M/C……once again good luck girls have a good day im at work will be checking back in off and on all day!! BABYDUST TO ALL~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ :grin

  483. O and i have to add usually i have sore boobies 3dpo then AF arrives later and i do not have that sign this time soooooooooooooooooooo hoping that is a good sign for me wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ok im done with the oooooooo LOL!!!!!! :p

  484. today im having a burning pain to the right midline lower stomach (like between the right side and middle) and this morning it was the other side left midline stomach……could this be?????!!!!!! either 5dpo or 3 dpo!!!

  485. :cry AF arrived 14th Jan but its very light to the point i havent needed a tampon i will keep you posted, gutted :cry

  486. :grin WELL! Got my IUD removed Dec 2nd 2010, and took a test yesterday and today…. they say I am PREGNANT!!! WOW! So it can happen!!!! :grin

  487. And I have to say… I had symptoms 3 days after my ovulation, my husband kept saying “your already pregnant”… crazy but true…. then nothing. Lets hope all works out well though. Fingers crossed and prayers open! 🙂 Good luck to you trying and waiting this month also!! 🙂

  488. Congrats Lesliekuck!!! Wow…great! How fast you conceived,,,goodluck to you and wish us luck too!!! Cheers! 8)

  489. I started out using the clear blue ovulation stick because my dr told me to try them. I only got slight lines so I went ahead and BD for sure. But we really just bd every other night lol. I wish all of you the best of luck!! 🙂



  492. i will for sure babynumber5 but i will only be 10 dpo so if not a positive i will continue everyday from there and let you guys know for sure!!!!! and as far as the ovulation digital test i loved them i started CD 10 it actually gives you a chart in the instructions when to start!!! :grin

  493. brill i will start testing on sunday the test arrives tomo, i cant wait hehe i hope it works, i was reading online and it says you should test twice a day 10 hrs apart so not to miss the rise, i think im gonna test at 10 am and then again at 8pm, keep your fingers crossed for me girls lol :grin

  494. Ok hi i’m new to this but i have question i had the iud put in, in july 2010 ad it removed dec 2010 i got a period jan 5, my periond comes every 26 days so i had sex when i think i was ovulating which was a couple days ago but my chest is hurting do u guys think i could b pregnant please help

  495. so i POAS and it was BFN but its 9 dpo so i knew it would be but my dang friend pressured me into it!!! going to stop at store on way home from work tonight to get a FRER because i used a generic test from big lots and have never heard of the brand ever lol!!! so wish me luck still too early!!! :p

  496. babygirlhopeful I am so excited. You have got me on edge waiting like its my test. lol Congrats to all those that have dropped into pregnancyhood (like that’s not even a word he he he) I wish the best for those still waiting.

  497. lol @daff heehee im excited too lol i am hoping this is it for me cause ill be down after this if it isnt :cry but i have GOOD feelings!!! hows everything your way?

  498. I have been a silent follower of this site since deciding to get my IUD removed. Well I got my IUD removed on Nov. 15th 2010. That was the first day of my period, which lasted for five days. Shortly thereafter we started to BD every other night. that was a bust AF hasn’t shown up since removal of the IUD. I find it so weird that AF is thrown off b/c its not like the cooper was regulating my cycle in any way. Took several HPT all negative. Don’t know what to do. Went to the gyn, she prescribed Provera still waiting on AF. No sign that AF is near just sore boobs for two weeks. I am so confused and upset at the same time. BTW diagnosed with PCOS struggled with conceiving my 1st child but it was accomplished!! AF pretty regular since the birth of my son until now. has anyone ever experienced this? CONGRATS TO ALL WITH POSITIVE HPTs!!!!!!!

  499. @babygirlhopeful All is well on my end. The baby is doing fine. I am 15 weeks. I go see the specialist tomorrow to monitor my thyroid(something I’m used to). I’m hoping they will tell me the sex. Pretty much that’s all with me.. I am just waiting around on you guys good news.

  500. hey girls its monday the 24th ran out of tests on saturday!!! so today i am due to AF so hopefully the witch stays away cause im at work too lol!!! wish me luck but for some reason now im thinking im out and i was so confident about this month too 😡

  501. hi girls i hope you are all ok, well i started using my clear blue ovulation sticks today, so just waiting for a smile to make me smile lol i am on cycle day 11 now, i hope this is the month for us all, i hate all this waiting and getting my hopes up and then for them to be let down again, babygirlhopeful im still rooting for you, good luck but dont be too upset if af arrives remember we are all in this together we know how it feels…………….babydust to all xxxxxx

  502. :grin thank you babygirlhopeful i will do, i tested this morning at 6am so will change it to 11 am tomo thanks for the advice xxx

  503. ya cause a 6 am wont really do much plus 11am is the best time to know for sure if it positive or not!!! 8)

  504. Hello grils hope all u doing great. well update from last time i was on. I was supposed to get my period on Jan. 1st but til now no period. I did a hpt on Jan 5th but was negative :sigh i dont know if it was too soon for testing. havent done another just because i dont want to get another negative and be sad but i also dont want a positive because i will be sad as well. and the reason for that is that my boyfriend and i are not together any more :cry :cry :cry …im so scared to find out and so confused on what i should do..any advice ladies…best of luck and best wishes to all……

  505. Avilar whether you are with your boyfriend or not you will still make a great mummy so you have to test either way, just test one more time, you have to know for your own sake, come on hun test, we are all here to give advice etc test and let us know hun xx

  506. Hey ladies, its been a while. CONGRATS to those who have been blessed by a positive result!! Sendin all my good vibes to all those who are still hoping. 🙂
    SO, I’m freakin out a bit. Me and my new hubby really want to start having our little ones. Now, I’m 3 and a half weeks late and my appointment for my iud removal is in 2 weeks(they moved it back). I’ve been feeling really sick, boobs are sore and smells are makin me nauseated. My friend said its impossible to get preg on the iud, but I’m not sure. Should I take a test or just keep waiting?

  507. Hi all, second post on here! I am now 3 days late for my period and i have taken a test and it was negative so i am now thinking that having the coil removed could have effected my periods, did anyone else have any problems after having the coil removed. I don’t want to get my hopes up and think that it could work the quickly! I have everything crossed in the hope that i am!! Please advise if having the coil removed effected anyone? xx :grin