Advantages and side-effects of vasectomy

Vasectomy is a permanent birth control method , unless a reversal is performed. Once the semen is clear of sperm you will not have to care about other methods of contraception but will still be able to enjoy sex as earlier.
Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure, much less complicated than tubal ligation in women.


You might say that it is a rather expensive procedure, overall you will spend less since you won’t have to pay for other methods of birth control .

It is the most effective method of birth control, the efficiency of which is 99.9-100% once your semen is clear of sperm. However, remember that during 7-10 sexual intercourses you should use additional methods of contraception since your semen does not become sterile (clear of sperm) immediately after surgery. For this reason two tests to check for sperm in semen are performed after surgery. The first sample for the test of the semen should be taken 8-12 weeks after vasectomy, the second one should be taken 2 weeks after the first one. When both of these samples are negative for sperm a man is considered to be sterile and does not have to use alternative methods of birth control.

Side-effects and Complications

Although 500,000 of vasectomies are performed in the United States annually, most of them successfully, as with any surgery there are certain side-effects and possible complications you should be aware off.

Side-effects are very mild including a short numbness of the scrotum until a local anesthetic wears off. Some patients may experience bruising and soreness of the scrotum.

Complications are very rare but still possible. About 10% of patients suffer from bleeding, feel more pain and inflammation than others. In very rare cases the sperm may still be present in the semen within a year after the surgery. The reason for that may be a slower clearing of the sperm from the ducts, or it may be due to recanalization of the ducts resulting in a repeat vasectomy . In addition the sperm that leaks out of the cut ends may accumulate in the surrounding tissues resulting in very painful numbs, called sperm granulomas, which need operative care. Very rarely but inflammation of the sealed off ends of ductus deferens may occur requiring additional medical treatment.

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