Pregnancy after tubal ligation

About 20% of all women undergoing tubal ligation regret the decision and want to restore their fertility. One of the most frequent questions is whether it is possible to become pregnant and give birth to a child or not after the reversal is performed. 6% of women, whose fallopian tubes were ligated, decide that they really want to have more children and, therefore, undergo tubal ligation reversal.

Effectiveness of the procedure

Women, who undergo common tubal ligation reversal procedure, usually have a possibility from 70% to 80%  become pregnant within a year after the procedure. Microsurgical techniques tend to have higher rates for success, showing that about 95% of women, who undergo microsurgical tubal reversal, are able to get pregnant and give birth to a baby within one year after the surgical procedure.

These numbers are for women, who are at the age under 40. One should know that the possibility to become pregnant after the procedure decreases when a woman gets older. Smaller rates of success are for women over the age of 40, however, these rates are still higher than in vitro fertilization ones.


Even though the success rates of microscopic tubal ligation reversal are rather high, there is a greater risk of having ectopic pregnancy, when a fetus grows outside the uterus, after the reversal procedure. However, this possibility is still very low and a woman usually is able to regain her fertility, become pregnant and give birth to a child within one year after tubal ligation reversal procedure.

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