Possible side-effects of spermicides

Although, spermicides are cheap and widely used they also have a few side effects that should be explained. Spermicidal compounds, containing nonoxynol-9 or others, were found to cause irritation of vagina in many women. In addition, spermicides may cause allergic reactions. The main reason for that is nonoxynol-9. Spermicides may irritate not only the vagina but also the penis. They may cause ulcerations of genital tract of both males and females. When used in anal sex spermicidal substances cause sores of rectal lining. This results in enhanced risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, spermicides have the ability in changing the pH of the vagina which may cause yeast infections. They were also found to predispose urinary infections or inflammation in women.

The possibility for side effects of spermicides increases with the increased amount of spermicide used. Some doctors recommend using any type of spermicidal methods of birth control not more than three times a month. Therefore this type of birth control is mainly chosen by people, who have infrequent sexual life.
There are no restrictions for the use of spermicides. Breastfeeding women may use this method, since it does not have any effect on a baby. Women, who do not wish to use hormonal contraception, also may choose spermicidal products for birth control. Women may use these products during all their reproductive years and become fertile immediately upon discontinuation of use.

However, men and women who develop allergy after use of spermicides should choose a more appropriate method for birth control. Women, who have the history of vaginal sores, urinary infections or inflammation, should be recommended another form of contraception. And finally, people who have multiple sexual partners and increased risk for STD’s are strictly not recommended using spermicides since they may increase the chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

In the early 80’s spermicides were thought to protect against some sexually transmitted diseases or infections and even HIV. This was due to investigations which showed that nonoxynol-9, a chemical substance found in many spermicides, was able to destroy Chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and HIV. However, later studies on humans in practice revealed that spermicides not only do not add any protection against sexually transmitted diseases but may even increase the risk for STD’s and HIV. Spermicides may cause ulcers or lesions of genital tract and anus and this increases the possibility for microorganisms to enter the human body.  Therefore, people with increased risk of STD’s are no longer recommended using spermicides for birth control. Also, male condoms prelubricated with spermicides were found to have no additional protection nor against pregnancy neither against STD’s and should no longer be recommended. If you choose spermicidal products for birth control do not forget to use a male condom for protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

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  1. [B]could i be pregnant i have been off the shot for about 6 cmonths and had sex without a condom[/B]
    The shot is long-term method of birth control, but since your are off it for a half of year, it’s possible to get pregnant, especially if you had your fertility days. It’s very easy to count these days – remember the exact day of your menses and add 12 days. The 13 day will be the beginning of your fertilization that will last for 5 days. For ex., if your last menses began on 9 of November, you’ll start to be fertile from on November 21 till 25.

  2. i smoke 2-3 sticks per day..and this is my FIRST time to use injectables…is it ok to SMOKE while on this method?…please advise. thanks![B]null[/B] 😕

  3. i had been injected last april 27, 2009, may and june my period was lighter and spotting for two months. at july to august spotting does not occur and my period cycle become normal. i had no injection after april. My current situation is – september up to present my period is not coming – i had contact last august 21 and took a test but the result is negative, is it still the effect of injectables?

  4. I have used injection before marriage and now it the second year that I dont have menses and very sad that I may have get infertility please advise me how to get normal back and get pregnancy?

  5. i had the same case like jhengay. i had my 1st inject last jan6 for two months i have spotting only. after april6 i didn’t get my 2nd shot. last may i didn’t have my monthly period. it just came last june21 and then last july9. up to now i don’t have my monthly period. is it still the side effect of injectable? also we made contact last aug, but i still did not took pregnancy test. im afraid to get pregnant again. :sigh

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