Simple IUD formula: bleeding and no children in future

An intrauterine device (or just IUD) becomes a very popular birth control method , because of its advantages and, as many internet resources claim, only few side-effects. Let’s see how the situation in real is…

Women like IUD due to its efficiency (99%) and reliability – it can not be felt during lovemaking and do not have any effects to libido. Sounds good, isn’t it? But not everything is so perfect like it’s believed to be. Not normal, cramping, heavy period and complicated or even impossible impregnation are very common side-effects of using IUD.

There was made an internet research, wherein one hundred women were asked to tell their opinion about using IUD. 95% of all women emphasized having irregular, heavy, bleeding, long running period, backache and problematical impregnation.  Here is one opinion: “I had my IUD for two months when it cause an infection and had to have a surgery to get it out and now I can’t get pregnant.”

Of course, many women have the same symptoms (backache, pain and etc.) during period without an intrauterine device , so it brought nothing new, except complicated impregnation. It looks like pharmacists (or IUD creators) found a solution constrainedly decrease the birthrate, because nowhere you will find at least one sentence about this side-effect – it’s said that IUD only sometimes may have a negative effect on fertility. But many women using this birth control method pay big attention on the possibility to get pregnant after removing IUD from the uterus and accent having problem with it.

There are two choices – insert IUD and don’t have children in future or select and alternative birth control method, which doesn’t have such a horrible side-effect. Of course, IUD may be a perfect solution for those, who have decided not to have kids anymore, but if you are young, healthy woman, who wants to have a baby someday, think twice before making a decision to use an intrauterine device – it causes scar tissue to form in the uterus, preventing the baby being implanted.

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  1. Vasectomy is not that effective. I know of 3 vasectomy babies. That is why the doc will tell you to get it checked more times then not. Wake up people.

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