Pregnancy after IUD

Intrauterine device is a reversible form of birth control, which means that it protects against unexpected pregnancy while it is inserted in the uterus, and a woman id able to become pregnant straight after the IUD has been removed.

When is pregnancy possible?

Most data suggests that a woman regains fertility immediately after the removal of IUD. Some claim that pregnancy is possible after one month after the removal of this device from the uterus. Women should be aware that there are certain differences between a copper and hormonal IUD and should discuss all the pros and cons with the doctor prior to insertion of this contraceptive device into the uterus.

Most studies suggest that generally women are able to regain fertility after the removal of IUD after the same period of time, compared to other birth control methods .

Certain variations

Intrauterine device is known to have certain risk and side effects that could interfere with the ability to get pregnant after the device is removed from the uterus. These conditions are very rare but still possible and, therefore, women should be aware of them before choosing the appropriate mean of birth control .

Incase perforation of the uterus occurs a woman may have a lower chance of becoming pregnant. There is a greater risk for pelvic infection when IUD is in the uterus. If such condition occurs, the tubes may be injured decreasing the chance to become pregnant afterwards. If a woman uses hormonal IUD, menstrual period may be delayed after removal of the device, causing a delay in fertility regain.

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