Ineffective birth control

All the people having sexual intercourse consider the chance of pregnancy. Therefore, the majority of them are using contraceptive methods. However, not all birth control methods are equally effective or ineffective at all.


Some women also use misleading method which is called douching. It is used right after sex when women expects to ‘clean’ vagina and vulva from sperm by vaginal douche. However, this method is completely ineffective as this process, on the contrast, puts sperm only deeper in vagina which is followed by a huge chance to become pregnant. In addition, the organism of every woman has an ability to clean itself. Therefore, there is no need for vaginal douche.


This method is used by immense amount of couples since they discovered that pregnancy is that result of man’s ejaculation into vagina. This is the natural way to avoid pregnancy as it doesn’t require any other additional costs or contraceptives. If any other birth control methods are not available at certain moment, man just has to take out his penis from vagina just before he ejaculates and ‘come’ somewhere away from vulva. However, man must be familiar to his body as much as possible to ejaculate in time. Moreover, there must very strong trust between partners of intercourse. Therefore, all these aspects influence this method to be considered as ineffective birth control. The rate of failure is as high as 19%. It is also very important to emphasize that during the intercourse before ejaculation certain ‘pre-ejaculation’ fluid comes out of sperm. Usually it is lubricating fluid; however, it happens that some sperm can also be present. Hence, man who is has not familiar to his body enough or has no experience or ejaculate prematurely should not practice the method of withdrawal.


  • Pills and antibiotics. Both of the drugs used together can result in pregnancy. Some antibiotics and drugs can make birth control pills ineffective; therefore, it is important to ask the doctor before taking antibiotics.
  • Stand up after intercourse. Some misguided women think that you should immediately stand after sexual intercourse in order to stop sperm going towards uterus. However, sperm start moving at the same moment it is inside.
  • Man having hot bath before sex. It has no connection with avoiding pregnancy.
  • Refraining orgasm of women or breastfeeding. Totally ineffective!

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  1. hi i started the pill last month i had to start it two days after my period finished coz i got them from my doctor anyway been taking them everyday at the same time finished my last pill yesterday my periods due 2day/2morrow i feel like my due on but ive been told because i took the morning after pill whilst on the pill ive messed up my period and i could be pregnant but how can that be i dnt feel pregnant and i cant be can i didnt know that was possible ?? anyway only took the morning after pill just to be extra safe because my gp/doctor didnt inform my about not being covered in the 1st week but my bf didnt cum inside my just with all the advice my friends give my had enough and took the morning after pill just to be safe within the 72 hours along with my birthcontrol 4 that day and hve carried taking them up until they finished yesterday ?? i just really need some advice about the pill in the sense of if it will effect my period as they’ve always been on time as normal

  2. When I started mine (yrs and yrs ago), I was told it was effective immediately by my GP. Also I don’t think that taking the morning after pill will effect the job of your other pill. That sounds like a myth to me. I expect your on your period now and you now know its all fine. But if you have any questions you can always call NHS direct. Google for the number on line. And take care of your body. You’ve only got one. Take care honey.

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