Female condoms

While male condoms are one of the most popular forms of birth control, female condoms is the only other method in protection against STDs, aside from male condoms and abstinence. Female condoms are also a type of barrier birth control. They are made of thin polyurethane that causes no allergic reactions to users. A female condom consists of two flexible rings one of which should be put against the uterine cervix, while another covers part of the perineum and labia during sexual intercourse. A woman can put a female condom not more than eight hours before sex but she should take it out immediately after ejaculation takes place. Be aware, that no male condom can be used with the use of a female condom.


Female condoms, in comparison with male ones, are more expensive and have a higher failure rate. The efficiency of female condoms is as much as 79% when they are used correctly. In addition, some people find female condoms uncomfortable and hard to insert into the body. Like male condoms may break, female condoms may shift of slip into the vagina during sex. Therefore an additional birth control method is recommended in order to improve protection against unexpected pregnancy.

Female condoms, as well as male ones, are a safe and effective way to protect not only against unwanted pregnancy but also against sexually transmitted diseases. And with the use of an additional birth control method they can offer good protection against pregnancy itself.

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