Yasmin birth control pill

There are many ways of birth control . Oral contraceptives in general are the most reliable way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Today’s market can offer you more than fifty oral contraceptives which can be prescribed by your physician according to your age, weight, menstrual cycle and other factors. Yasmin birth control pills are the introduction in contraceptives market. It is the most recent birth control pill approved by Food and Drug Administration in May 2001. Its effectiveness is 99% if used in the right way and it has many the same features as other combined birth control pills .

Yasmin birth control pill

Yasmin is a pack of 28 pills whearas there’s 21 of the which combine the same amount of two women hormones progestin and estrogen. The last seven one have no active ingredients and just helps you keep the habit of taking pills regularly. Used in three weeks it results in a period and no pregnancy. What is so special about Yasmin? Basically it is the only known birth control pill to contain 3mg of synthetic progestin named drospirenone. Drospirenone regulates water retention in the body and also has anti-male hormone features. Progestin is usually derived from testosterone while drospirenone is not.

How does it work?

While using contraceptives the body “thinks” it is pregnant and in such way the egg is prevented from being released. Also the cervical mucus get thicker and in such way becomes an obstacle for the spermatozoon to get toward the egg and fertilize it.

Benefits of Yasmin birth control pill

The benefits of this birth control method are as follows. First of all it helps to treat a premenstrual disorder (PMS ) from which suffer many women in the whole world. Your menstrual period will become milder that is to say they will not take long and the blood flow will be less than ever. It will not let you gain the additional weight.  Yasmin birth control pill is a good prevention of acne. Also it might prevent you from various forms of cysts. As during the time you take Yasmin pills you are not ovulating this makes less risk to gain ovarian cysts. The good thing about these pills is that they prevent from ectopic pregnancy. There is also a reduced risk for endometrial cancer. The longer you use the pills the stronger protection is and it lasts for a period of time even when you stop using pills.

Yasmin birth control pill side effects

Speaking about side effects they are common to many birth control pills . For example while using Yasmin you can suffer from headaches, nausea, breast tenderness, abdominal cramps or bloating or have Melasma (a blotchy darkening of the skin) There are some factors which can not allow woman have these contraceptives, that is why you always need to consult with your doctor. Special precautions should be taken to women who suffer from kidney or liver disease as drospirenone can increase potassium level in the blood, also for those individuals who have any kind of heart disease or have a history of blood clots in the legs, lungs or in the eyes. Visiting a doctor is also necessary in order to get Yasmin as it is a prescription medicine.

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