Seasonal birth control pill

Let’s face it – menstrual periods and especially a week before it comes (PMS ) aren’t the time we are waiting for. Except for the fact of proving that you are not pregnant. But in other ways bleeding once a month and what usually happens – on your life’s special occasions might become a burden. Nowadays there is the way to make your menstrual period appear once in every season that is to say four times a year. Applauds for that belongs to the birth control pill named Seasonale.

Seasonal birth control pill

Seasonal birth control pill is a combined pill of estrogen and progestin preventing you from getting pregnant. The main difference is that instead of taking active pills 21 day plus 7 days for the placebo pills you do take Seasonal without any free interval for 84 days and then a week of “inactive” pills. In this way your uterine line is prevented from getting thick enough to produce a full menstrual cycle . You should know that you may get a breakthrough bleeding or start spotting because of low dose (30 mg) of the hormone estrogen. This is natural and will fade in time.

The risks of using Seasonal are mostly the same as any other regular oral pills. That is to say the pills increase the risk for blood clots, stroke or heart attack. More over if you smoke the risks are even higher. So if you are a smoke and especially older than 35 then Seasonal is not recommended for your birth protection.

If you missed the pill

The main concerns regarding Seasonal is its effectiveness and the way for woman to know if she is pregnant when her periods are not monthly. Well the effectiveness if used correctly is 99%. So you need to be aware of the fact to take a pill everyday. If you still miss a pill you make the chances of getting pregnant higher. In this case you need to drink the missed pill immediately and take another pill as usual. If you do miss two pills take two pills the day you remember and also two pills the next day then continue one pill a day till you finish a pack. On the seven days period when you are consuming a non active pills it would be better if you used an additional way of birth protection. The same is if you miss three or more pills. In this case just behave normally – forget the unused pills as they will not be consumed and take one pill a day.

Seasonal birth control pill, weight and periods

Lot’s of women also want to know if the contraceptive can change their weight. The recent scientific research shows that there is no link between a contraceptive and getting weight. So it is hard to say. As every woman is different there is a possibility that some body will react and you will start to gain weight. But mostly gaining weight depends on your eating habits and physical activity.

Speaking about the four periods you will experience good news is that they are suppose to be lighter and in the same length as using any other oral pills. Of course Seasonal birth control pill doesn’t protect from any sexually transmitted disease .

So Seasonal birth control pill is an effective and you must admit an attractive way not only prevent from getting pregnant but also for suppressing your menstrual cycle . If you are interested in trying Seasonal of course it is better first of all to consult with your doctor, let him know any issues you will have during the consumption of the birth control . In this way it will be easier for the doctor to decide if you are a candidate.

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