Birth control pill side effects

More and more women around the world choose birth control pill for birth control . 150 million of women are known to be on the pill in the world. Therefore both the benefits and side effects should be considered in order for the women to be safe while using this form of birth control.

Birth control pill benefits

Contraceptive pill is one of the most effective methods of birth control having the efficiency of 99.9% in protecting against unexpected pregnancy. Besides, the pill has other benefits that women may experience. This includes less menstrual flow and cramping, therefore women can feel more comfortable during their period. Contraceptive pill also decreases the risk of the uterus and ovary infection. The use of this mean of birth control also diminishes the chance of ovarian cysts, benign breast cysts and tumors development. The pill is known to decrease the risk of ovarian and uterine cancer. Those women who suffer from acne may benefit from the use of this method of birth control since oral contraceptives improve this condition. The use of birth control pill also improves rheumatoid arthritis.

Birth control pills side effects

Besides a huge amount of benefits provided by this method of birth control, the contraceptive pill has a known number of certain side effects. These adverse reactions have been studied carefully and may be avoided. 40% of women, who are on the pill, are known to experience certain minor or major side effects during the first three months of use. These side effects might be eliminated by changing from one form of oral contraceptives to another, until a woman does not experience any minor or major side effects, associated with the pill.

Minor side effects

Most women face only minor side effects, associated with the use of oral contraceptives. The most frequent minor side effects include light bleeding or spotting between menstrual periods. Some women may experience skipped periods and increased number of vaginal infections, especially candidosis. Others complain of nausea, vomiting, weight change, most often weight gain, and bloating.

It is very hard for the doctor to predict these side effects and to know in advance if a woman will feel any adverse reactions, since the reactions of the body to the new hormonal substances is very individual and varies from one woman to another.

Major side effects

Major side effects, associated with the use of birth control pills , are more serious and sometimes may be even life-threatening. There is a greater risk to get a heart attack, stroke and development of blood clots for those, who are on the pill. However, these side effects are influenced by a number of other habitual and physical factors. Smokers, women who are over 35, have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and blood cholesterol or triglyceride abnormalities are at a greater risk of developing the above mentioned conditions. Therefore it is highly recommended women, who want to use oral hormonal contraception, to quit smoking.

Other major side effects are aggravation of migraine headaches, gall bladder disease and blood pressure increase. Since all of the major side effects are very serious and needs professional care, women, who are on the pill, are asked to come for the regular check-ups, so that these conditions could be detected at the early stages.

Women should consider carefully and see their doctor immediately if they feel severe abdominal pain, throbbing headache, severe pain in the legs, intense chest pain or shortness of breath, and unexpected eye problems, especially vision disturbances.

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