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Lunelle birth control shot PDF Print E-mail

Lunelle birth control shotLunelle birth control shot is a hormonal contraceptive used in preventing pregnancy. It consists of a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone. This is an injective hormonal contraceptive, used once a month. Every woman taking Lunelle needs a prescription to get it and a health care provider who could make a shot.

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Lea's contraceptive PDF Print E-mail

Lea’s Shield (or Lea’s contraceptive in Europe) is a barrier method of contraception designed for women. It is a hormone-free cup-shaped device made of medical grade silicone rubber. This mean of birth control is inserted into the vagina to cover the cervix and block sperm during sexual intercourse. It is a washable and reusable form of barrier methods that can be reused for six months.

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IUD removal PDF Print E-mail

The intrauterine device (IUD ) is a safe and effective method of birth control used by many women worldwide. Copper IUD may be used for ten years after insertion, whereas hormone releasing IUD’s expire after 5 years of use and must then be removed or replaced.

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Lactational Amenorrhea Method PDF Print E-mail

Lactational Amenorrhea methodLactational  Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is a certain birth control method that relies on natural infertility after labour when a fully breastfeeding mother is amenorrheic. This contraceptive method is based on physiological condition when breastfeeding suppresses ovulation and hence, reduces fertility. A woman can stay infertile for as much as six months postpartum when she is fully breastfeeding and has had no menses since childbirth.

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Male contraceptive PDF Print E-mail

Male contraceptiveCondom was the only choice for men in reversible birth control for ages. Since the 1960's, when female birth control pill has been invented, women seemed to have more control over contraception than men. It seems that the situation is going to change anytime soon because various new reversible birth control methods have been found for men. Question is, whether men are going to use their new options in birth control or not.

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Mirena IUD PDF Print E-mail

Mirena IUDMirena is levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system. It is a hormonal birth control method for women. Mirena IUD, like other IUDs, is a T-shaped device. The difference is that it contains of 52 mg levonorgestrel (progestogen hormone), which is constantly released directly into the uterus at the amount of 20 µg/day. Its contraceptive effect lasts for up to five years. This IUD should be removed not later than 5 years after insertion.

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ParaGard IUD PDF Print E-mail

Paragard IUDParaGard T 380A is a T-shaped intrauterine device that contains copper and is used in birth control . It is a non-hormonal method of female contraception. It is about 3 cm long and is produced of both copper and plastic. Tiny thread is added to the device, which helps on removal of this type of IUD.

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Menstrual cycle PDF Print E-mail

If you are a teenage girl, you have probably started having a period already. If you are still waiting for your first menstrual bleeding, you might be anxious about this topic and want to know more about it. Menstrual cycle is quite a complex physiological process in a woman’s body but it is very interesting and important for you to understand.

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Birth control pills and weight gain PDF Print E-mail

Birth control pills and weight gainIt would be wrong to state, that birth control pills do not have any influence on weight gain. It was noticed that women, who take a combine pill, especially an old one, which contains high dose of estrogen, have put on weight. But the weight may increase because of some another reasons.

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Ineffective birth control PDF Print E-mail

All the people having sexual intercourse consider the chance of pregnancy. Therefore, the majority of them are using contraceptive methods. However, not all birth control methods are equally effective or ineffective at all.

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