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Birth control FAQ

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1. Which birth control option has the lowest risk for ovarian cancer?

No answer entered yet

2. Which Contraceptive shows the least amount of impact on Libido?

All the hormone methods (which contain the progestin that blocks an ovulation) can descrease a libido, except IUD Mirena, which has only local effect on uterus and do not has the effect on libido.

3. Condoms tear very often during a sex. Why is it so?

Condom may tear if you pin a package by nails, teeth, sharp stuff, or if condom is out-of-date, overheated, chilled, if vagina is too dry or by using massage oils.

4. Which contraceptive methods donít require everyday use?

Injectables, IUD, vaginal rings and contraceptive patches.

5. Which contraceptive method has more advantages - pills or patch?

Actually, both these methods are equivalent. However patch is simple to use, donít need everyday change, but it can be the cause of allergy. Also patch is more expensive then pills.

6. Can I conceive during using contraceptive pill?

Yes, if you forget to take a pill.

7. Do spermicides protect from sexually transmitted diseases?

No, they don't.

8. I used to take contraceptive pills, but now I decide to try contraceptive patch. Is it ok? And can I use pills and patch together?

There is nothing bad if you start using contraceptive patch 7 days after pills. But DO NOT use both these methods together. Itís the same remedy Ė one you use orally, another Ė sticking on skin.

9. What contraception is the most suitable for woman, suffering from migraine?

You should visit a gynecologist. There are special contraceptive pills.

10. Which birth-control method can you recommend for childbearing woman? I use contraceptive pills , but Iím afraid I could forget to take it. I don't want to use condoms or IUD. What can you recommend me?

You have mentioned impracticability of some popular birth-control methods. You also forgot spermicides, which you should use every time you have sex, contraceptive ring, which is possible to lose in bed, injectables and others. Natural family planning doesnít cost, doesnít interfere with health, but requests using contraception or sexual abstention during your fertilization days.

11. I had sex without a condom. Itíd happened because condoms were too small for my boyfriend penis, so we decided ďjust to playĒ. Our coitus lasted only for a minute, and then I stopped him. Next day I bought ECP. Wasn't it too late to take them?

Man secretion contains spermatozoids, which can impregnate an ovule. So even you stop coitus, the impregnation chances are even 25%! Emergency contraceptive pills must be taken quickly after sex (but not later than after 72 hours). Donít worry; you used them just in time.

12. Can emergency contraceptive pills destroy spermatozoids?

Emergency contraceptive pills donít destroy spermatozoids. If you want to destroy spermatozoids, you should use spermicides every time you have sex.

13. Is it true that during using contraceptive pills Iíll become fatter?

Most of contraceptive pills include hormones, which stimulate better appetite. Thatís the reason why your weight can vary.