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Vasectomy reversal PDF Print E-mail

500,000 men annually have vasectomies performed in the United States. This surgical procedure assures that a man is infertile. However, at some point of a man’s life he might wish to restore his fertility for various reasons. Vasectomy reversal makes this possible. 1% of those who had undergone vasectomy want to restore their fertility with the help of a surgeon.

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Advantages and side-effects of vasectomy PDF Print E-mail
Vasectomy is a permanent birth control method , unless a reversal is performed. Once the semen is clear of sperm you will not have to care about other methods of contraception but will still be able to enjoy sex as earlier.
Vasectomy is a minor surgical procedure, much less complicated than tubal ligation in women.
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Vasectomy PDF Print E-mail

Vasectomy is a surgical technique used to cut off and close the tubes, also called vasa deferentia, which connect the testicles and penis and carry the sperm, mainly produced by the testicles. The procedure is a permanent male contraceptive method , although vasectomy reversal is possible. However, some sources report that 60% of all vasectomy reversal procedures are inefficient. Others claim that new reverse vasectomy techniques have the efficiency of 99% in regaining fertility in male individuals, who have sperm at the time of the procedure.

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