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Tubal ligation

Pregnancy after tubal ligation PDF Print E-mail

pregnancy after tubal ligationAbout 20% of all women undergoing tubal ligation regret the decision and want to restore their fertility. One of the most frequent questions is whether it is possible to become pregnant and give birth to a child or not after the reversal is performed. 6% of women, whose fallopian tubes were ligated, decide that they really want to have more children and, therefore, undergo tubal ligation reversal.

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Tubal ligation reversal PDF Print E-mail

tubal ligation reversalOnce a woman decides she does not want to have any more children, she can choose tubal ligation as a permanent method of birth control . However, sometimes the decision may change with time. There are various reasons why a woman would want to regain her fertility. The main ones are new marriage after divorce or death of the partner, death of a child and others. This is actually possible once tubal ligation reversal is performed.

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Advantages and complications of tubal ligation PDF Print E-mail

Female sterilization is an ideal choice for woman, who is looking for effective and permanent birth control method. However, tubal ligation also has some risk and complications.

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Tubal ligation PDF Print E-mail

tubal ligationThere is a variety of birth control methods that protect against unexpected pregnancy. However, if a woman wants a permanent birth control , there is only one choice -- tubal ligation. It is very suitable for couples, who for some reason are not planning to have more children. Permanent female sterilization is a safe, effective and permanent method of birth control. Therefore, it is vital to consider all the pros and cons before the procedure, since tubal ligation reversal is possible but very expensive, complicated, and has a relatively low rate of success.

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