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Possible side-effects of spermicides PDF Print E-mail

spermicidesAlthough, spermicides are cheap and widely used they also have a few side effects that should be explained. Spermicidal compounds, containing nonoxynol-9 or others, were found to cause irritation of vagina in many women. In addition, spermicides may cause allergic reactions. The main reason for that is nonoxynol-9. Spermicides may irritate not only the vagina but also the penis. They may cause ulcerations of genital tract of both males and females. When used in anal sex spermicidal substances cause sores of rectal lining. This results in enhanced risk of sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, spermicides have the ability in changing the pH of the vagina which may cause yeast infections. They were also found to predispose urinary infections or inflammation in women.

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Spermicides PDF Print E-mail

The history of spermicides reaches centuries before Christ. Therefore they are thought to be one of the oldest methods of contraception. Nowadays, spermicides have been used for about 40 years since they have been introduced into market. They are a rather popular form of birth control, most frequently used in combination with other birth control methods . Spermicides are quite cheap, easy to purchase and comfortable to use.

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