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Lactational Amenorrhea Method PDF Print E-mail

Lactational Amenorrhea methodLactational  Amenorrhea Method (LAM) is a certain birth control method that relies on natural infertility after labour when a fully breastfeeding mother is amenorrheic. This contraceptive method is based on physiological condition when breastfeeding suppresses ovulation and hence, reduces fertility. A woman can stay infertile for as much as six months postpartum when she is fully breastfeeding and has had no menses since childbirth.

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Rhythm birth control method PDF Print E-mail

Rhythm birth control methodBirth control is still a very live theme in our modern society. Especially it concerns countries where there are too many youngsters not managing to control birth. There exist many ways to do that one of them is using rhythm birth control method. Actually this is one of the oldest methods of all. As most of things in the world rhythm birth control method has two sides: negative and positive. If the way this method works seems the salvation for you then you are welcome to try it.

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Natural family planning PDF Print E-mail

Those, who for some reason cannot or do not wish to use hormonal or barrier methods of birth control, usually choose natural family planning, fertility awareness in other words. This type of contraception is thought to be the oldest in the world. It involves a good understanding of a woman’s body, a long time of observation and involvement of both partners.

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