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IUD (intrauterine device)

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The intrauterine device (IUD ) is a safe and effective method of birth control used by many women worldwide. Copper IUD may be used for ten years after insertion, whereas hormone releasing IUD’s expire after 5 years of use and must then be removed or replaced.

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Mirena IUDMirena is levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system. It is a hormonal birth control method for women. Mirena IUD, like other IUDs, is a T-shaped device. The difference is that it contains of 52 mg levonorgestrel (progestogen hormone), which is constantly released directly into the uterus at the amount of 20 µg/day. Its contraceptive effect lasts for up to five years. This IUD should be removed not later than 5 years after insertion.

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Paragard IUDParaGard T 380A is a T-shaped intrauterine device that contains copper and is used in birth control . It is a non-hormonal method of female contraception. It is about 3 cm long and is produced of both copper and plastic. Tiny thread is added to the device, which helps on removal of this type of IUD.

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Pregnancy after IUD PDF Print E-mail

Intrauterine device is a reversible form of birth control, which means that it protects against unexpected pregnancy while it is inserted in the uterus, and a woman id able to become pregnant straight after the IUD has been removed.

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Simple IUD formula: bleeding and no children in future PDF Print E-mail

IUDAn intrauterine device (or just IUD) becomes a very popular birth control method , because of its advantages and, as many internet resources claim, only few side-effects. Let’s see how the situation in real is…

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