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Lunelle birth control shot PDF Print E-mail

Lunelle birth control shotLunelle birth control shot is a hormonal contraceptive used in preventing pregnancy. It consists of a combination of synthetic estrogen and progesterone. This is an injective hormonal contraceptive, used once a month. Every woman taking Lunelle needs a prescription to get it and a health care provider who could make a shot.

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Side effects of injectable contraception PDF Print E-mail

injectablesInjectable contraceptives are a rather safe type of birth control they, however, may cause several side-effects which tend to be more obvious than those caused by the use of a birth control pill . The reason for that is a larger dose of hormones than that given by a daily birth control pill. Injectables may cause disappearance of menstruation period for up to one year. Be aware, that statistically only one third of all women using injectable contraceptives have a normal and regular menstrual period during the first year of use. Others tend to experience irregular periods or no menstrual bleeding at all during the first year of use. These side-effects are unfortunately impossible to affect.

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Injectables PDF Print E-mail

Injectable contraceptives are the type of a long-term hormonal birth control commonly known as “the shot” or “the jab”. A birth control pill made a real revolution in sexual life and contraception. Another revolution was made with the invention of injectable contraceptives. This is a more convenient form of hormonal contraception since it provides prevention from pregnancy for up to twelve weeks when injected and a woman does not have to care about everyday pill.

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