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Emergency contraception

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Emergency contraception or “the-morning-after-pill” id the type of contraception used after unsafe sexual intercourse in order to avoid unplanned pregnancy from occurring. It should be taken within 72 hours after unsafe intercourse. Although it is one of the methods of birth control, it should not be used on the regular basis, since it has a few unpleasant side effects.

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Emergency contraception PDF Print E-mail

Emergency contraception is the type of birth control used to prevent possible pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. The main type of emergency contraception is emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs). They were first introduced into the market in 1960s to prevent pregnancy from occurring in women who experienced a sexual assault. Nowadays, emergency contraceptive pills are used anytime unprotected sex occurs, for instance, when a condom breaks, after a sexual assault or anytime a woman has unprotected vaginal sex. It is, however, notable that ECPs should not be used for regular birth control in sexually active women.

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