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Birth control pills

Male contraceptive PDF Print E-mail

Male contraceptiveCondom was the only choice for men in reversible birth control for ages. Since the 1960's, when female birth control pill has been invented, women seemed to have more control over contraception than men. It seems that the situation is going to change anytime soon because various new reversible birth control methods have been found for men. Question is, whether men are going to use their new options in birth control or not.

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Diane 35 birth control pill PDF Print E-mail

Diane 35 birth control pills had been advertised almost everywhere: on TV or radio, on the buses or student campuses. It is thought to be a birth control pill but as a matter of fact it is not. Diane 35 has received a lot comments on causing blood clots. Is it safe to use it? Here are some opinions of the experts.

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Seasonal birth control pill PDF Print E-mail

Let’s face it – menstrual periods and especially a week before it comes (PMS ) aren’t the time we are waiting for. Except for the fact of proving that you are not pregnant. But in other ways bleeding once a month and what usually happens – on your life’s special occasions might become a burden. Nowadays there is the way to make your menstrual period appear once in every season that is to say four times a year. Applauds for that belongs to the birth control pill named Seasonale.

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Yasmin birth control pill PDF Print E-mail

Yasmin birth control pillThere are many ways of birth control . Oral contraceptives in general are the most reliable way to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Today’s market can offer you more than fifty oral contraceptives which can be prescribed by your physician according to your age, weight, menstrual cycle and other factors. Yasmin birth control pills are the introduction in contraceptives market. It is the most recent birth control pill approved by Food and Drug Administration in May 2001. Its effectiveness is 99% if used in the right way and it has many the same features as other combined birth control pills .

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Progestin-only pills PDF Print E-mail

Progestin-only pillsProgestin-only pills or mini-pills have a very low dose of progestin and do not contain estrogen, so women should take them daily in the same time without making a break. More to say, progestin-only pills is a good choice for breast-feeding women and for those, who can’t use combined pills.

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